I’m in desperate need of the sun.

And thankfully, God allowed it to come out this afternoon at work for a little bit so I could bask in it. Because we’ve been drenched in rain for maybe a little over a month now 😫 And we are now less than a week away from one of my favorite times of the year: Daylight Savings Time!

Booooo, Less Sleep

To those who are upset about losing the hour of sleep…part of me truly doubts that you even realize you’ve lost it. Everyone and their sleep cycles are different, so maybe I shouldn’t deny other’s experiences.


Y’all may not understand, but THIS is the time when my vibe just changes! I really tried this past fall/winter not to be so down because I’ve realized that those seasons are typically when I get more frustrated, sad, irritated, unproductive, unmotivated, *insert any other negative emotion in this list*. And compared to the falls and winters of the past, I’ll give a pat on my back and an applause for improving a little bit this time around.

But spring, and especially SUMMER…those are my seasons! I’m almost convinced I truly have seasonal depression, although it hasn’t been officially diagnosed.

I cannot wait to leave work in the evening, and still feel like I’ve got a lot of time to accomplish what I need to do. I can’t wait to leave the gym at 8 o’clock and drive on the freeway while or a little before the sun is setting. I can’t wait to have my weekends to run around until 10pm because we just have that much daylight.

On the Flip Side…

Okay, so maybe I can make an argument for the other side. Maybe it isn’t just about that extra hour of sleep…

There might be people out there who are more productive in those seasons because now they’re able to focus more on what they have to do instead of being super social or outgoing or adventurous like they are in the spring/summer. Instead, they can hibernate all fall/winter, not really go out as much, and have tunnel vision on the goals and visions they’ve set to accomplish before the year is over and a new one begins.

Maybe these people have sensitive skin, so being out in the sun isn’t the greatest, and they don’t get to be out and about in the spring and summer when the sun is out basically all day. There could be some valid reasons why the other option is good as well, and I’m willing to admit this.

Everyone has their season(s) when they feel most like themselves, and whichever one that is for you, I hope you bask in it! I hope you flourish, and find yourself in a better position this time around than the last time you were in that particular season! 🙌🏽

Sunday, March 8, I am READY for you! I hope y’all are just as ready as me, because it’s COMING! ☀️

Which way do you prefer the time? Daylight Savings (spring/summer) or none (fall/winter)? Which season do you find yourself being more productive in? How are you going to adjust to the time change? Which season(s) do you flourish in?

Mishy 🦋💚


***Feel free to play “Wanderlust” by blackbear while reading this post.

What’s up, guys!

I’m finally. FINALLY. Finally. Finally. F I N A L L Y…on VACATION! 🙌🏽

I can’t express how happy this makes me. The month of June was hella busy for me, which I feel like I say that about every month, but for real this time guys, SO MUCH happened in June!

New projects, new poems, new events, new outfits and hairstyles, it was all NEW NEW NEW and while it was exciting, and I’m super grateful for every experience and opportunity I had, I’m more than thrilled to be taking a break from it all, and stepping back from everything for a couple of weeks.

Not only stepping back from things, but stepping OUT of my city…I’m currently in THE PHILIPPINES with my mom and two sisters!

The trip was so much better than I’d expected. Yeah, it’s not ideal being on a plane for like 16 hours, but the overall experience was cool. I hadn’t gotten a full meal on a plane since I was little, and we were flying to California with my dad and stepmom.

Honestly, I was sort of hesitant to be on this trip months before it happened. I knew it would be a great experience, and that by the summer time I’d probably need a break, but I was nervous about being detached from what I was working on in my own little world, not to mention, missing THAT much work and missing THAT much money had me sort of worried. Plus, I was gonna be away from my boyfriend for 2 weeks, the longest we’d ever been apart since we started dating, AND I’d be on the other side of the world 😭 There was a lot I was hesitant about.

But as the time drew closer, it became clearer that I needed a BREAK. That yeah, there may be a lack financially afterwards, but exploring a new culture and place, and meeting family we’ve never met before was going to be worth more.

As we were heading to Atlanta and then getting on our first plane, my sense of adventure reawakened; it had been a minute since I’d been on a trip like this, and I was gonna be in a brand new place and space for two weeks! This trip is much needed.

And it was high time my mom came back home after 23 years, and my sisters and I gained some perspective on what makes up half of our DNA!

It’s the first official day here, and we’ve already had some cool experiences with the Filipino culture — seeing what traffic is like (we sat in it for 3 HOURS, y’all…you think Atlanta, Georgia, is bad? Y’all haven’t seen nothin!), shopping at a grocery store INSIDE a mall, and eating shabu shabu for the first time (just Google it, it was good, just too much to explain!).

I’ve said this before, but I do believe in signs, little things that God puts in front of you to reassure you, to let you know He’s there in that moment with you, to confirm something to you. And y’all, the mere fact that one of our gates was HELLO KITTY THEMED…

AND as soon as we walked into our hotel room, the first thing I saw in the mirror was this beautiful painting of a butterfly 😍🦋…

I knew this is what I needed and where I needed to be.

So, I’ll try to blog more while I’m on vacation as I said I would before we arrived, but also, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me…I’ll be soaking every experience in as much as I can while we’re here for 2 weeks!

Mahal kita! (“I love you” in Tagalog, the Filipino language)

Mishy 🦋💙

Cabo Vacation Re-Cap

Hey guys!

Honestly, this isn’t the first post I wrote for today; I wrote something about post-vacay depression because it hit me really hard as soon as I got back to my apartment this afternoon. I tried to ease back into my normal by unpacking and doing laundry, trying to get things in order, and setting aside clothes for church tomorrow, and each activity made my heart ache even more than before.

But How Was Cabo Tho?

Cabo was AMAZING. I posted a lot of pictures on Instagram about what we were doing almost every day (sorry not sorry) – snorkeling, driving ATVs, riding a boat to the beach and a few famous Cabo sites, getting a massage, relaxing by the poolside – these images can’t even do the trip justice. It was a vacation each one of us needed, especially since we hadn’t been together for a long time.

A few people wondered if I would vlog the trip, and even though it would have made a really sweet vlog, there were a couple of reasons why I didn’t vlog…

  1. Cameras: Unfortunately, I’ve lost my cameras, and I think they’re lost for good. I’ve tried all that I can to relocate them, but I think they’re gone, guys. I sometimes still have waves of worry and hurt because of my perfectionism: “It’s my fault that I don’t have them anymore, and how could I have been so careless and forgetful about where I had them?” but I’m slowly getting over it. You may be thinking, “Mishy, you could have just filmed on your iPhone…it takes HD videos too.” But here’s where number two comes in…
  2. Presence: I would have been totally distracted during my vacation had I tried to vlog most of the time. Sure, I was still a little distracted taking pictures, and even with some things like the song with SodTp dropping, and promoting my website dropping next week. But, I would have worried more about what my vacation looked like than what it actually was. And I know that would have regretted doing that, even if the footage would have been amazing.

So, no vlogging on vacation. I just think I enjoyed myself more than if I had tried to. I hope to get back to it, though, once I can get some things in order. I’ve just got a lot going on right now, and it’s hard to juggle everything at once.


I walked into my apartment, weary of the short trek I’d taken from my car and up the stairs to my front door. I dreaded hearing the empty echoes of my footsteps across the living room floors, and the silence met with me shuffling along to get myself and my stuff through the door and to my room.

A curtain of relief fell upon my shoulders as I heard the quiet voice of one of my roommates, who was sitting in her bedroom. It didn’t completely take the emptiness I was feeling away, but it did cheer me up.

Since coming home this afternoon, I’ve been doing laundry, taking inventory of my pantry for grocery shopping tomorrow, and organizing/cleaning things in my room. I tried to listen to some music, but a lot of what I wanted to listen to reminded me of my trip and my friends, and it was too sentimental. I swear, I’ve been on the verge of tears all afternoon.

I’m so grateful for the time I had last week. I’m grateful for the concert I went to before I traveled, and all of the traveling safety that the Lord provided. And right now, I’m trying to be grateful to be home. But I’m really struggling. So much so that I’m scrambling to find new music to listen to, I’ve ordered pizza and ice cream for myself, started a new Netflix show to keep my away from reality, and talked to my best friend (whom I just saw yesterday, mind you) for almost an hour-and-a-half.

The post-vacay depression is so real.

I have such a hard time when exciting things end, as I’m sure everyone else does. Like when a concert is over, everyone is sad because they don’t want it to be over. I expressed my sadness to my roommate, and explained that I would rather have something else exciting happen, or my work week immediately start than admit that the exciting event or concert or vacation is over.

And after briefly talking with her about it, and sitting here eating pizza and watching The Carmichael Show on Netflix to try to suppress the sad feelings, I realize that I really need to process through what’s happened, no matter how much it hurts…

I went to a concert last Friday, and had a blast.

The next morning, I flew out to Mexico, and spent one whole week doing things I’d never done in a place I’d never been before. I laughed harder than I’d laughed in a while. While I was in Mexico, the week back home was normal – work was still happening. My friends were going about their daily lives. I missed one whole normal week here at home in exchange for the best summer vacation I’ve ever had.

And now it’s over. And yes, it’s sad that it’s over – my best friend is back in our hometown for another week. I’m preparing myself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually for this new upcoming week (even though I am slightly pushing the feelings down with food and Netflix). Even writing out this blog is helping me accept what my reality is.

Next week is a big week; there are only a few days left until some major things happen. In order for things to run smoothly, I need to allow myself the time to ease back into my normal routine, even if I don’t like the feeling of it. Even if it makes my  heart ache, and miss the times and experiences I had.

Praising the Lord that this post-vacay depression is slowly starting to ease up. I think every hour back home makes it a little easier on me.

I’m done with vacation. Now I’m back on the grind.

💙 Mishy 🦋

#FromtheDrafts – A Summer on Tybee Island is…

I could’t even last one week without posting something else about summer. And it’s fall. And my Real Friends hoodie arrived in the mail today (which means I get to wear it on my flight to Indiana on Monday, yeeeessss).


But I actually wrote this I think in the middle of June or July, while experiencing my first summer on Tybee Island. These are things that defined my summer…

  • Having bug spray and spray-on sunscreen as your perfume because you’d rather be somewhat protected by bugs than have your legs suffer enough mosquito/sand gnat abuse + not be sunburned (there was a debate this summer on whether or not colored people get sunburned. I think we can. My sister doesn’t think we can.)
  • Taking beautiful videos/pictures of bike riding on the beach, viewers unaware that you, the videographer, are sweating waterfalls because it’s TOO DANG HOT OUT HERE.


  • Wearing your hair down to have that wavy, beachy, mermaid look, despite the fact that in reality, the volume of your hair is increasing by the minute. (not to mention, I’d throw it up in a ponytail or bun after being outside for thirty minutes. Humidity out here is RIDICULOUS.)
  • Going to your favorite coffee shop twice in one day – once as a mother/daughter date, the second time for a business meeting. (This happened often in the beginning of my summer. Then I started taking myself there many, many, many times…not in one day though! I promise…)
  • dsc_0100
  • Standing outside for 10-15 minutes, and accruing some sort of tan line from either your flip flops or your shorts (or your tank top, or even your sunglasses)
  • Never wearing t-shirts because covering your body more than needed could result in heat stroke (tank tops are my best friend)
  • Knowing full well that, even though YOU think you smell like beach heaven/island breeze/sweet sun from being outside at the beach for an extended period of time, to everybody else, you probably just smell like that bad outside smell. (so tragic. if I could entrap that perfect beach smell in a bottle, that’d be great. None of that artificial ocean breeze stuff.)
  • Constantly smelling sunscreen in the air. (No joke, there was one day I was riding my bike around, and it smelled like sunscreen throughout my entire neighborhood. I personally love the smell of sunscreen. Others, not so much haha)
  • Waving at everyone you pass, no matter what. (It’s just something we do on the island. Sometimes I don’t do it, but now, especially when I’m riding my bike, I get in the habit of waving to people whether they’re in cars, on bikes, or walking around. I get a 50/50 chance of getting waved back to.)
  • Living at home during the week. Living at the bestie’s house during the weekends. (I MISS THIS SO MUCH. Even though I love my island, it was always nice to get away on the weekends to Bria’s house and explore the other parts of Savannah together. Or we would just…)
  • …have Bible study, deep conversations, tea, and cartoons all before noon, and all in PJ’s. (I MISS MY BEST FRIEND, Y’ALL.  These were some great times. I need these things back in my life.)
  • Taking road trips out-of-town every few weeks for weddings, parties, concerts, and visits. (this summer I had some of the best road trips. And I still road trip every now and then…)
  • Making trips to the bestie’s house every Tuesday evening for Facebook livestreams of Kicks and Skittles question threads. (GUYS. I miss doing stuff for Kicks and Skittles. Bria and I talked about me doing my own thing on the side while she was gone, but it’s just not the same. I’ll have to talk to her about still doing it, and Skyping her in or something. There has to be a way. We coulda thrived on that lol.)
  • Using my ceiling fan as a drying rack. (No lie though…gotta be creative when you’ve got limited space!)
  • dsc_0174


Okay, I think that’s enough reminiscing on summer days. It’s starting to make me sad a little bit haha. Great to reminisce on the then, still gotta stay focused on the now.

What were some of your favorite memories this past summer?

#JustStartWriting #FromtheDrafts

❤ Mishy

“Do You Remember…




If you don’t know what that song is, please, do me and you and everyone a favor and JAM OUT TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS…


Alas, my fellow readers…’tis the last day of summer! And I’m actually tearing up as I type this. Yes, I’m a baby, leave me alone haha.

The thing about Tybee Island, and Savannah in general, is that weather-wise, summer will still be happening way into probably mid-October. So, I can’t pout just yet….

But hey, I’ve started trying to accept that fall is here; I bought a Real Friends hoodie, one that I’ve had my eyes on ever since they released it earlier this year. It’s got the moon and stars on it, and it SCREAMS “pop-punk space enthusiast trash” aka ME, AND I’M WAY TOO EXCITED FOR IT TO ARRIVE.

So, I had all these plans of how I would spend the last official day of summer 2016. Of course, I still had to work today, so that cut out eight hours of timeto do what I really wanted to do. But here was a general idea…

  • Ride my favorite blue bike in my most summer-y attire.
  • On that bike ride, stop by that new sushi/bubble tea place called Raw Ingredients (or just Raw) for some bubble tea or The Sugar Shack to get some ice cream/a milkshake.
  • Take some pictures of the beach on it’s last summer sunset
  • Jam out to “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire because it’s “the twenty-first night of September”

Yeah, I think those were basically my plans.

And did I succeed?!


Immediately, I threw my work bag onto my bed, and shed the Irish green dress off to don a white Vans tank top and denim shorts. I had maybe thirty minutes until I had to be back home to start dinner for my mom while everyone was out of the house.

Grabbing my camera, headphones, and phone, I trotted down both flights of steps to the garage to slip on my mom’s flip flops, and make my way to the coast.

Although outwardly, my life has been pretty good and stable, mentally I have not been so well. I struggle with trying to live presently because I’m so concerned about what will happen when my present stability is gone. And I’m not even fully stable in some minor things, so they also weigh on my mind.

I allowed some of my favorite songs to soothe my soul as I walked along the beach. I snapped a few pictures of the clouds, since I’ve recently become a cloud enthusiast. (Enjoy the very short slideshow below!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And I reminded myself of all the times in the past several days people I’ve talked to have told me that I’m “going to be alright.” I’m grateful for their certainty because lately, I haven’t been so certain.

But this morning’s devotions also eased my mind, remembering the God I serve, and how powerful He is, and how much He cares for me. I long to please Him, to glorify Him in all I do, say, think. Which means these anxious thoughts needed to leave. Of course it’s not that easy, but I truly tried to dwell on Who He is, and also think of all the things I am thankful for to crush all the worries I had about other things.

When I reached my house, my mom was home and she’d already started dinner because she didn’t realize she’d actually be home to start it herself. Which gave me time in my room to start a new book: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. I’ve had this book for a couple of years now, and  have wanted to read it, but due to college, I just didn’t have the time. But now? I curl up on the turquoise bean bag on the floor, eager to begin this new story.

The smell of barbecue chicken floats up the stairs, barely distracting me from the words of Toni Morrison. I get so caught up in the book, I almost miss eating dinner with my family (no one came to get me. It’s fine lol). They were all gathered around the bar, eating and watching Phineas and Ferb. I joined them for the last episode-and-a-half.

Once dinner was over, I looked through the window to see that darkness was covering the sky faster than I expected. I quickly told my parents my plans, and made my way downstairs to get my favorite blue bike ready for a 6-mile bike ride to Raw, the new sushi and bubble tea place that opened up on Tybrisa Street.

A basket, a bike lock, and Spotify’s Young & Free playlist later, I was on the road.

(I actually started my ride off with “In Florida” by A Day to Remember, but anyways…)

On my way there, there were several people out riding their bikes, walking their dogs, or running. The charcoal clouds above us covered the sunset, but some of the sun’s rays touched a few clouds, turning them cotton candy pink.

I crossed the highway, and rode through Memorial Park where a couple of coach buses were parked on the side of the street.  Children cluttered the sand volleyball courts and soccer fields, either for games or for practices. It looked like there was some sort of event happening on the other side f the court, but I couldn’t tell what it was for.

As the sun hid completely behind the clouds overhead, I clicked the flashlight on the front of my bike on…

…and I could feel the Stranger Things vibes. My bike plus the music I was listening to plus the mostly abandoned streets I was biking on screamed Stranger Things vibes.

I made it to Raw, and ordered a pineapple bubble tea. (I COULD CRY IT WAS SO GOOD.)

As much as I wanted to sit and gingerly sip on my tea, I knew that it would probably start raining soon, so I had to make my way back.

I became very aware of the darkness that surrounded me as I pedaled along the empty streets. Even with my flashlight at the front of my bike, visibility was not the best. And I thought of Stranger Things, and the Demagorgon, and how the quiet houses along 2nd Avenue could probably hear it slurping up the eyes of its victims…

Actually, it was just me trying to drink the last of the bobba balls at the bottom of my cup. That pineapple tea didn’t even last half of the bike ride back home haha.

The ride wasn’t terrible. I didn’t have my glasses on, though, because I didn’t think I needed them…in the dark (I know, silly me, right?)

But the joke was on the darkness, and my inability to see…

…because as soon as I exited Jaycee Park, this light mist fell upon the earth. I smiled as the mixture of the light rain and faint breeze cooled me down from my long trek home.

Soon, however, the misting grew heavy, along with the breeze. And I frantically wiped my eyes because now, I was probably more blind than I had been when it was simply dark. But if I had had my glasses, they wouldn’t have helped. (See, I guess I knew what I was doing!)

I arrived at my house to just catch the sound of the garage door shutting closed. Hopping off my bike, I walked to the keypad, punched in the numbers, and entered the garage completely drenched, but totally satisfied.

This was a last summer night to remember. 

Goodbye, summer. You’ve treated me quite well this year. Even though I’m pretty bummed about summer being over, I look forward to the new season, weather-wise and life-wise.

There’s a time for everything And it’s time for fall.

(I still won’t be ready for it. Not until I get my Real Friends hoodie in the mail LOL :D).


❤ Mishy

“Summer Goes…”

I realized yesterday that this weekend is my last summer weekend on the island. Because next weekend, I’ll be back in Chattanooga for my alma mater’s homecoming, and the weekend after, it’ll officially be autumn. And the fact that summer is ACTUALLY coming to a close is breaking my heart.

I know what most of you are thinking: it’s too dang hot, you’ve already had ten PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes, for those who don’t know), and you’ve been trying to wear your favorite hoodie since July. Most people are ready for the cold weather to hit, and for all the fun holidays to start rolling around.

Not that I’m not excited for that stuff. Summer is just my prime season. I’ve said this before; I just have some great memories and fun times during the summer. My favorite clothes are ones I can wear in the spring and summer time. I AM FREAKING BEACH TRASH – yeah, the sand gets on my nerves sometimes, but that doesn’t make me love the beach any less.

So today, I made it my mission to get outside of the house, and enjoy some summer time activities. I even wore one of my favorite surf shirts with my hole-y shorts, a major summer outfit of mine…


After doing my devotions and eating breakfast, I rode to the post office with Annabelle to send off some letters. Around lunch time, Mom and I drove out to A&T’s Breakfast Cafe for lunch and boba tea on me. We then went to Target to get some things we needed + I got a new read that I am EXTREMELY excited about.

Once we go home, I read on the porch swing until my mom invited me to the pool with her and Annie. I’m not much of a pool person minus the fact that I’ll sit on a lounge chair and read, so that’s exactly what I did. I finally finished The Sisters are Alright, and I’m compiling some notes and quotes so I can write a book review to post soon!

Here’s a photo of what my day mostly consisted of: the book I just finished reading, the book I just bought at Target that I have yet to read, and yes, I’ve been jamming to “Angels” by Chance the Rapper basically all day haha


I actually didn’t go to the beach today, but I hope to conquer that tomorrow after church, and get some good photos of the coast in its last summer days.

And here I am, actually writing this post before 11:30pm, so I don’t have to rush to write. That’s two goals for #JSW, Month 2 MET.

In fact, I actually reached out to a girl I know who’s been wanting to start some writing, and has asked me for advice before. I feel terrible for not keeping up with her, and asking her about the progress of that process, so I am trying to make an effort to involve more people in this process.

Wow. Am I done? Before 11pm? That’s a first in a while.

And I shall end this post with some lyrics from The Almost’s “Summer, Summer” from their album Monster Monster. I miss that band a ton. And this song totally portrays how I feel about summer leaving:

“Summer comes,

And leaves you with a fever that you caught when you were young.

Summer goes,

And makes you feel like life is reeling, 

Hanging on for more.”

Okay, I won’t end with that. Too depressing. Even though I am sad that summer is ending, I will say I’m excited to see what the end of the year holds. Change is exciting, and with change of the seasons come changes in circumstances, habits, careers, goals. This summer holds a lot of things – great memories, hard times, lessons learned. I am thankful to be able to take what I learned through this season, and utilize it for the next.

So, I won’t pout for too long about the end of summer. I look forward to living in the fall to come.

…but I’m also going to be living in the present, and enjoying this shorts and tank top weather while I can!

How have you been feeling about summer ending? Are you ready for fall to begin? What were some great things you learned in this season that you’re ready to bring into the next?


❤ Mishy

“Golden Days”

Yesterday was my sister’s Golden Birthday (she turned 20 on the 20th of August). And it was SUCH a great day. You know it’s a great birthday when you’re enjoying yourself, and it isn’t your own birthday!

Some of you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, so you got the gist of what our day consisted of. But to those who don’t know, here we go!


Our adventures began at Mojo Burrito where we met up with Kyle (because it was also his birthday), Nathan, and Jimmy. We all got food, and sat around on the porch outside, catching up and laughing. 
We snapped a picture of the crew before we dispersed…

Unfortunately, for the second time this week, my car battery died because I forgot to turn my headlights off. But thankfully, Jimmy hadn’t left the parking lot yet, and jumped my car. 

Good ole, Jimmy. Always reliable when it comes to a car emergency. 


After getting a jump from Jimmy, we headed back up the mountain to gather a few things before we headed into downtown Chattanooga, and then off to Nashville. 

Kae’sha also got to open presents, and blow out the candles on her birthday brownies.

Her gifts? Textbooks for this upcoming fall, which is what she actually wanted. She also got some other things too, like a new laptop AYEEE.


We all piled into Kerri’s car, and made our way to Standard Ink, where Kae’sha got her septum pierced. She looks SO CUTE.

Once we were done at Standard Ink, we walked to Clumpie’s for ice cream, then went into a few thrift stores just to check some stuff out.

After that, it was time to make a journey…


We drove two hours to Nashville to go to The Soda Parlor, which was started by famous YouTuber Olan Rogers. He was throwing a “move-out party” because The Soda Parlor will be moving to a bigger location, which is super exciting!

As soon as we got there, we got into the long-ish line, unsure of what the line was actually for. Once we got through the Soda Parlor’s doors, we could see the video games, tshirts, and tables. There were A TON of people there. 

We continued to move ahead in the line, browsing the shirt selection for potential buys, and as we got closer to the back of the parlor, we realized that the line was for free soda floats!

AND as soon as we were a couple of people away from the counter, OLAN ROGERS COMES THROUGH A DOOR BEHIND THE COUNTER, AND EVERYONE STARTS CHEERING.

It was perfect timing. We ordered free floats, we got to meet Olan and take pictures with him. We took pictures of each other outside. It was great.

After taking pictures, we figured we’d have a look at the shirts, buy some things, and then walk around Nashville to find something to eat.

But as we walked back inside, we noticed people with plates of large, deep-dish pepperoni pizzas in their hands, and we wondered, Is that free? Is it part of the move-out party? Where can we get this delicious-looking pizza?

We found the pizza being handed for free down the hallway, and we made our way toward the line. Free pizza and floats? Meeting Olan? Then we were buying tshirts? Sounds like a good time spent in Nashville to me!

After we ate and bought shirts, we made our way back to Chatt. For some reason, the trip back seemed shorter than the trip there…

We ended the night lying around in our beds, soaking up what had occurred throughout the day. 

It was pretty epic. A Golden Birthday well spent!

Have you had your Golden Birthday already? If so, did you know it was occurring? If you don’t remember your Golden Birthday, what was your most memorable birthday; what did you do? 

Have you ever experienced an amazing time because you focused on making another person’s day special?


❤ Mishy

The Storm(s) – A Piece of the Road Trip

We made it to Chattanooga last night around 10pm, a steady rain making it hard to see even a few feet ahead of me as I drove around familiar territory. 

We’d already endured two previous rainstorms, one outside of Macon that lasted a good three minutes, but was enough to cause slight panic since I was separated several feet behind Kerri’s car, and could barely see anything then. The second rainstorm happened right outside of Atlanta…

And this storm was no joke.

As we rode closer to the dark clouds looming above, Queen began to croon through my car speakers…

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality…”

Lightning flashed in the distance once…twice…

“Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and seeeeee…”

The music faded for a few seconds, meaning a message from one of the other cars headed up to Chattanooga had been sent to Carola’s phone.

Kae’sha: “Y’all, we forgot to pray before we left…”

And over the walkie-talkie app Voxer, Kae’sha prayed a sincere prayer for traveling mercies. The storm clouds turned the afternoon sunlight into midnight darkness. 

As soon as Kae’sha finished her prayers, the first raindrops hit my windshield.

This storm had the same effects of the first one in that I could barely see what was happening on the road. The only comfort I had was Kerri’s bright red tail lights that flashed every few seconds due to braking. If I could stay close enough to her car, I’d be okay.

Water from her tires splashed onto my windshield, and combined with the rain falling from the clouds, I was faced with a white wall. It was a mess. 
I could see cars pulling off on the shoulder, the drivers thinking it best to just wait the storm out. I thought maybe we should do the same, but other cars were flying past us, thinking that rushing through the storm would be the better option to escape it. 

I prayed a silent prayer of my own as I continued to try to drive. Kerri’s car braked, and suddenly, this massive puddle of water in the middle of the freeway was revealed. 


2 out of the 3 cars we had were pretty low to the ground, and I just hoped that neither of us would get stuck in a puddle in the middle of the freeway outside of Atlanta. 

We all thankfully drove through the puddle without hydro planing. I realized that, because I didn’t use AC in my car, and we had to roll our windows up, the white wall grew worse because my windshield fogged up. 

Carola frantically started wiping it, and, even though it was raining, I asked her to slightly crack a window. I tried turning the defrost (is that what it’s called?) on, but it didn’t really help.

 Finally, the storm passed…or at least it seemed to before it kicked back up again for another ten minutes. 

But then, the rain lightened up. The white wall of water and fog faded. I could finally see through my windshield again. After a couple more lightning flashes, we were left staring at light grey clouds. 

We hadn’t even faced the real storm yet…

…we still had to drive through Atlanta…


❤ Mishy

“White Fireworks” – A Nostalgic Post

“When white fireworks erupt, and my heart is whole again.” – The Rocket Summer

Why not a little fun post, yeah?

A few weeks ago, I went to a Savannah Bananas baseball game (yes, that’s actually the name of the baseball team), and after an awesome win, there was a fireworks show.

They’re funny things, fireworks; something about exploding lights in the sky just brings out the awe and wonder in a person, whether you’re ten-years-old or twenty-one. I thought this in my mind, and Kae’sha, my sister, said it aloud to me after the fireworks were over.

But as I watched the awesome display, I got all nostalgic…

Covenant College Homecomings

My college homecoming weekends were pretty memorable. Mostly the times during or after the fireworks show.

My freshman year, after the homecoming game + fireworks, I was walking toward campus with some friends, and tripped over an invisible wire that was holding up some homecoming flag or banner. The lot was gravel back then (and maybe it still is, or they’ve paved it at this point), but I ate that gravel so hard. How embarrassing, especially since it was my freshman year, and during that time I was still sort of making first impressions with people.

But hey, I got a piggy-back ride from a guy friend all the way back to my dorm building, and didn’t have to deal with the walk back up.

Junior year, Bria and I had to leave the fireworks show early for some reason I can’t remember. Or maybe we were trying to find a better spot to watch them. And maybe there were other people there with us? Either way, we somehow ended up on the intramural field, where the fireworks looked MASSIVE. And we were having a blast watching them. Until…

“What was that?” I asked when something hit the field. Then more things started falling from the sky, and that’s when Bria and I realized that debris from the fireworks was falling straight onto the intramural field, around us. AT US.

When I write it out, it doesn’t seem like an extreme situation, but I remember Bria and I running through the field, I think I was screaming…or maybe we both were…because I’m pretty sure we were afraid some giant piece of firework trash was going to conk us on the head.

Maybe we were being a bit dramatic haha…

4th of Julys on the Mountain

Ahh yes.

The Fourth of July always seemed to drag by as my friends and I waited all day for the neighborhood-wide picnic, and the small fireworks display put on by the neighbors themselves.

It was nothing fancy, but I remember loving it growing up. And when I got older, I still enjoyed it, mostly because I got to be with all my friends.

On the side of the Davis’ house was a slanted, grassy hill, where we’d begin to claim our spot for the fireworks show by placing several blankets down for us to sit on so our legs wouldn’t get itchy from the grass.  From where we sat, we had a perfect view of the basketball hoop, where the fireworks would be set off.

While some of us were setting up, the rest of us would be at the Miller’s house popping popcorn and grabbing other snacks and water bottles for everyone. A couple of us would journey down to my grandparents’ house because that’s where all the sodas – cherry Coke, Mello Yellow, Sprite, etc. – were stashed, and of course, we’d all want one of those before we drank any water.

We’d sit there as the sun set, and the street lights came on, taking pictures and playing games to make the time go by. Few people would begin to come out of their homes with blankets and chairs to set up in different spots along the street.

If I recall correctly, the fireworks didn’t start until maybe 10:30 or 11.

And when they started, they weren’t half bad. Most would take to the sky, while a few would shoot off toward driveways, toward people. Hey, nothing’s perfect.

California Rooftops

Instead of going to the central area where the fireworks would be set off, Papa came up with the idea of sitting on top of his auto shop’s roof, and watching them from a distance.

I was excited, kind of nervous about having to climb a couple of ladders to get up to the roof, but excited nonetheless. I was proud of myself, and of my dad for climbing those ladders. I know he wasn’t really in his element, but he sacrificed his comfort for me and my sister, and that was really cool.

My Aunt Holly was also there, and she provided some music for us to listen to as the fireworks show began. Not only did we get to watch the fireworks, but we also got to watch the sunset.


There are probably other things and moments in my life I could think of when thinking of fireworks, but those three events are the first things that come to mind.

And when I remember moments like these, it reminds me just how full and eventful my life has truly been. Things don’t have to be extravagant to make an impression on you.


❤ Mishy

My “Just Start Writing” Challenge

Jim Waller, a local Tybee Island author that I interviewed for my side blog, gave me some advice writer-to-writer:

“Just start writing. Even if it doesn’t make any sense, just start writing. And it’ll come to you. What I usually do is, I know where I wanna go; I know what the end is gonna be. I have a vague idea of where to start. And it’s the middle that, once you start, it’ll fill itself in, and really, if you know where you’re going, and know where to start…if writing is really in your soul, it’ll come out on the page. And that’s the best kind.”

The beginning of his advice really stuck with me… “Just start writing.”

And, I’ve done that before. I’ve started writing something, gained some momentum, and really saw a possible outcome for a good piece. But then a distraction occurs – like going to the bathroom – and I’ll come back to my notebook or laptop and wonder, “What in the world was I just doing?” Or, I’ll keep writing, and then get stuck, and then I end up with an unfinished blog post, story, character sketch. And that’s that. The inspiration is gone.

I explained in my last blog post that I don’t post consistently on my blog because I like to take my time, and process things instead of just slapping some words online. But the more I’m thinking about my writing, the more I’m realizing that sometimes slapping some words onto paper or furiously typing out something that immediately comes to mind can really produce something beautiful. It doesn’t mean I don’t proofread anything, or get Bria to read over it, or I simply speak whatever is on my mind without thinking about it. But I feel like I’ve been way too cautious about my writing for way too long, and I’m ready to take it to the next level.

So, after much thought, I’m going to challenge myself to a “Just Start Writing Challenge”: for one month (as of now), I’ll post something on my blog every day. Whatever comes to mind. It could be something profound, or it could be about why I chose to eat bologna that day instead of turkey. It could be a piece based off of a conversation I had with a friend, or literally me just filling the page with random thoughts that aren’t connected.

I know this is totally going against what I said in my last post, okay? But I feel like I really need this change. And I owe it to those who actually do follow my blog to get some consistent content up instead of waiting a month or two for something inspiring to come to me.

Not that there’s anything wrong with needing to feel inspired to write something. That’s literally how I’ve been writing for the longest time. I had a conversation with my cousin a couple of weeks ago about how we both needed to feel inspired before we could write something. And I still think that’s an effective way to write some good content.

It’s just time to get the circulation in my writing going again. And I’m hoping this challenge will help me do that.

I’m actually really excited about this, guys. I hope you are too! I think it’s going to be pretty fun.

Maybe I should start that as a hashtag for this… #JustStartWriting.

Yeah, that’s kinda cool.

❤ Mishy