stepping up.

“Imagine all the people who would have been affected if Esther never stepped up. Okay, now imagine all the people who will be affected if you never do.”

– from @shespeaksministries Instagram, written by @worthyofgrace
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‭⬇️Devo ✍🏼 @worthyofgrace . Esther a woman who was not born into royalty, but was chosen by God to be queen to save the Jewish people from annihilation. Her story is a lot like ours, once an orphan, but now chosen to do the work of her Heavenly Father. Esther is easy to relate to. When Mordecai (her cousin, but he also adopted her, and raised her), came to Esther one night and said, that Haman has order the death of the Jews – her people. Esther was saddened by this news, and Mordecai encouraged her to speak up for the voice-less. Sometimes, we sin by what we know to do, but yet, we do not do it. Speaking up for truth and justice in the midst of great fear had Esther dreading this assignment. It’s easy to want to back down, because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of can God really use me, fear that the whole plan will be utterly chaotic and ruined if you do it, so you back down. Well, despite all her fears, Esther called for a fast, and God responded with great favor for her and the Jews. Is God calling you to do something hard? To speak up, to step into your purpose, to pursue your Heavenly Father’s business? Remember Jesus always went about healing people and doing good – ACTS 10:38 (I love that about him)! . You were made for such a time as this! It’s time to step out you are worth it! You and God got this! #shespeaksfire . Esther 4:14:“If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?”” ‬

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My coworkers all decided to wear red, white, and blue to work today since tomorrow we’ll be off, and the Fourth of July is this Saturday. If you’re not aware: with the recent events surrounding racial tension, and the increase of racial awareness, most Black people have decided to celebrate Juneteenth instead of July 4th for Independence Day, declaring the Fourth of July a “white holiday.”

So, all week I’d debated on whether or not I should participate because I definitely wasn’t planning on celebrating the fourth, and I didn’t want to symbolize that I was with what I was wearing, but I also knew that, being the only Black woman in my workplace, I’d probably be making people feel uncomfortable, and questioning me as to why I didn’t dress in the said colors. And since I work in a preschool, I didn’t need or want parents complaining to my boss about what I was wearing either.

Because I decided this morning to wear my “I Can’t Breathe” shirt instead.

I had so many thoughts: Would someone say I was trying to be political by wearing it? Would my boss be angry with me? Is wearing this shirt inappropriate for work? But why would it be? Why am I questioning if I can wear this shirt when I’m able to wear almost anything to work and be 100% fine? (I knew the answer to the last question)

I resolved that, if my boss told me to take it off, I’d just take it off and just have a different shirt on, but I would not wear the color combos red, white, and blue to work today. I was honestly sort of nervous…so much so that I texted the co-teacher I’m working with this summer about it to get her thoughts…not her permission. She fully supported my decision, and even said she wouldn’t wear the designated colors too so I wouldn’t be alone.

As I prayed this morning and prepared my heart for the day, the quote above popped into my mind. I’d read it yesterday, and was touched at how powerful it was, and I was grateful that it could resonate with me this morning. (If you don’t know about the story of Esther, definitely check her out in the Bible. Such an amazing woman!) What if I wore the shirt and was able to start conversations with my co-workers about what was happening, not just in our city, but in our country as a whole? Granted, we’ve been back to work for weeks now…I honestly feel like some of them are avoiding the topic of racial tension because they don’t want to say the wrong things or offend me. But I’d rather them say something wrong and I be able to help them understand why than to not talk about it at all. Because the reality is, they work with ME…I, a Black woman, am going to be with them five days a week, and that right there is looking and being with racial tension – what to say, what not to say. To touch my hair or not to. To make comments about certain situations, or to just be silent. I see all of that stuff, and I take notes, and act accordingly.

If I chose to just give in and wear what everyone else was wearing, I felt like I’d just be giving up, and not speaking up. And while I shouldn’t be the only person that my co-workers go to for Black questions, I feel a responsibility as the only Black woman there to be the voice for the Black community that is rarely if not at all represented in that area.

The result?

I went to work, had a co-worker ask what my shirt said, I showed her, and she said, “Oh, okay!” Had a few other co-workers see my shirt and they silently kept it pushing.

Feeling like I had to explain myself (which I shouldn’t have to, but anyways…), I talked to the same co-worker who asked me what my shirt said about why I wasn’t wearing red, white, and blue, and she fully understood, and said she wasn’t offended, and didn’t know why others would be.

When my co-teacher came into work a little later without any red, white, or blue on, my boss asked her why she wasn’t wearing any, yet she didn’t ask me when she fully saw that I wasn’t wearing any either.

Apparently, she also made a comment out loud again about how one of the kids in our class looked cute wearing the patriotic colors, but my co-teacher (not me) wasn’t matching.

It sort of breaks my heart that no one really asked me more about my shirt, or tried to ask my opinion on what was happening, or even ask how I was doing (because since everything started in late May/early June, no one from my job has asked except my co-teacher) but it also doesn’t surprise me. I just wish people wouldn’t be afraid to have racial conversations that could possibly expose things they didn’t know weren’t okay to say, do, believe, etc. And maybe they are having those conversations outside of work, which is great! I’d just like to know that that information is being translated to EVERY area of their lives, NOT JUST to their black friends outside of work, or their black family members.

I will say that I’m extremely grateful for my co-teacher…she stepped up for me today, and I cannot thank her enough! It felt good to have someone stand with me in solidarity today. And even through these first few weeks of work, she’s been pro-active about asking me questions and talking about the racial events that are happening, and I believe it is not a coincidence, but a full-on blessing that we were assigned to be with each other this summer.

Just felt like I had to share that. There is SO much work to be done to undo all the racial injustice our country has held tightly to, and I’m grateful that the protests haven’t died down, and pray that the conversations everywhere don’t die down either. While my gesture of wearing a “I Can’t Breathe” shirt to work may seem small, it opened my eyes to just how deep the fear of being called out about my race is rooted in me. And in no way would I say that I’m ashamed to be Black! But I know that I myself need to shake out of being afraid to be a topic of conversation, or to have conversations with people I’m with on a daily basis, or with my friends or family.

I continue to pray that all my Black brothers and sisters would be able to step up wherever they are: in their friend circles, in their families (whether blood or in-laws), in their workplaces, etc. I pray for strength and courage. I pray for peace. And I pray that the spirit of racism would cower at the Holy Spirit, who favors no person because of their race or background, but lives within WHOEVER believes in Jesus Christ and His death, resurrection, and return.

BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS: What are some ways you’ve had to step up for yourself, either recently or in the past, in regards to your race? Where do you find the most support? Where do you find the most tension?

BLACK ALLIES: Have you been inspired by a Black friend, family member, co-worker, significant other, etc. who has stood up in the face of racism, or in just the isolation of being Black in a particular place or circumstance? How did you respond? Did you learn anything that you’ll take with you as the fight for racial equality and justice continues?

Mishy 🦋💙

lessons from Itachi.

“He who forgives and acknowledges himself…that is what it truly means to be strong!”

“If you want to know who you are, you have to look at your real self and acknowledge what you see.”

– Itachi Uchiha, Naruto Shippuden

***Disclaimer: I finished Naruto Shippuden with my boyfriend recently, and I truly fell in love with the whole Naruto franchise. There is so much depth in that show, it’s crazy. While I understand that identity crisis can truly only be healed through understanding our identity in Christ, I just thought it was awesome how these two quotes were brought to my attention, and have helped me do some self-reflection about my own identity. Just had to say that 😁

I was looking up a specific Itachi Uchiha quote for the pictures I took yesterday in my Akatsuki tank top (because Itachi is my favorite Akatsuki member in Naruto. I went through a lot of emotions regarding him, but he truly is amazing), and I found these other quotes that I resonated with heavily. This past week I had to come to terms with some things I’d already come to terms with previously, but had to think about again. And it honestly made me annoyed and irritated at myself; like I couldn’t get it right the first time, so here I am, having to start over again, or so it felt like.

There were so many things last week that grabbed my attention: the message I heard from God about looking through His eyes, several devotionals I’d read through this week, hard conversations that needed to be had, being by myself and facing things on my own, writing habits down that I needed to break, hearing yesterday’s sermon about my identity in Christ, how I am not to love the world and what it stands for, but to be in the world, and speak the Gospel, the Truth, and now these quotes. Everything that happened last week needed to happen before this new week began, before I went back to work, and back to possibly being busy again (I hope not).

Both of these Itachi’s quotes, I believe, are from when he was fighting with Kabuto, another main character, one of the villains, whose whole story is about finding out exactly who he is. He struggles by trying to take on traits and skills of other characters in the show, and ultimately, does his best to become just like another one of the main villains, Orochimaru by transfusing some of his blood into his body, and doing other experiments. He does all this because he is unsure of what his true identity is.

Itachi’s words were directed at Kabuto’s story, telling him that he needed to acknowledge who he was outside of all his efforts to try to become someone else.

Let’s talk about the first quote…

As I said before, having to face some issues I had already been dealing with again just made me irritated with myself. It made me want to mentally beat myself up, like, Seriously, why have you not moved past this yet? It can be hard to forgive other people, but for me, it really is hard to forgive myself for things I’ve done or said. And I use the excuse sometimes that because it’s me and not another person, I can be more harsh about it, which isn’t right. It’s that perfectionist side really trying to get at me.

It also makes me not want to acknowledge who I am; to be transparent, I’ve been having issues accepting the fact that I’m just not like everyone else. There’s this silent pressure I put myself under to be a certain way, either because I’m a poet or because I’m dating a rapper, or whatever, and it’s been difficult for me to learn to just be who I am because the people who are actively in my life are there because I was authentically myself, and not trying to be like anyone else.

Admittedly, it’s taken some strength to embrace myself as I am. So Itachi’s first words here really hit me when I read them. And I strive to continue to be strong in forgiving myself even when I still stumble into comparing myself or desiring to be something or someone I’m not.

And now, the second quote…

I feel like a lot of people could read this quote and be like, “DUH, Itachi!” But how many of us look at ourselves in the mirror and wish we looked like someone else? How many times do we do something or act a certain way, and wish we could be different? Do we wish we could be more or less of anything…loud, quiet, brave, creative, etc.? Or, how many times do we watch someone else behave a certain way, and long to be similar?

When Itachi says “real self,” I’d like to think it means seeing me stripped of all outside opinions…what is left? How do I see myself, not in relation to anyone or anything? Then, can I slowly add on outside factors that are true to form my identity – the things that I personally believe, that stand for who I am, and not things I claimed are a part of me based off of anyone or anything else?

Knowing who we really are is understanding our character traits, personalities, and physical features, and accepting them as they are because that’s who God made us to be…not because we changed ourselves to fit in someway, somehow. It doesn’t mean we can’t mature or change, but here in this moment, we have to acknowledge ourselves, and be more than okay with the way we are.

And most importantly, we have to know that God acknowledges us as we are. He loves us so much, that He longs for us to come as we are to Him. We don’t have to be all “cleaned up,” we don’t have to have a perfect performance history, we don’t have to have perfect church attendance, He’s just asking us to be vulnerable with Him, and to surrender our identity to Him, because He sees us as we are, and He desires for us to see ourselves the way He sees us – fearfully and wonderfully made.

Who says an anime can’t help you learn something? 😉

Have you ever felt like Kabuto: searching for your true identity by taking on other people’s characteristics, styles, views/beliefs, routines? Have you ever tried to make yourself physically look like someone else because you didn’t like what you saw in the mirror? How would you define your “real self”? When was the last time you went to God as you are: not trying to ask for things, not trying to appear “better” than you are or feel, but truly calling on Him in vulnerability?

Mishy 🦋💛


It’s June 1st, which means for me, a new color for the month (even though I’m a little behind on the #BrownSkinGirlProject, it doesn’t hurt to have a few more brown girls on my feed, especially in the times we’re in right now).

Today wasn’t just a change of color for my social media though; it was a change of color in my spirit. With everything going on in the world, we all still each have our own personal battles we deal with, and honestly, mine have been pretty heavy and consistent. You may think, What? You don’t seem like it… but it’s true. I may not portray on social media my internal struggles, but I still have them.

And as I cleaned my entire apartment (I’m talking…from bathroom to bedroom, the bed sheets and kitchen towels, the counters and inside the fridge…DEEP CLEANING), my spirit just kept bringing up this word and phrase: “intentions”, “set your intentions.”

Now, of course, we all have goals and plans, and of course, many of those goals and plans went straight out the window from March to even now. We’re entering the second half of 2020, and there are a lot of unknowns still. A lot of heartbreak. A lot of changes and movements happening. And underneath this all is an overarching theme of healing…we’re all still trying to heal from things, whether it’s COVID-19 related, racism related, or something else personal going on in your life.

I looked up the definition of “intention,” and Oxford Languages via Google not only gave the “aim” or “plan” definition, it also provided this one:

“the healing process of a wound”

How ironic is that? Or maybe it’s not ironic at all; the Holy Spirit set that word on my heart for a reason or two. And I aim to write down every intention I have for this last half of the year, and to pray on each one and work towards those things coming into fruition, and healing after so much negativity, pain, and hurt.

I refuse to settle in this place I’ve been in.

Last month as I was mentally preparing for June, I was thinking about what words were brought to mind when the color yellow is seen. Of course, we think of the obvious ones: bright, joyful, exciting, inspiring, bold, confident. And now, the word I have for yellow is intention. The beautiful thing about this is that this isn’t just another project or set of posts for my feed, but it’s something personal I’m setting my mind to doing; I’m actively choosing to engage in this healing process of the wounds I’ve been digging my fingers in for way too long.

As my sis Cydney would say, I was manifesting my own downfall. And today, it’s time for that to end in ALL AREAS of my life.

Today, I cleaned my room. I prayed for God to clean my spirit. I cleaned my mind. I am abounding in my intentions.

What are some intentions that you have set for the last half of 2020? How are you healing with everything going on in our world? What steps can you take in your healing process?

Mishy 🦋💛

halfway there – bsgp. (+ a special announcement!)

I actually write this, and I’m over halfway done with the Brown Skin Girl Project. But let’s dive in to how I’m feeling / what’s been happening while this project has been going on, shall we?

it’s official…

I’m officially quarantined. Not just “oh, we suggest that you quarantine, stay 6 feet apart, etc.” no, I’m legit, “cannot go anywhere, not even the grocery store, you need someone else to do that for you,” quarantined. Due to a circumstance that happened last week while I was at work, it’s possible that I could be carrying COVID-19, and develop symptoms. Even though I took the test earlier this week, and it came back negative. 14 days, y’all…I’m now on day 6, and it’s been, meh. 😭

And during this time, I’ve also had some other health things going on that are causing me and my little anxious heart to want to cry out in fear, if I’m being honest. I’m grateful that I’ve got all this time to work on my creativity, to finish up the Brown Skin Girl Project, but it’s hard to create when I’ve got a lot of things going on in other areas, and I’m really trying not to panic about it all.

But, “God doesn’t give us the spirit of fear,” and while I know this, and I’m reciting it to myself to keep me calm, all the while, I’m still battling the worry. Pray for me, please, if you think of me!

as for the project itself:

Y’all, the project has been doing so great, in my opinion! I’m really glad that I was able to take my time on this, and learn and create so many awesome resources, and give these women an opportunity to talk about themselves in all sorts of aspects!

The finale of the project is a Words with Women event that I plan on doing virtually so that there doesn’t have to be any 6-feet apart, only 10 people can show up madness. Because I want ALL THE WOMEN to participate in this with me! It will definitely be different since it’ll be done virtually, but I’m still excited to see who will show up, and the many different perspectives that will contribute to the conversation!

So, without further ado, I present the official Words with Women flyer!

If you’re a woman reading this, and you’re interested in participating, please email me at the email on the flyer, and you’ll get a Zoom link for the event meeting! I’m really excited to have this event again, even considering the circumstances, and I hope you all are excited as well!

Mishy 🦋🤎

tired but grateful.

You may have already heard their names…Sean Reed and Ahmaud Arbery. More names to add to the murdered black males list. And while anything I write may not be different than anything else you’ve read or seen today, I feel the need to write about it on my blog because honestly, I’m so tired of being angry at things like this, sad at things like this, tired of all of this.

I’m tired of incidents like this having to be spammed all over social media before the news or the authorities talk about it, and before murderers are arrested. I’m tired of having more names become hashtags to get people’s attention. I’m tired of parents, siblings, significant others, children, and friends having to put the face and name of someone they love on a t-shirt, in a casket, and on a gravestone.

I’m tired of having fearful thoughts in my head sometimes when my boyfriend walks or drives to the corner store or gas station near my apartment, because I never know what could happen between here and there. I’m tired of being fearful for any of my fellow black friends, male or female, when they’re leaving from a party or event by themselves (and that’s even after walking with them to their car, and telling them to text me when they’ve made it home safe).

And I know I’m not the only one who’s tired of these things.

It’s during times like these that I’m grateful that my hope is not in this world, or in the people who are in this world. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak up, or try to hold people accountable for their actions, but I trust that God will deal with it accordingly, either now or when Christ returns. And the latter may not satisfy some who want to see justice now, but the unfortunate reality is that sometimes we may not see it all the way through in our lifetime.

I would love to see the slaughter of black people actually taken seriously before my lifetime is over. Shoot, I’d love for the slaughter of black people to NOT HAPPEN before my lifetime is over! I pray this to be so, and trust that God’s timing is better than mine. And I continue to put my hope in Him, and not the systems or those running them, since clearly, they have failed time and time again.

I pray that we all keep fighting for justice though; that our righteous anger wouldn’t burn out, that we would never hesitate to speak up or act in whatever way we can when murder occurs. That we keep fighting for actual equality to happen every single day. And that we love on the ones we have in our lives right now, near or far.

Mishy 🦋🤎

to be real.

How is it already almost 10 o’clock at night as I’m writing this?

These days filled with nothing seem to be going by quicker than days in which I was extremely busy. But maybe it’s because there’s time to do the things I’ve been wanting to do!

Honestly, what can I write about? Today was a fairly normal day in which I made sure to do the essential things: my quiet/devotional time, eat, work out, shower, dishes, and laundry. The rest of the time, I was gathering more writing information so I can learn even more about this thing that I love.

Part of me is excited, and another part of me is nervous. Excited because it’s good to level up in my craft in some ways! Can’t grow if I’m just doing the same thing. I’m nervous because sometimes I wish writing was just simple. Not because I’m lazy, but because the simplicity of just writing whatever comes to mind, whatever is in the heart, just seems highly genuine and real to me. Sometimes I feel like people can get so lost in creating content, we lose the authenticity of things.

I’d be lying if I said there weren’t days when I wish I could be just as carefree in my writing back a few years back when I used to do this every day. Part of me feels like there’s a lack of inspiration since I”m confined to such a small space to really experience anything, but I guess that’s no excuse for that when the lack of space can still give me time to experience things online.

But truly, I think it’s because I fear the audience I potentially have right now. I don’t know how many people are actually reading my blog these days (don’t feel guilty if you’re not…well, I guess if you’re not, then you wouldn’t be reading this. 😅 Anyways!), but I do know who could possibly lay their eyes on my words. And in a way, that makes me nervous. Because I want to make content that’s relatable and interesting, but I also want to be as genuine as possible.

Back when I wrote on my blog every day, I really didn’t know who my audience was, so it made it easier for me to write without feeling maybe judged by what I wrote about. But I know I should have the same mindset back then as I do now, no matter if I do know who my audience is or not! Who knows if me being real allows someone else to feel understood? Who knows if my words could open someone’s perspective to a different point of view?

I guess I’ll never really know until I stop being scared to just be real on here. Not saying that everything I’ve written so far during this quarantine time hasn’t been real, but there have been times I’ve filtered maybe an opinion I had, or didn’t write about something on my mind/heart because I felt like no one else would understand.

But who’s website is this again? Yep, it’s mine. So it’s time I stop walking on eggshells here, and just be who I am!

What are some things that hinder you from being authentic and genuine? How can you push past these things to unleash who you really are/what you really love?

Mishy 🦋🤍

fear not.

Fear has been brought up a lot in the past weekend for me in regards to different things – mostly personal fears about my future, who I am, what I’m doing, etc. But even with the deaths of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and all the passengers on board the helicopter that crashed in Calabasas, CA yesterday, and reading this morning about the Wuhan virus that’s spreading rapidly in China, I could feel a little bit of panic start to sprout in my heart.

Most of us heard of Kobe Bryant’s death, and we thought of ourselves and our loved ones, and how we need to take the time we do have to acknowledge them, love on them, let them know they’re loved. I feel like these feelings were somewhat rooted in fear: the fear of losing our own loved ones so suddenly, without a chance to say a proper goodbye. It may have caused us to fear ever getting in helicopters.

And with the Wuhan virus, I myself began to think, What if it spreads across every single continent? Is there a cure?? Are we safe? It made me think of when I told my boyfriend in the car yesterday how I was sort of nervous about getting my nails done because of this story one of my coworkers told me about a woman who got a flesh-eating disease from getting a manicure at what was known to be a clean establishment. It stopped my coworker from getting her nails done altogether (and she got them done pretty frequently), and it honestly made me hesitate to as well.

My boyfriend simply said to me, “That’s living in fear. That was one instance out of how many times people get their nails done? You can’t always stop doing something or be afraid of something because of that.”

And I knew he was right. If I wanted to get my nails done, why would I let one situation I heard about stop me from doing so?

Love: Fear’s Opposite ❤️

Now, in the case with Bryant’s death, I do think it’s healthy for us to not take our loved ones for granted, and to live each day like it’s our last, but we shouldn’t do so in fear, but in love. As I sat in the conference room at work and thought about these current events along with my own personal fears I’d thought about this weekend, this Bible verse popped into my head:

“for God gave us a spirit not of fear, but if power and love and self-control.”

2 Timothy 1:7

And even while typing this post out, I thought of another Bible verse:

“There is no fear in love, but perfect Love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.”

1 John 4:18

There is a healthy sort of fear that brings us out of harmful situations, but we should not live in a fear that causes us to worry about any and every situation. Timothy says that God has given us a spirit that has…

  • The POWER to rely on Him, and to live faithfully with purpose
  • The LOVE of Christ within us that comforts us/gives us peace, and that we can display for others to feel and see if we follow Him wholeheartedly
  • The SELF-CONTROL to be able to stop, and understand Who is truly in control of our lives

The verse from 1 John is honestly one of my favorites because I have to be reminded of it all the time. I grew up worrying about every little thing; being fearful of bad things happening, or things going wrong. But if I say I have faith in God and His Perfect Love, then fear should have no space in my heart because I trust Him. It doesn’t mean I’m perfect at it, but that I strive to loosen my grip on fear, and hold tight to love.

So, as we continue on today, may we take each step and say each word in and with LOVE…let fear take no part in it.

Mishy 🦋

making adjustments.

I realized the day was almost over with, and I hadn’t written a post yet!

Truthfully, I wasn’t sure what to write about…today’s been a good day, but somewhat odd. My personal world is changing a little so things that were once routine are now gone, and a new routine is taking place. While I’m learning to be okay with the adjustment, I’m also feeling like I have to learn how to make the adjustment too. It’s a process.

As I’m going through this, I’m thinking back on times when I made adjustments, and how I was able to manage them…did I struggle, or was the transition smooth? Did I even realize I was going through an adjustment phase, or was I focused on other things that I didn’t really notice?

We’re all in a constant state of transition…life changes before our very eyes, and sometimes we see can see it happen (specific, memorable changes or events), and sometimes it’s so gradual, we can’t pinpoint where the change began. Either way, we form new routines once we get our footing within the transition, and we continue on living.

My prayer as I am entering this new phase is that I would be led in wisdom and strength; that I wouldn’t waste my time wishing things were back to how they used to be, or longing for this phase to be over. I grasp this time with gratefulness, trusting that God is going to use it as He sees fit to shape me.

We’re all in phases right now, some of us still in the same one we’ve been in for a long time, others of us currently adjusting to a new season, and still others of us have been in a new phase but are still learning to adjust. I pray that if you’ve been in a negative phase for a while, that God would continue to comfort you and bring you peace as you seek Him, and as He takes you into a new season, whatever it may hold.

If you’ve been in a pretty good phase, I pray that God continues to bless you, and will strengthen you whenever hard seasons come. It’s easy to forget that hard things happen in good seasons, so I pray for awareness and vigilance, and most importantly, steadfastness – that you would not give up, and would not let go of God’s Hand.

If you’re unsure how to handle a transition or what adjustments to make, I encourage you to pray for wisdom from God. Ask Him how He would have you use the time that He’s given you! Seek clarity despite feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts; He hears you, and desires to help bring you out of chaos into order!

As always, if I’m encouraging you readers in things, that most likely means I’m also encouraging myself! 🙌🏽 Don’t think I’ve got it together just because I’m blogging about these things cause whew 😬 God knows I surely need the help and encouragement too!

What will you focus on in the phase of life that you’re in? How well do you adjust to new phases and seasons? What do you/will you pray for as you continue on in the routine that you’re in?

Mishy 🦋

“A Word to Women” : A Poem

This is the poem I shared last weekend during my event Words with Women, inspired by all the women I know and love in order to encourage each other in the spirit of sisterhood! 💚🌱🌿

“A Word to Women”

Our brokenness seeped into this world through the question of a serpent, who
Caused Eve to doubt the Truth her
Maker spoke over her:
“Did God really say…?”
Since then, we’ve been doubting, we’ve become
Uncertain about who we are, who God called us to be.
Without hesitation, we accept the lies that
Our society convinces us of, that
Just because we don’t look a particular way or
Live our lives the same as some,
We are smaller than others, we
Start to believe that we lack the capacity for
Greatness instead of realizing
It has been placed within us this whole time.
So, just like God asked Adam and Eve how they knew they were naked in the Garden of Eden,
I now ask you, Oh Woman:

Who told you that you were insignificant?
That anything you said or did was irrelevant, or that
Any effort you put forth was inadequate, who
Made you feel like that, luvvy?
The Truth is: who you are, what you say, and what you do are perfect and unique to you,
Every inch of who you are matters.

Who told you your dreams were too big, who
Tried to shatter your vision by
Downplaying the ideas you constructed over the years, the ones you’ve longed to play out, to see through to the end?
These voices are threatened that such brilliance can come from a woman.

Who told you that once you broke after bending so much that there was no hope for you to
Honey, there is no hole too deep where Grace cannot find you, and there is
No place so dark that the Light cannot shine through.
Talitha cumi — Young girl, ARISE.

Please, tell me…
Who told you that the weight of your worth rests in the hands of a man’s opinions, or even
The comparisons you make between yourself and all those Instagrams? Who told you that?
Who told you that the woman you sit next to, the woman you walk past, or the women you follow on social media are your competition?
They are your sisters, but every marketing campaign relies on you taking a
Pair of scissors to this big picture, they say that
Your success depends on their failures so you
Can’t support, can’t compliment, can’t roll in the same groups because
They’ll take all the fame from you, and leave you in the dust.
But, oh women, I’m telling you — we need to stop giving power to pettiness, and start
Learning how to purposefully praise one another, and our hustles and grinds.

Who told you to keep quiet? Who said that
Your silence was more powerful than your voice when the words you speak can do more than just break the glass ceilings, but they
Create waves, they
Echo in the ears of other women who have been where you’ve been, and who
Need that encouragement —
That “me too,” that “yes, sis!”, that leads to one woman asking, “So what are we gonna DO about this?”

The serpent questioned Perfection in Eden, and now we
Doubt the perfection in us.
We look in the mirror sometimes, and can’t dispel the lies we tell ourselves, and that others have uttered and yelled to put us under.
But we cannot begin to change until we
Turn around and question the doubts,
Cease the self-sabotage,
Suffocate the hate of other women, and
Embrace one another for there is
Solidarity in true sisterhood.

We may not get it right every time, but we can continue to try to be mindful of each other, our situations, and not let the
Frustrations of being a woman hinder us from truly
Being a light and letting our fellow sisters shine along with us.

For there is room for all of us here.

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pink is for Piglet: a poetry prompt

It is definitely not Friday BUT I have slacked on blog posts this month, so I decided to go ahead and post today AND tomorrow!

Last week, I was supposed to meet with a friend to write, and honestly, whenever I go to meet with someone to write, I wonder what questions will be asked, what prompts I or they will come up with, etc. And before I even knew I was going to meet with this person, I had started a poem based on a picture of Piglet (yes, the Winnie the Pooh character) I saw on Pinterest.

*Rabbit Trail: Never underestimate Pinterest. I can’t tell you how may times I’ve redownloaded it back to my phone because just searching through images alone can spark some amazing things. I get a lot of my Instagram inspo from there, which leads to a lot of poetry inspo too!

Well, once it was confirmed that I was going to meet up with this friend of mine, something in my mind clicked; I wanted us to do a little poetry prompt based on what I had just done (and also, when I think about it, I think I’d done this at a poetry workshop I’d gone to last year!). And since I ended up not meeting with my friend due to a double-booked hangout session, I’m going to share it with all of you!

Step 1: The Color

Think of a color, any color! Maybe it’s your favorite color, or a color of something you’re wearing or holding right now. Maybe it’s the favorite color of someone you love, or the colors that are mostly seen during this time of the year (so, since Valentine’s Day was this month, maybe: red, pink, white).

Step 2: The Object(s), Character(s), People etc.

Now that you have your color, think of the objects, characters, people, emotions that are normally associated with that color. Write them all down.

Step 3: Pick One Thing and Write Down All Associations

Now, out of all the things you wrote down associated with your color, pick one. Maybe you picked an object that you love, or that reminds you of a good past time. Maybe you chose a person you admire, or a character that you used to watch on TV as a kid.

Based off whatever you chose, think of the background of that thing, how you feel about it, if you connect with it in some way currently. And write something (a poem, a short story, the beginnings of an essay, etc.) incorporating those things!

This is the poem that I came up with, inspired by the Piglet image above! I thought about how Piglet is always the timid character in the Winnie the Pooh series, and how some say that A.A. Milne wrote the characters in such a way to portray different disorders. Piglet’s disorder is said to be anxiety…


Little pig, little pig,
Don’t let anxiety win.
You tend to turn to worry when the unknown appears, when
A problem presents itself, and you don’t know what to do, and you
Bury yourself in fear instead of trying to sort through the issues you’re facing and the
Feelings you’re dealing with.
It’s easy for all your “what if” questions to be negative:
“What if this goes left instead of right?”
“What if how I’m feeling lasts longer than a season?”
“What if I’m incapable of getting all I need to get done accomplished?”

A wave of overwhelming washes over you, and any reasonable thinking goes out the window,
Causing your mind to hiccup from one topic or thought to the next,
Stuttering your speech, and placing panic as your default reaction to anything happening.

Because you aren’t thinking clearly, you run and hide in different houses,
Ones that create a false sense of hope that the heaviness your concerns cause will not
Destroy the walls and uproot the foundation.
But anxiety huffs and it puffs and it blows it all down, and you’re left
Shaking and searching, fleeing from the scene to find better shelter from the fears that chase you, from
The storm cloud that’s always hovered over you.

Little pig, little pig,
Seek a Sanctuary that not only lets you in as you are, but also
Heals your pain from the inside out, and
(Contrary to what your mind tells you)
Provides peace and joy through the worries and doubts that have disguised themselves to you as the truth for so long.
Leave anxiety at the door as you step into this
Safe space where you belong without the threat of danger at your heels.

“But my eyes are toward you, O God, my Lord; in You I seek refuge; leave me not defenseless.”

Psalm 141:8

#MishyWrites 🦋