Well, when I was driving to work this morning, praying for my day and for those I loved, I didn’t expect for things to go down the way they did.

Basically, one of my co-teachers tested positive for COVID. And my boss sent home everyone who was exposed to the positive-case yesterday except for me and my other co-teacher and best friend Caylin. I won’t lie: I was frustrated. Because my boss constantly harps on about how we as a school follow CDC guidelines, and yet, she can’t even follow her own rules in regards to people being exposed. She discusses how she wants people to be safe and healthy, yet this choice was made. And she made a comment to Caylin, blatantly telling me before she made it that she wished I wasn’t in the room to hear it.

Lord, please send me my escape, and give me patience in the process.

When I talked on the phone with my dad today, he made a couple of good points: at least I tested negative (even though I personally feel like I was tested too quickly), at least I was feeling healthy, and at least I was at work, making money. All fairly good points to make, but I just hope that within these last few days of the week, I don’t turn up positive, because I definitely had brand plans this weekend! Before I test again on Friday, I’ll be staying away from public places, wearing my mask, and washing my hands like I’ve been doing.

I feel like I could have reacted in a better way than I did to all of the unexpected things that happened today. I was quick to complain and ask questions rather than just go with the flow, and I want to learn how to be more trusting of the Lord in situations like that rather than freak out. I desire to be more patient than to expect things to go my way, or the way that I believe they should go.

Because even though in the moment it seems like people like my boss are in control, truly, God is in control of everything. And He knows the intentions of everyone who is involved.

How do you react to unexpected situations? Is it mostly positive or negative? What can allow you to change your perspective, and remind you that God is in control?

Mishy 🦋