“The One and Only” (POEM)

I wrote this poem below inspired by its first line, which is going to be a caption of a photo set I’ll be posting on Instagram tomorrow! It was also inspired by a phrase I used for a video I took of myself during the photoshoot process: “The One and Only.”

My favorite poems I write are ones that “just come to me” i.e. God just takes the words, and puts them into my mind, and I spill them onto the page. So, this poem will definitely be one of my favorites!

Good ole girl with a bad lil vibe…
Told myself I’d go slow, take my time, and not rush to
Try to be like every single person on the hype stuff. 
I’m not tryna look like everyone else because I’m more than enough.
And this may be the first time in a while I really feel this way,
So, yes, it’s PERSONAL, and I’ll do whatever it takes
Every single day to keep this confidence up:
Be in my Bible, stay in my own lane,
Communicate with my Creator who I depend on for my 
Inspiration, yes.
I don’t get tired of waiting, but I stay patient.
Because that’s when IT comes –
The healing, the encouragement, the very thing that someone needs to hear
In this moment. 

Ooo, she bad, yeah that’s ME. 
And you won’t ever catch a vibe like this anywhere else.
I’m the one and only. 🦋

Mishy 🦋