Spring: Flowers and Seed


On the morning of the first day of spring I
Found myself sitting under a palm tree,
Contemplating everything I’d left behind and praying for clarity…
For peace of mind, for more faith, for God to just take
Every single thing I was tempted to
Overthink about, and just
Have His wave of Grace and Love wash over me.

He knows what He’s doing.

Happy first day of SPRING, luvvies!

I hope the weather wherever you’re located has followed suit to the change of season (although, I’ve already seen a lot on social media that that isn’t the case. It seems winter would like to have the last word for just a little longer!) Warmer days are definitely coming, and I’m excited!

I posted about this already on Instagram, but I spent the beginning of this day at Tybean, my favorite coffee shop, writing and reading, and just embracing being home. This place is where the seed of my poetry writing began, and I am truly ecstatic to be here!

As I was enjoying my time, I was also reading the the words of one of my favorite local (Chattanooga) poets, Kanika Wellington Jones, the owner of the company Savory Soul Salon. And as I meditated on some of her words, and on what to write about today, a couple of things crossed my mind that I wanted to share with y’all!

Flowers: Woman Crush Wednesday

You’ll see some of these posts on your social media, some from significant others, some from friends, some from people themselves making their own WCW. I thought of all the women who have had influence in my life, who have encouraged and inspired me in my craft, who have prayed for me and encouraged me to keep my faith in God alive as I walk through my journey.

Think of those women in your life right now: who are they? How have they helped you grow, heal, move forward?

Now, my women who are reading, think of yourself. Yes, you! Would you ever consider yourself as your own “WCW”? If “yes,” why? What are the things you’ve taught yourself, and learned? What are the things you love about yourself? If you answered “no,” why? Why do you feel like you can’t make yourself your own “WCW”? What’s hindering you from loving the woman God created you to be?

Seed: The Origin

I feel like everyone has a place, a person, a thing, etc. that signifies where their journey of becoming who God called them to be began. It’s crazy being back on Tybee 3 years later, and reminiscing on the places I had been, the thoughts I had thought back, the worries I used to think about in regards to my writing and my future.

I didn’t think back then that I would be where I am now, constantly working hard to build my brand, still writing blogs, writing more poetry now than I did back then, encouraging people through weekly videos. God has moved so much in my life, and I have faith He will continue to guide me where I need to go!

Where was your seed planted? What planted it/how was it planted? How will reflecting on your journey thus far encourage and motivate you to keep going?

I pray these thoughts help you in diving into where you are currently are right now, be it in a place of rest or in the middle of your work week!

See you tomorrow!


My Blogging Challenge + Fighting Disappointment

Hello from Tybee Island!

My sister and I made it back home, and feeling the beach/island vibes have taken me back to when I used to live here after I graduated from college almost 3 years ago (WHAAAT).

And back then, I didn’t have much of a social life. I worked and spent a lot of my time focusing on myself, and what I wanted to do with my life when it came to my writing and my career. During that time, I began blogging more – like, every day. Because I used to have the excuse in college that I couldn’t blog as much as I wanted to because I didn’t have the time.

Well, here I was fresh out of college with a job, but with WAY more time than I ever had while I was in school. And I felt guilty because I still wasn’t writing as much as I wanted to. So, I challenged myself to write and publish a blog post every single day. And I did it for MONTHS! It was so productive and freeing for me.

Now, with me being back home, I’m inspired to do it again, at least for the rest of this spring break week! Especially since I haven’t done such a good job of posting blogs lately

About that Disappointment…

Well first, I’m EXCITED! Tomorrow is the official first day of spring, and even though I was born in the winter time, warmer seasons work better with my personality, and my life in general. I just love them so much! And the fact that I get to spend the first several days of spring on my island, the place that helped birth who I would eventually become, has me all sorts of happy.

But I’m also feeling a little disappointed. That’s pretty confusing, right? How can I be both excited AND disappointed right now?

Well, tomorrow is not only the first official day of spring, but it’s also the day I had planned to release my poetry EP project. And due to having to wait on some things, and having to re-plan other things, it won’t be going live tomorrow. And of course, I’m pretty disappointed about it. I had planned that date before 2019 even hit, and I still wasn’t able to accomplish it.

In a way, I feel like a failure a little bit. I’ve been trying to get these poems out for months, maybe even a whole year, and I can’t seem to get it done when I want to, or how I want it done. I definitely don’t want to rush the process, but I also don’t want to leave it unreleased either.

Then I think, Well, what was I even DOING these past few months before this planned release date? And I think of all the other work I’d put into things like my Facebook page, my Instagram, this blog. I think of the planning and preparing I did for Season 2 of #MotivationalMishyMondays, and my very first event I did near the beginning of this month.

So, even though I hadn’t been really focusing on my EP project, I was focusing on a LOT of things building my brand as a whole. Maybe I had to work on those things first in order to lay a more solid foundation for my poetry EP to be released, and if that’s the case, then so bet it! As I try to fight the disappointment and feelings of failure, I’m trying to remind myself of the things I did accomplish, and the upcoming things I am working on now. Just because I have to push back my EP release date (AGAIN), it doesn’t mean it will never be released.

Now, it doesn’t mean that I should excuse any slacking I did do resulting in my project not being finished. But I can still cut myself some slack, and realize that, overall, I succeeded in accomplishing a lot of other things I’d wanted to accomplish. And as I plan and prepare for the upcoming spring (and summer) months, I am hoping to get this project done in order for me to release it before the year is up, but most importantly, in the way I want it be promoted and released.

What About You?

Have you ever been disappointed because you weren’t able to accomplish something in time? Evaluate that situation: how can you put a positive spin on the negative feelings you might be feeling as a result of not finishing something?

My hope is that you’re able to push past any regret, feelings of failure, or disappointment, and be encouraged to continue moving forward in whatever work you’re doing!

See you tomorrow, friends!


Night Riding – Monday (3/7)

I gripped the black rubber handle bars of my bike, and squinted as I led my friends Caylin and Bria through a dark pathway made from sand and large pieces of gravel, causing all of us to bump up and down on our bike seats. With every bump, my white and purple polka-dotted bike bell would ominously ring…

DING-clunk. DING-clunk, clunk. DINGDING-clunk.

I knew this wasn’t the path we should have been taking. With every turn, I hoped to see the park that I rode through with my family when we took our own trip to IGA, the well-known grocery store on Tybee Island. I longed to see the post office, and to feel the smooth concrete of the back streets underneath my tires to quiet my unsettling bell. But doubts settled in my mind, for it had been a year-and-a-half since I’d ridden my bike to IGA, so maybe I was forgetting some portions of the ride. Not mention Siri, Apple’s automated voice for GPS and any other random questions or sassy jokes, was leading us, and she had to know what she was doing, right?

Yet the more we rode, the more I realized that the path we were taking was not where we needed to be. But I truly didn’t know where we should have been, so we continued on.

The bumpy road eventually ceased, and I sighed in relief to see that we were on some sort of normal road. I saw a wooden bridge to my left, and as we turned right, there were street lights, cars, a few shops ahead. My relief ended, however, when I realized we had to cross the four-lane highway to get to the other side and continue our journey.

We stopped at the edge of the highway, a car vrooming past us. My toes barely touched the asphalt as I tried to balance myself and move the pedals in position for me to easily begin the process of racing to the other side with Caylin and Bria. We each did our share of looking both ways, making sure there were no other headlights in sight. When it looked like we were in the clear, our feet met each of our bike pedals, and we pedaled as hard as we could across all four lanes.

Once we heard it, I could hear the whoosh of cars behind us, and exhaled heavily.

“Guys, aren’t there chocolate bars at the gas station?” Caylin asked.

I had noticed the gas station while we were rushing across the highway, and Caylin was right; we didn’t have to go all the way to the IGA for two or more chocolate bars so everyone staying at our house for spring break could make s’mores on our porch. But there was something in me that wanted to keep going, to be successful in finding IGA, even if Siri was misdirecting us.

I continued riding on. “No, let’s just keep riding to IGA.”

And we rode on.

#sprangbreak2k16 – the adventure continues

Currently in Bria’s living room, still reeling from the Bates Motel episode I watched. What.

The past couple of days have been amazing and restful. There have been several trips to Tybean Coffee, some homework done, some lying out on the beach whilst listening to Chase Atlantic, The Neighborhood, William Singe, etc., and some s’more making.

There’s been TONS of bike riding, mostly to IGA (a type of grocery store on Tybee), Tybean Coffee, and the pier. It’s been nice to travel by bike for the past few days instead of getting into a car. It’s great exercise + the weather’s been nice enough to be outside.

Last night, Pa led us on a bike ride to the pier area, where there was an acoustic night at Doc’s Bar. Caylin was able to sit among many people who had brought their various instruments, listen to them play their songs, and even play a few of her original songs too. It was great to hear everyone add onto the each person’s song. Afterward, we stopped at 80 East Gastropub for dessert, and it was DELICIOUS.

Today, we packed our stuff and headed off the island to Bria’s house, where we’ll be staying for the rest of spring break. Bria and I were able to visit our high school to give Caylin a tour, and to see several of our teachers whom we hadn’t seen in a while. It was really nice to talk to them and catch up after so many years of not seeing them.

And the rest of today has been pretty chill. I took a nap, Caylin and I watched White Chicks while Bria was out celebrating her cousin’s birthday, and I finished a little bit more homework.

Tomorrow, we plan on walking around downtown to River Street Sweets, get some ice cream, maybe just see some sights, and at night we’ll go on a ghost tour (my very first one!) It should be pretty exciting.

Until the next update/nonfiction piece! I may end up writing about night bike riding on Monday night. It was quite an experience.


Tybean Coffee – Monday, 11:18am

I am currently in a creative writing nonfiction class, and so far it has taught me so much. Normally, as a writer, I hate writing classes, which seems backwards if you look at it generally. But there is something about writers, and other artists in general, that cause us to want to hide our craft (I thank the conversation we had with Pa, Caylin, and the rest of our current housemates this spring break for this insight). And so, a writing class means sharing your writing with your classmates and your professor, and that is completely intimidating.

Thankfully, my professor has been teaching us that just because we share, it doesn’t mean we have to be completely confident in what we’ve written. It just means we’re “game” for sharing what we’ve written. And ever since I’ve been adopting this thinking process, I’ve been more accepting of what I’ve written, even though I may cringe because it’s just me spilling my initial thoughts onto paper.

And so, as I’m here taking a full week of spring break off from that class, I want to make sure that I’m still stretching my writing muscle. Technically, my whole blog is nonfiction writing, but as I continue studying and practicing my writing, I understand that there are more things I can do to enhance it.

Since I haven’t posted a ton because of the busyness of school, I’ll be posting some nonfiction writing along with my spring break updates. I may continue this after spring break, if I have time :D.

So here’s a nonfiction piece of just me sitting at Tybean Coffee this morning, taking a break from doing some homework…


I tap my head three times, and squirm on the wooden, sky blue bench. I can’t tell if there are gnats around or if it’s just my imagination, and I start to feel itchy all over.

It’s a beautiful day – the sun is out, yet sunscreen is unnecessary, a cool breeze constantly breathing over everything. This is one of the first times we’ve been able to wear shorts, hoodies donned on. The picnic table shading our legs causes Bria to rise and walk around the small, graveled road that is surrounded by various shops, each building painted in different colors. Some pastel, some bright. Bikes clutter the sides of the road, leaning on wooden fences.

The breeze grows a little stronger, turning the pages of my photo-copied version of the play over and over. I want to reach over to flip them back to the place I left off, but know it will be done in vain – the breeze will continue to breathe. I tap my head again, this time a little more furiously, refusing to actually scratch my head and awaken more itchy nerves on my scalp, and I shift again, this time not because of itchiness, but because my right leg is numb from crossing my legs. I uncross them, and my feet dangle above the wooden floor of the porch. To touch my toes to the ground, or not?

Thirty more minutes and we’ll be hopping onto our bikes and taking the ten minute ride back to my house to drop off all of our scholarly work, only to get back on bikes and pedal toward the fresh market that will only be open until one or two in the afternoon. The sunshine promises the rest of the day to be adventurous with our time at the market, and our eventual trek to the beach for the rest of the day.

Honestly, I look forward to being on the beach, the breeze probably exhaling stronger onto the waves, sweeping the sand into the air, and inhibiting the gnats – whether real or imaginary – from bothering me and any other beach bums.


#sprangbreak2k16 – Lake Lanier + WE MADE IT TO SAVANNAH

Hey guys! An update on some spring break things…

Yesterday, we arrived at Lake Lanier, where Caylin’s grandpa lives. We were able to meet her aunt and uncle, and spend time with her family talking, taking a walk to the lake, and playing dominoes.

Dominoes was intense. Bria and I hadn’t played it in about 2 years, but it was one of our favorite things to do with Miss Carol (Caylin’s mom) when we were spending spring break in Bainbridge our sophomore year. We played 13 rounds over a span of 4 hours (we took a break for dinner at Chik-fil-A). Bria won. I was dead last. But it was so much fun!

Today, we left around 11am-noon to head down to Savannah, Caylin and I splitting the drive. We stopped at Bria’s house first so she could grab some things, and then we headed over to my house on Tybee.

I have never been more excited to be back in my hometown until now. Not saying that I’ve never loved where I came from, but I am genuinely excited for this week in Savannah, and all the adventures that are going to happen. Like tomorrow morning, we’re planning on riding bikes to Tybean Coffee to spend a few hours doing homework before spending the rest of the day at the beach. I can’t express how ready I am to be on the beach!!!!!

Tonight before dinner, we all went out to watch the sunset on the beach. I’m not even going to try to express what it looked like, I’ll just post pictures at the end of this post because it was GORGEOUS (and you can peep a photo of it on my Instagram too). Then later we went to Krispy Kreme and got doughnuts for ourselves. So it’s been a pretty relaxing evening after a full day of travel.

True Tybee Island adventures begin tomorrow and I cannot wait! I’ll make sure to snap pictures every day for the end of each of my posts.

OH! And thanks to my great friend Eliza, I got the 1 Second Everyday app, and am taking 1-second videos everyday during spring break, planning to have a whole video at the end of all of this to close the chapter of spring break forever with a B A N G. So we shall see how that goes!

Time for bed if I wanna leave the house by 8am for Tybean Coffee. Yes, you heard me. 8am. During spring break. Meh, I can always nap on the beach 😀


#SB2k16 – The Final Chapter

I’m back! But only because it’s THAT time of year again. In fact, this will be the last time I ever write about this topic again.


After two months of non-stop schooling, God has graced us with a full-week to recover before going back at it again. Like all the spring breaks in the past, this one is going to be a special one as Caylin, Bria, and I head to Savannah, Georgia. Yes. Home.

This is especially nice for me because I haven’t been back home in like a year-and-a-half at this point. So being able to see my family and be on the beach and around the place I grew up is going to be a blast. It’ll also be interesting to look at Savannah through sort of a new pair of eyes. I’m now a senior in college, and although I loved my hometown to begin with because I grew up there, I always felt like a little hesitant about it. I felt like it was a place where I was just kind of stuck, and I didn’t know the world outside of it.

Yet, the more I think about it, there are tons of things that I do miss and love about my hometown, and I can’t wait to go back and experience them since it’s been a while.

BUT! We’re not going to be in Savannah, just yet.

This morning we’ll be headed to Lake Lanier to see Caylin’s family. We’ll spend today there, and then get up tomorrow morning to head to Savannah. And while we’re in Savannah, we’ll be spending half the week on Tybee Island (where my house is), and half the week at Bria’s house (where we’ll go be more in the downtown area of Savannah).

AND we’re not the only ones who are going to be at my house. My sister is bringing home her roommate and another friend with her, so we’ll have a PACKED house to say the least. It’s going to be fun, and super interesting how this will be pulled off, so I’ll keep updating.

Currently I’m sitting in our hall commons, waiting for Caylin and Bria. It sounds like we’re going to leave at any minute now, so I’m probably going to triple-check my luggage, and make sure I have everything.

Super excited for this break to officially begin! More to come later! 🙂


#SB2K15 {Days 5-7}: The Small Adventures

Hey guys!

So, I know it’s been a few days since I posted, and I usually post every day during spring break. But it has blown me away at how fast these days have gone by. Seriously, as soon as it’s time to go to bed, I think to myself, “Didn’t we just get out of bed?”

It’s also insane to think that today is the last full day we have in Lynchburg. Yep. We leave tomorrow morning to go back to the mountain. Which means back to class…back to homework…back to order… 😛 I don’t know if I’m ready for all of that.

But anyways, I’m just going to catch you up on some small things we did these past few days. Nothing as big as going to Washington, D.C., but they were nice, fun, relaxing things to do.


On Wednesday, Taylor took us to her local coffee shop The White Hart so we could all do our homework and have a cup of coffee, maybe a sandwich or some eggs. We stayed there for a while (I wanna say at least 5 hours) working hard and sometimes hardly working.

We also got to meet Taylor’s best friend from high school Shanelle and she joined us in doing homework and such.

Afterwards, we dropped Shanelle off and headed to Ellie’s house for dinner. As soon as we got there, we were greeted by her and her 3 dogs Roxy, Bella, and Bandit. Ellie’s mom made us soup,salad, and pumpkin bread for dinner which we all ate a lot of and then we went into the den and watched Ella Enchanted. I’m not big on movies like that, but I will admit it was better than I expected.

While we were at Ellie’s house, I was on Instagram and I saw that someone was selling 2 tickets to the Future Hearts Tour with All Time Low, ISSUES, Tonight Alive, and State Champs. I messaged her asking about the price of them and how we could pay her and how long it would take for the tickets to get here. I also asked her to give me a day or two to decide.

Bria was a little hesitant to get the tickets. To understand why, you should read her latest blog post HERE. It tells you what happened to her the last time she was going to go to a concert and explains why she would be hesitant to buy these tickets.


I’m pretty sure we barely did anything on Thursday. Taylor went out for most of the day. Bria and I attempted to more homework and Caylin chilled upstairs in the room.

Later in the evening, Taylor and I went out shopping and then we all went out to the grocery store to get some things for dinner. Taylor’s dad made us some chicken taco soup (I think that’s what that was called) and we watched an episode of Sister Wives. The soup was delicious. 

After that, we all piled into the car and went to the movie theater to watch a $2. What did we end up seeing? Into the Woods. 

I never wanted to see that movie because, well, I’d seen the play and saw no need to see the actual movie. But since it was only $2 and all my friends were gonna hangout, I didn’t just want to stay at home. To me, the experience of being with them was better than the movie anyway.


Taylor took us to the school she grew up in and gave us a tour around. We got to meet some of her friends and her high school teachers. I always think it’s cool to see where someone went to school before college. It’s just a piece of that person’s story that made a huge impact on their life.

We went to Suzaku afterwards for sushi and bubble tea. That was the first time Bria and I had ever had bubble tea and it was so good. I couldn’t even finish it though because I was so full from the sushi and there were so many bobba balls at the bottom of the cup.

We had to go back to Taylor’s school to drop something off for Ethan, but then we went back home and chilled for the rest of the day. And by chill, I mean sit around and do more homework because honestly, we hadn’t really finished much the other two days we’d done homework haha.

Today was the day I’d tell the girl if we were going to buy the Future Hearts Tour tickets. AND BRIA AND I BOUGHT THEM. So, that was definitely something that was pretty exciting. I’m SO PUMPED to go to this concert, especially with Bria. It’s gonna be so much fun!

There was BBQ for dinner last night and cookies for dessert. Bria and I watched the latest Scandal episode that we missed the night before.

And now it’s today. I think today’s plan is to go to the other side of town were Liberty University is and go to the mall and shop and walk around and stuff. I think Caylin plans on getting some froyo (which I’ll gladly join in on) and I need to get a book for one of my assignments.

And we’re leaving right now, so I’ll catch you guys later! Have a great weekend! 😀

Love ya!

Mishy ❤

#SB2K15 {Day 3 & 4}: WASHINGTON, D.C.

Hey guys!

So, I apologize for not having a post up yesterday or the day before. The past couple of days have been busy because we went to Washington, D.C. and came back to Taylor’s house in two days. ‘Twas fun! Here’s a picture of the Washington Monument…


So much happened in these two days that I feel like I have to pick and choose the things I tell you. After all, I don’t want to make this post extremely long. So, let me start with where we stayed in DC…


We stayed at The Mayflower: a Renaissance hotel. Places surrounding it include H&M, the National Geographic Museum, and tons of gyms and coffee shops. Here’s where we entered (picture from Wikipedia):

***Small weather report: The first day we were in DC, the weather was really nice. There was a slight chill, but it was sunny and somewhat warm. The next day, it was cold and rainy, but it was nothing like the cold weather from the mountain.

Here’s a pic from Taylor’s instagram of us in front of some of the giant mirrors inside the hotel:


In two days, we hit three museums: the Holocaust Museum, the Museum of Archives, and the National Gallery of Art.

The Holocaust Museum was so amazing. I’d never learned so much walking through and seeing all of the artifacts and reading the different things that happened before, during, and after the Holocaust. It was a somber walk-through for me. Afterwards, Caylin looked at me and said, “You look so done.” And I honestly was. It made me sad and angry to think that something like that had even happened within the world’s history.

After that museum, we went to the Museum of Archives. We saw documents regarding, privacy, equality, civil rights, women’s rights, etc. We also saw the Bill of Rights and Bria and I tried to see the Declaration of Independence, but the line was super long, and I actually got us out of line to see some other documents which were important, but not as famous as the Declaration (oops). We didn’t stay long there, though, because by then we were all tired and hungry.

We went to the National Gallery of Art the next day. Here’s the fountain that was at the entrance:


I enjoyed myself except for the fact that my right ankle was killing me and I couldn’t walk around for very long without agitating it (><). But I got to see a couple of Van Gogh paintings and other works that I’d briefly studied in high school. Here are the 2 Van Gogh’s I got to see:


After walking around for maybe an hour, Caylin and I sat down for maybe 30 minutes or more as we waited on everyone else to finish walking around. I really wished that I was able to walk around more than I could, but it was okay to just be present inside the museum.


We saw some monuments (like the Washington Monument) while we were walking and driving around, but we saw two memorials at night: the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. We passed by the George Mason memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial, but we didn’t really get to see them.

It was difficult to get pictures of the Jefferson Memorial because it was so dark and there were no lights shining on him. He looked pretty creepy at night…


I took some pictures of the exterior of the Jefferson Memorial though, and they were pretty good:



We also took pictures on the steps with the Washington Monument in the background, but the lighting was good in some places and bad in others…



The Lincoln Memorial was well it, though, so I got some good pictures of it. Here’s the exterior:


And here’s the actual memorial:


Honest Abe was pretty amazing. I’d never actually seen him up close, and it was awesome to see how detailed he was. Whoever sculpted him was truly talented.


Our last day in DC, we walked around looking for places to eat brunch (the Shawties ended up eating at the Wicked Waffle and Miss T ate somewhere else), but afterwards, we were able to get close to the gates of the White House. I won’t lie, at first I was just like, “Ahh, I just wanna get in the car because it’s cold and raining!” But I’m actually glad we were able to get pictures in front of the White House. Despite rain, we all looked really good!



I feel like we ate at a ton of places while we were in DC. We stopped at a lot of unfamiliar places, which I was very grateful for. It’s not every day you get to eat somewhere other than McDonald’s. We didn’t really take many pictures while we were in the restaurants, but here’s a list of the restaurants we went to and what I had to eat there:

  • A hot dog truck – plain hot dog (call me boring, but whatever haha)
  • DC Thai –  Pad Thai with shrimp
  • Saxby’s Coffee – Mocha “Frolatte”
  • Georgia Brown’s –  bread pudding with vanilla ice cream
  • Domino’s (we all had a craving at midnight for pizza…)
  • Wicked Waffle – Sweet Waffle with Chocolate
  • Tazza’s Kitchen – Rigatoni with Kale Pesto sauce
  • McDonald’s (okay, so, we had to stop here for some hot fudge sundaes so we could make the rest of the trip home)

Everything we ate was amazing. I can’t really say anything price-wise because some of the things Miss T was gracious enough to pay for. But I do recommend them all!

I’m pretty sure I hit all of the highlights. One random fact is that I got a dress for Spring Formal. It definitely isn’t the same as the leopard print one I wanted to get originally, but I think it’ll be a good, comfy dress for me to be in. Not too fancy and not too…not-fancy? Haha, anyways, you may see pictures of it later.

Again, I’m so sorry that it took so long to post this! The process took longer than I thought and we’ve been out and about ever since the beginning of this week.

Literally, if you want a brief catch-up on what happened yesterday on #SB2K15 {Day 5} even, here’s what we did:

  • We woke up when we wanted to, but planned to leave for The White Hart (a coffee shop in Taylor’s hometown)
  • We did homework (but I worked on this blog post) practically ALL DAY at the White Hart. I even had lunch and coffee.
  • We ate dinner at Ellie’s house and then watched Ella Enchanted
  • We went out to the porch and listened to Caylin play her guitar for maybe an hour
  • Now we’re watching Pretty Little Liars and I’m blogging.

We’re halfway through the week, whoo! Well, not whoo because I don’t want break to ever be over. But it’s okay, we’re gonna make the most of it!

Okay. I’m wiped out and going to bed. I hope you enjoy this post in the morning when I post it! 😀

Love ya!

Mishy ❤

#SB2K15 {DAY 2}


I should be packing for WASHINGTON, D.C. right now, but I know I need to blog before I forget to. SO…

Our second day of spring break has come to a close. But it’s been a nice, long day filled with not so much adventure but tons of catching up on relaxation. Honestly, today was the best Sabbath I’ve had in a long time.


We all woke up to leave at 8:15am to go to Taylor’s church. It was a really good service that only lasted an hour, and then we rode with Mrs. Thornburg to Sweet Briar, where she’d made flower arrangements for a wedding. She needed to take back some vases and things, and we just tagged along with her.

Sweet Briar was this all-girl college, whose colors were green and pink and had a flower as their emblem. Sadly, they shut down last June, so it’s just a huge, empty, beautiful campus. It was so cool to be there though, and to walk around one of the buildings. We all couldn’t imagine what it would be like to attend an all-girls school for three years and then for your school to shut down and you’d have to transfer somewhere your senior year of college. *shudder*


The title speaks for itself. After getting home from Sweet Briar we all got in comfy clothes and sat in front of the TV to catch up on our shows.

Bria and I are Scandal fans. It was a pretty good episode, but it didn’t have anything really to do with the deeper plot going on. Caylin and Taylor joined us for The Walking Dead. We all had to catch up before tonight’s episode (which left me, quite frankly, in a salty mood. I’ll probably fume about it all week until next weeks episode. BAHH!) Caylin went to nap as Taylor and Bria began watching The Bachelor, and I kinda watched a little bit of it too, but I’m not a big fan of it.

Table Talk

After finishing The Bachelor, Taylor and Bria joined me at the dinner table for devotions and homework. We goofed off for maybe an hour as Mrs. Thornburg brought us snacks (yum!). I did get some things accomplished, though, and that was great. I’ve been reading in my Bible a lot about worry because, as you all might now, I am a born worrier and right now, there are TONS of things on my plate that I could be worrying about right now like my summer plans, my senior year, the dress I’ll wear to Spring Formal (a much smaller problem than the previous two, but still something to consider).

But I am truly grateful for Scripture because that’s been the only thing that’s been able to keep my mind stable and my feet on the ground. Even though things in this world are so unstable and uncertain, God’s Word remains the same. It is never-changing, and in my world that is always undergoing change, that is a comforting thing to remember.

Before we knew it, it was time for dinner and dessert, and Mr. Thornburg took us all out for Starbucks afterwards (I couldn’t get anything though….not after having two of those cinnamon brownies…)

More Chillin’

After Starbucks, we crawled into Taylor’s walk-in closet (where Bria and Caylin are sleeping) and Caylin gave us a little mini-concert as she sang us some of her songs. Then we watched the latest TWD episode, ate more cinnamon brownies, and here we all are: taking showers, getting packed, blogging, reading, turning in for the evening…

…so we can all get up and leave by 8:30am to go to WASHINGTON, D.C. I’m honestly really excited because I’ve only been once, and it was only a stop for a couple of hours. We’ll be there all day tomorrow, stay in a hotel tomorrow night, and have all day there again on Tuesday. It’s gonna be awesome!

And so, I hate to leave so abruptly and have all these short posts about us doing nothing but watching TV and eating, but I really need to go pack and get ready for bed to get up early tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll take pictures tomorrow and there’ll be more for me to tell you about (hopefully though I won’t wait so late in the night!)

Hope everyone’s Sunday was great and relaxing! It’s the beginning of a new week! Those who have work and school this week: YOU CAN DO THIS! Power through it! Make Monday better than what society says it is! And those on spring break, cherish every single day you have before you have to go back to classes. Relax, rejuvenate, do whatever you wanna do for the next week before it’s gone!

Time to pack AHH!

Love ya!

Mishy ❤