Spring: Flowers and Seed


On the morning of the first day of spring I
Found myself sitting under a palm tree,
Contemplating everything I’d left behind and praying for clarity…
For peace of mind, for more faith, for God to just take
Every single thing I was tempted to
Overthink about, and just
Have His wave of Grace and Love wash over me.

He knows what He’s doing.

Happy first day of SPRING, luvvies!

I hope the weather wherever you’re located has followed suit to the change of season (although, I’ve already seen a lot on social media that that isn’t the case. It seems winter would like to have the last word for just a little longer!) Warmer days are definitely coming, and I’m excited!

I posted about this already on Instagram, but I spent the beginning of this day at Tybean, my favorite coffee shop, writing and reading, and just embracing being home. This place is where the seed of my poetry writing began, and I am truly ecstatic to be here!

As I was enjoying my time, I was also reading the the words of one of my favorite local (Chattanooga) poets, Kanika Wellington Jones, the owner of the company Savory Soul Salon. And as I meditated on some of her words, and on what to write about today, a couple of things crossed my mind that I wanted to share with y’all!

Flowers: Woman Crush Wednesday

You’ll see some of these posts on your social media, some from significant others, some from friends, some from people themselves making their own WCW. I thought of all the women who have had influence in my life, who have encouraged and inspired me in my craft, who have prayed for me and encouraged me to keep my faith in God alive as I walk through my journey.

Think of those women in your life right now: who are they? How have they helped you grow, heal, move forward?

Now, my women who are reading, think of yourself. Yes, you! Would you ever consider yourself as your own “WCW”? If “yes,” why? What are the things you’ve taught yourself, and learned? What are the things you love about yourself? If you answered “no,” why? Why do you feel like you can’t make yourself your own “WCW”? What’s hindering you from loving the woman God created you to be?

Seed: The Origin

I feel like everyone has a place, a person, a thing, etc. that signifies where their journey of becoming who God called them to be began. It’s crazy being back on Tybee 3 years later, and reminiscing on the places I had been, the thoughts I had thought back, the worries I used to think about in regards to my writing and my future.

I didn’t think back then that I would be where I am now, constantly working hard to build my brand, still writing blogs, writing more poetry now than I did back then, encouraging people through weekly videos. God has moved so much in my life, and I have faith He will continue to guide me where I need to go!

Where was your seed planted? What planted it/how was it planted? How will reflecting on your journey thus far encourage and motivate you to keep going?

I pray these thoughts help you in diving into where you are currently are right now, be it in a place of rest or in the middle of your work week!

See you tomorrow!