the hard part.

Of course, when I decide I’m going to get back on my routine, I end up getting sick.

This is how the derailing of routines and patterns usually happens for me. I do well when everything seems smooth sailing, but as soon as I’m not feeling well, things just start to fall apart from there – I don’t eat as much, I skip the gym for a couple of days, my sleep pattern is off, and then I find myself back to square one once I finally feel better.

I’ve been fighting my hardest to stay on track this week. Obviously, it’s always best to rest when you’re not feeling well because you don’t want to push yourself too hard and feel worse, but any way I can keep the consistency of part of my routine, I’ve been doing. Whether it’s doing the dishes before bed so I don’t go to sleep with dirty dishes in my sink, or making sure I drink my protein shake for the day, I did some things this week to keep my routine familiar to me instead of throwing it all away.

Yes, this is the hard part for me. Because I’m always tempted to just throw away whatever I’ve been building and working towards for a week or week and a half of not feeling well. Things like this happen, and I can’t allow them to throw me off, even if I do feel justified in slacking a little bit. Because a little bit turns into a lot a bit really quickly.

Now, of course, I’m giving myself grace because I don’t feel well, but I’m pushing myself in areas where I know I can accomplish something, but can “get away with” sliding on since I’m not 100% healthy. I just want to do better than I have in the past with this. I don’t want to find myself starting over once I have a clean bill of health. I want to be able to pick back up on the habits I’ve already built.

So, that’s where I’ve been this week. Clearly, blogging took the back burner on other things, but I decided to go ahead and bring it back into the routine as well. Because this still matters to me, and is important to me. And I’m not gonna let some sickness stop me from doing what I want to do creatively!

Mishy 🦋