About the Blog

Welcome to Mishy Writes, my personal blog with words that are inspired by my life to help encourage you through yours.

While my tagline for my brand has changed to “creation with intention,” I feel that this blog still holds true to the last tagline to express the main purpose of why I write here. I say “main” because sometimes I may write a little fun post about the latest album I’m listening to, or a trip I took. But overall, I hope that here you can find… 

Encouragement through whatever you may be going through…
Reminders about every day life…
Lessons from my life that you can learn from…
Love because it’s all love here!
And all of these things could be written through a simple entry, or maybe even some poetry!

I hope you find what you are looking for here, dear reader.

Mishy 🦋✨

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