RECAP: january fits πŸ¦‹

Happy February! I’m a little sad I forgot to blog yesterday on the first of the month, but that isn’t going to stop me from continuing the month with my writing!

I posted some really cute transitional outfits for my Instagram, and even though you can see my latest Instagram post on my blog, I thought I’d do a recap of the outfits I wore in January! My friend Cydney always reminds me that social media could go at any time, but a website to put all your content in is also key! So, I want to make sure that just in case Instagram or Twitter were to ever go down, these lovely outfits of mine will still be posted SOMEWHERE.

PopFlex Ooey Gooey Set

I began this year wearing PopFlex’s Ooey Gooey set in “Bookworm Blue,” consisting of the Ooey Gooey Mockneck Sweatshirt with pockets, and the Ooey Gooey Lounge Shorts. SUCH A SUPER COMFORTABLE FIT! The Inside of the sweatshirts and shorts are extremely soft. I felt like a cloud the whole day!

5 Blue Jackets to Wear this Winter

I don’t get on TikTok often, but when I do, it’s honestly some reused Instagram Reel content, more than likely πŸ˜… But here’s a TikTok of some blue jackets that I wore this winter!

Matching Sweaters

I ordered these sweaters for Patches and I months ago, and I thought that I lost them because I accidentally put down the wrong address for the package. Thankfully, I was able to retrieve the package (thank you to Boost Mobile for keeping it for me!), and these cute photos were taken of us πŸΆπŸ’™

J. Aqui Makeup x Mishy Writes Collab

The dress I wore in these photos was gifted to me by a dear friend named Miranda, who saw this dress and sent it to me, but I admittedly told her that I couldn’t afford it at the time. She literally ordered it for me because she believed that I should have it! And these photos wouldn’t have been possible if she hadn’t given me this dress out of the kindness of her heart. So thank you, Miranda!

And shout out to my amazing friend and makeup artist Jachaia Jenkins, aka J.Aqui Makeup! This blue look was EVERYTHING! She also took and edited these photos. AGAIN, AMAZING! 😍

Danica Long Sleeve Top (Blue) from Princess Polly

I’ve had friends wear Princess Polly before, but I’d never worn it until this year. The parents from the school I teach at got me and my co-teacher some gift cards, so I splurged on some Princess Polly sale items, this top being one of them. You can’t really see it too well in these photos, but I feel like these are the best photos I have in it! πŸ˜„ I liked that it was mostly open in the front and you could see my tattoo (yes, I have a tattoo there. To those who didn’t know…mostly my parents…now you know 😬)

2000s Vibes Butterfly Top + Knee High Boots + Telfar Bag

I honestly had this butterfly top (and the pink one which you’ll see later on in the month, or next month for the recap) for about two years before I actually wore them. And idea to do a duality sort of look just kept being put on the back burner, but THIS YEAR, I told myself I’d do it, and I did.

The butterfly top is from Amazon. The Telfar bag is my absolute favorite color; I told myself that if I was going to get one, it had to be in the best color I knew of! And the infamous Not A Game Over the Knee boots are from FashionNova. These are the same boots I wore for my birthday!

I hope you enjoyed this January fashion recap! If you’re not on Instagram, you don’t get to see all these fun fashion fits I put together, and I know I need to be better at actually posting about them here (and also on other platforms so I can get some money, ya know?)

Which outfit is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

Mishy πŸ¦‹

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