Pomp and Circumstance

Tonight was the night.

As Caylin drove our little best friend group, the Shawties, to the Alumni Induction Dinner, I stared out of the window and shook my head. How were we here already? How had our college years passed us by so quickly? How in the world were we about to graduate in a month or less?

When we arrived at the Fairyland Club, a valet took Caylin’s car and parking troubles away from us, and we entered the building. I couldn’t tell you what my friends were thinking, but I was super excited, eager, and also anxious. Because at this point in time, I didn’t have any solid plans about what I’d be doing after graduation.

Tables were spread from one side of the room to the other, with one important item placed at each setting. An item that every graduate of my college acquired before walking across that stage in May…

Our mugs. But not just any mugs. Hand-crafted mugs that would symbolize our achievement of finishing four years. Mugs that were just as important as our degree itself, it seemed. No one wanted to miss out on the mugs. Even if you didn’t want to be at Senior Social because you didn’t want to dress up, or you didn’t want to see every person who would be graduating with you, you would still attend to get the mug.

I loved seeing the different shapes, the different hues of blue mixed with brown in each mug that was set before each graduate’s plate. People were constantly switching mugs with others to get the exact shape they wanted.

I didn’t switch mine, though. I liked it just the way it was.

“I spent all this money and suffered through four years of stress in college, just to get this mug!”

It was funny to me how so many people seemed more intrigued to get the mugs as a reward for their hard work than their diplomas. Not saying that on May 7 they wouldn’t be grateful to be handed that rolled up piece of paper that wasn’t our actual degree after we crossed the stage.

But the mug was just another special symbol of our dedication and hard work.

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💙 Mishy 🦋

the pan-TEA party.

I had never been to a “panty party” before…

To those who don’t know what a panty party is, it is a party for a bride-to-be where her bridesmaids and whoever is invited bring underwear for her. At the party I went to, all the underwear was placed in a box all together, and the bride guessed who gave which pair. So there you have it…a panty party.

Only, this particular panty party was a pan-TEA party (haha, you see what they did there?) So, yes, there would be tea. Which means there were going to be mugs.

Bria, Kae’sha, and I were somehow able to spend the entire Friday afternoon of the pan-tea party shopping for underwear and gift wrapping for said underwear. I also think we got Chikfila. Truthfully, I just remember that afternoon being super fun, but also crazy.

When we got to the party, there was a small table filled with mugs that everyone could pick to drink tea from, and we also got to keep the mug. Which made my mug-collecting self so happy! So, I chose this blue striped one.

Like in my post about my Cafe Du Monde mug, I was tempted to choose a more classic teacup, but decided the blue striped one was more my style. I’ve always been known to own blue objects since it is my favorite color after all. This mug was definitely one I used frequently during late nights while I wrote my senior thesis paper, although I haven’t used it recently, maybe because it reminds me of all those late nights. But maybe soon, it will be used.

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Cafe Du Monde

I know I didn’t write a post yesterday, and I always apologize for not doing so, but honestly, as I say every time I miss a day of blogging, life happens. And I’m starting to realize that I don’t need to keep apologizing for life happening the way it does. If I can obtain my goal of blogging every day, that is honestly fantastic, and quite a miracle. But this blog is a true reflection of myself – and I am not perfect.

That being said, I hope that you enjoy today’s #ObjectsTellTales post about a mug I got when I was in New Orleans spring semester of my senior year in college. 

This is probably one of my favorite mugs. I mean, I feel like most of the mugs I own are my favorite, but this one in particular is extremely special.

Imagine my friend Rachel and I rushing through a crowd of tourists and locals. Paintings, photographs, and other works of art were spread throughout the sidewalks. We weaved our way through the crowds, trying to make it to our destination as quickly as possible, before noon preferably.

Dependent upon the GPS of an iPhone, we finally found Cafe Du Monde on Decatur Street, and entered the gift shop to buy mugs for ourselves, and other gifts for family and friends.

There were so many styles, designs, and colors of mugs to choose from. I picked up a classic white coffee mug with a dark brown outline of the cafe, a different classic white coffee mug with a colored outline of the cafe, and a blue diner-style mug with a picture of the cafe in green and beige. Where there wasn’t a picture of the cafe, there was a description about it, explaining what it served – beignets and cafe au lait – and how long it had been in business.

I held the mugs in my hand, struggling to make a decision as Rachel shopped around for the items she needed. She also had couple of diner mugs in her hand, one a mint green, the other I can’t recall the color of. She decided upon the mint green one for herself, as I continued to be my usual indecisive self.

But I didn’t really have time to be indecisive. And as you can see, I went with the blue diner mug instead of the classic coffee mug. I honestly couldn’t tell you why; maybe I gave in to it because it was my favorite shade of blue – what many of my closest friends call “Mishy blue.” Or maybe it was the way the mug was shaped. Either way, I have the mug, and I’ve probably used it more than many of the mugs I’ve had for a good while.

I remember lugging the white paper Cafe Du Monde gift shop bag that held my blue diner mug in a box back toward the hotel we were staying in. Our trek consisted of more weaving around people, crossing many different crosswalks, but finally making it to our destination. I was grateful for beautiful weather that day; spring had definitely hit NOLA, and I was sad that in an hour or so, we’d be going back to the college campus, where winter still reigned.

But I could warm up with some coffee or tea in my new Cafe Du Monde mug. 🙂

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💙 Mishy 🦋

#ObjectsTellTales, Mug Edition – The Introduction + Story #1

So, as some of you who follow me know, I recently moved into a new place with two new roommates. Even though it’s been a few days, I’m still trying to unpack things, and put them in their places.

Last night, I offered most of my mug collection to be used among all of us roomies, and as I was unwrapping them and looking at them, I realized that each one had a story to tell – either how I obtained the mug, who gave it to me, why it was given, why I painted certain things on certain mugs, etc. And as I told one of my roommates a story about one of my mugs, I became inspired to do yet another #ObjectsTellTales blog series. It’s been a minute since I did a series, so yay for the first one of 2017!

For those who are new to the whole #ObjectsTellTales series, I’ll explain:

Basically, last summer I realized when I looked at the things I had, like my jewelry or my mugs, I noticed how objects can have a story behind them. And I decided to write up the story for each object. The first and last time I did this, I wrote about the jewelry I had – my rings, necklaces, and I think I wrote about my nose ring.

So yeah. This is just an introduction to what will be happening. Although hmmm…I guess I could write up one of the shorter stories for you guys right now…

Matching Mugs

This mug was given to me by Erin, my Resident Assistant my freshman year of college. It was towards the end of the year, so she was creating a free pile of clothes and other items outside of her dorm room.

If I recall correctly, my roommate and I both went into her room, and she had these mugs she was giving away. They looked identical, but each had a different landscape on them. She gave one to me and one to my roommate, and I feel like before the year was up, we used them at least once to have tea together.

Truthfully, that mug hadn’t been used too often throughout my college years. If I wanted tea, but not too much, it was the perfect size to give me the boost I needed. It just brings me comfort knowing that my roommate (and one of my best friends) has the matching mug. Seeing it and using it takes me back to freshman year of college, and the transitional time it was.

#JustStartWriting #ObjectsTellTales

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How to Survive an Alumni Event 101.

Okay, so by this point, I’ve skipped TWO DAYS of blogging because of traveling and socializing.

This weekend, I’m at my alma mater (is that supposed to be in italics? It’s so late, I can’t remember…) for homecoming weekend. I took off of work on Friday to drive to Chattanooga so I’d have at least a full day-and-a-half to spend time with people before I have to go back home and prepare for work the next week.

And let me tell you…being an alumnus is a lot of things…

It’s Good…

Of course it’s good! You get to see your classmates who went through a lot of the same things you did in the same four-year span as you. You were able to see each other grow, lead, and conquer within college. And now, you’ve all gathered back again to see what real-world conquests you’ve embarked on. Catching up is awesome; whether it’s staying in town or getting married or having babies, seeing where people currently are in life can be fun.

It can also be encouraging. I talked to a few people who I could relate to when it came to adulting being “ambiguous.” I love that I can have conversations with people who totally understand where I’m coming from because they’re in it too.

And I had some conversations about writing with some of my fellow English major friends. We began in Orientation team together, and there we were, relating writing advice and common struggles in the real world. It was great. I felt like I was with my people.

But while being an alumnus is fun…

It’s Also Overwhelming…

Friday night, there was a dance for all students and alumni to attend.

Okay, that’s a ton of people.

And while seeing and talking with your fellow alumni friends (and friends who currently attend school) is awesome, it can get super overwhelming.

One minute, you’re talking to John about writing. While you’re having this conversation, Cindy swings by you, saying hey, hugging you, asking you how you’ve been. And you feel bad because your previous conversation was interrupted, so you turn to introduce Cindy to John, or even bring Cindy into your previous conversation…

But then you realize John is gone, off to talk to another alumnus. You turn back to continue the conversation with Cindy, only to have two other people behind you swoop you into hugs, or have someone from afar wave to you.

It’s just all so much to take in.

The good thing about this, though? Everyone understands it’s overwhelming. So they get that they’re conversation might be interrupted by another person with a different conversation. Or a hug. Or an excited squeal. Or all of the above.

How to Survive an Alumni Event 101

Five simple tips for all you new alumni out there…

  1. Just Breathe. I know, there’s a ton of people around you and, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you can feel extremely out-of-control, and become pretty bewildered. Stand where you are, and take a few deep breaths. People shouldn’t look at you weird; it’s a good technique to orient yourself with the situation.
  2. Be Okay with Being Alone. It’s almost guaranteed that, at some point in the night, you’ll lose the friends you came to the alumni event with. And like me, you may not be wearing your glasses, so trying to distinguish who is who can be hard. So, when you find yourself standing by yourself in a crowd full of people, do your best to find someone you know well, but also be okay with being by yourself for a bit. Take it all in. Don’t be in a panic to try to look like you’re having a meaningful conversation with someone. The single-mingle is totally legal.
  3. Embrace Constant Conversation Turnovers. I gave an example of this scenario above; when other people hop in on your current conversation, pull them in. Or if the person you’re originally talking to decides to leave, then turn your attention to the new person. People understand that there are only a few hours to try to catch up with possibly 20+ of your peers whom you haven’t seen in a few months. So, take the conversation turnover as a normal thing.
  4. Get Used to Answering the Same Questions Over and Over Again. Catching up with possibly 20+ of your peers whom you haven’t seen in a few months means that you most likely will have to explain what you’ve been up to 20+ times. Just get used to it; unless you wanna sit everyone down at the same time, and announce what’s been happening in your life once (totally not gonna happen, by the way), then you’re going to have to explain yourself multiple times.
  5. Enjoy yourself. Seriously, this is actually a fun time. Sure, by 10pm, you’re feeling like an old-person because you’re tired from work, and it’s past your bedtime. You may have lost your voice by the end of the night, but it’s okay! Overall, it’s a truly fun experience, and you should enjoy being around the people you spent four years of your life with.

That’s all I got for now! But to all you alumni (new and old) out there…

What are some tips you may have to surviving alumni events?


❤ Mishy

“White Fireworks” – A Nostalgic Post

“When white fireworks erupt, and my heart is whole again.” – The Rocket Summer

Why not a little fun post, yeah?

A few weeks ago, I went to a Savannah Bananas baseball game (yes, that’s actually the name of the baseball team), and after an awesome win, there was a fireworks show.

They’re funny things, fireworks; something about exploding lights in the sky just brings out the awe and wonder in a person, whether you’re ten-years-old or twenty-one. I thought this in my mind, and Kae’sha, my sister, said it aloud to me after the fireworks were over.

But as I watched the awesome display, I got all nostalgic…

Covenant College Homecomings

My college homecoming weekends were pretty memorable. Mostly the times during or after the fireworks show.

My freshman year, after the homecoming game + fireworks, I was walking toward campus with some friends, and tripped over an invisible wire that was holding up some homecoming flag or banner. The lot was gravel back then (and maybe it still is, or they’ve paved it at this point), but I ate that gravel so hard. How embarrassing, especially since it was my freshman year, and during that time I was still sort of making first impressions with people.

But hey, I got a piggy-back ride from a guy friend all the way back to my dorm building, and didn’t have to deal with the walk back up.

Junior year, Bria and I had to leave the fireworks show early for some reason I can’t remember. Or maybe we were trying to find a better spot to watch them. And maybe there were other people there with us? Either way, we somehow ended up on the intramural field, where the fireworks looked MASSIVE. And we were having a blast watching them. Until…

“What was that?” I asked when something hit the field. Then more things started falling from the sky, and that’s when Bria and I realized that debris from the fireworks was falling straight onto the intramural field, around us. AT US.

When I write it out, it doesn’t seem like an extreme situation, but I remember Bria and I running through the field, I think I was screaming…or maybe we both were…because I’m pretty sure we were afraid some giant piece of firework trash was going to conk us on the head.

Maybe we were being a bit dramatic haha…

4th of Julys on the Mountain

Ahh yes.

The Fourth of July always seemed to drag by as my friends and I waited all day for the neighborhood-wide picnic, and the small fireworks display put on by the neighbors themselves.

It was nothing fancy, but I remember loving it growing up. And when I got older, I still enjoyed it, mostly because I got to be with all my friends.

On the side of the Davis’ house was a slanted, grassy hill, where we’d begin to claim our spot for the fireworks show by placing several blankets down for us to sit on so our legs wouldn’t get itchy from the grass.  From where we sat, we had a perfect view of the basketball hoop, where the fireworks would be set off.

While some of us were setting up, the rest of us would be at the Miller’s house popping popcorn and grabbing other snacks and water bottles for everyone. A couple of us would journey down to my grandparents’ house because that’s where all the sodas – cherry Coke, Mello Yellow, Sprite, etc. – were stashed, and of course, we’d all want one of those before we drank any water.

We’d sit there as the sun set, and the street lights came on, taking pictures and playing games to make the time go by. Few people would begin to come out of their homes with blankets and chairs to set up in different spots along the street.

If I recall correctly, the fireworks didn’t start until maybe 10:30 or 11.

And when they started, they weren’t half bad. Most would take to the sky, while a few would shoot off toward driveways, toward people. Hey, nothing’s perfect.

California Rooftops

Instead of going to the central area where the fireworks would be set off, Papa came up with the idea of sitting on top of his auto shop’s roof, and watching them from a distance.

I was excited, kind of nervous about having to climb a couple of ladders to get up to the roof, but excited nonetheless. I was proud of myself, and of my dad for climbing those ladders. I know he wasn’t really in his element, but he sacrificed his comfort for me and my sister, and that was really cool.

My Aunt Holly was also there, and she provided some music for us to listen to as the fireworks show began. Not only did we get to watch the fireworks, but we also got to watch the sunset.


There are probably other things and moments in my life I could think of when thinking of fireworks, but those three events are the first things that come to mind.

And when I remember moments like these, it reminds me just how full and eventful my life has truly been. Things don’t have to be extravagant to make an impression on you.


❤ Mishy

“No Longer Slaves”

The title of this post is the title of the last worship song we sang in church this past Sunday. Seriously, if there was any sermon I ever needed to hear, it was Pastor Wesley’s sermon on fear and worry.

Pretty sure I’ve told you guys that I’ve struggled with worry and fear basically my entire life, so I’ll skip that part.

But with the end of my college career already beginning, a whole new wave of worries has crashed upon my head. Will I pass all my classes so I can even graduate on time? Will my SIP (senior integration project, for those who don’t know) even get done? What about after graduation? Everyone’s asking what my plans are, do I even have plans? What do I even want to do again? Why did I choose my major?

So the battle of trying to trust God has just been a little more difficult than usual. Which in some ways is good because in praying for God to strengthen me in trusting Him, He has given me opportunities to learn. Doesn’t make it any easier, but from a big picture perspective, it will be beneficial for me.

I won’t write out the entire sermon to you, but I will tell you some of the main points.


As humans, we are busy. There are so many aspects of life that we need to keep in check. Church, work, family, school, friends, self. But in the midst of that busyness, we make ourselves even more busy by worrying about those things.

I’d honestly never thought about worry like that, and when I truly look back on the instances when I worried that things wouldn’t pan out the way I wanted them to, I realize that those things would have seemed less busy and less of a big deal had I not worried about them and just trusted God.

The main point of the sermon was this: “I am too busy to not live without worry and anxiety.”

Meaning, our lives are busy enough without us worrying about them. It would be easier to trust God with things we’re unsure about than to be anxious and cause ourselves to feel even more busy than we were before.


Closing the sermon, Pastor Wesley told us how he loved to watch old recordings of football games in which UGA won. His wife questioned him about why he watched them again, and he expressed that he loved watching them because he never had to stress about the game because he already knew what the outcome was. Even if Georgia dropped the ball a couple of minutes before the game, he knew that Georgia would ultimately win. He knew what the ending was.

And he told us that, as Christians, we already know the ending in our lives.

Sure, I may not know what my post-grad life is going to look like right now. Where I’m going to be, what job I’ll have. But I do know that the Lord provides, and that if He has been faithful in my life up until now, He isn’t just going to stop His faithfulness. And ultimately, He will be glorified.

Pastor Wesley brought up how Jesus said, “It is finished,” on the cross. He talked about how when Jesus died, all of the fear, worry and regret that we face in our daily lives was defeated because we as Christians would have the hope of the love of God within us because of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Obviously with my constant worry struggles, I have not been living that belief out in my life – that I no longer have to worry about tomorrow or even the next hour in my day because Jesus defeated fear on the Cross, and I already know the ending.

I may have heard “No Longer Slaves” before in chapel or maybe during another church service, but that song had a whole new meaning for me, especially after that sermon. The chorus struck me:

I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.

But it was truly the bridge of the song that I longed to make my anthem from Sunday on:

You split the sea so I could walk right through it,

My fears were drowned in perfect love.

You rescued me so I could stand and sing,

I am a child of God.


This past weekend, I went out with my best friends (who are also seniors) and we all talked about the lessons we’ve been learning or are still learning and what we expect to grow in or learn in this last semester we have. I told them that I’m still learning to be confident in who I am and the abilities that the Lord has given me. Even just simply reminding myself that I am a child of God because I constantly forget that and it causes me to do things, such as worry, when I should be fearless and confident in that alone.

So, not only did this worship song address my worry issues, but it specifically stated what I am currently trying to remind myself: “I am a child of God.”

And if I am a child of God and I believe that God loves me so much that He sent His Son to die on the Cross for my sins – my worry – then who and what should I fear? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It doesn’t mean that I won’t fear anything ever, because I’m still human. But I, and Christians in general, need to be reminded that when we are tempted to fear, we must look to our Heavenly Father.

As Pastor Wesley said, “Fear and faith cannot go together.”

I know it will be difficult, but I want to declare every day that I am no longer a slave to fear. The only fear I should have is a fear of the Lord.

I am encouraged to read what the psalmist wrote in Psalm 118:4-9, “Let those who fear the Lord say, ‘His steadfast love endures forever.’ Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free.  The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me? The Lord is on my side as my helper; I shall look in triumph on those who hate me. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust princes.”

May you be filled to the brim by the Word of God, and encouraged to live without fear.

Mishy ❤

Shape Up, Stand Tall


It’s NOVEMBER. And, of course, I’m as busy as ever.

Hmm, how to recap the past couple of months since I last blogged? A ton of things have happened as is normal when two months goes by. But two significant things (one small and one big) occurred in my absence from here…

Kicks and Skittles – On Hiatus: 

This hiatus was totally unexpected and unplanned. For a whole month, Bria and I just didn’t film, whether it was because we had a lot of schoolwork to do or we didn’t feel like doing it one day and were planning on filming it the next day, but that just never happened. Not to mention, music has been constantly updating these days, so to pick and choose exactly what we wanted to talk about or review was challenging and slightly overwhelming. And poor Bria, she’s got all of the editing to do since the software only works best on her computer, so editing our videos is like having another homework assignment because it takes a while to do. So that was something that we weren’t planning on, but it happened. And we just released our first video in a month last week and we plan on making most of this month about KPOP because a lot of the groups we know are coming back. And we’ll also be doing a review of Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose (shameless plug lol. Look forward to that, guys!)

My First (and Hopefully Only) Breakdown of Senior Year

A less fun topic, but something that is real and something I need to just get out in writing. And it’s the most important thing that has happened to me this year. You ever have those times when things happen and all of the emotions from all of the situations just build-up, and you know you need to have a good cry or you need to scream and let it all out, but that time is yet to be determined? Well, yeah, that was October for me. Don’t get me wrong, I had some really fun times with my close friends and my hallmates, but schoolwork and work study was just pummeling me, to the point where I was constantly exhausted, drinking tons of coffee to beat the exhaustion, and not getting enough sleep because of work and schoolwork. A lovely little cycle.

I was also extremely frustrated with myself because I felt like my time management was just not working. I’ve been doing this for three years already, I thought, surely I can get my crap together. As a senior, I was placing tons of pressure on myself and even twisting my parents’ encouragement for me to accomplish good things this semester into expectations to do well or even better than I ever have. But it was all me. I placed my focus on the wrong things, and my emotional stability suffered for it.

I finally broke down, Halloween night. A couple of my guy friends who were concerned about me, tried to get what was wrong with me out in the open. As I spoke about some of the issues I was dealing with, I would tear up, but not actually full-on cry. I got back to my room, where Bria came in and asked if I was okay. “No,” I simply replied, and the tears finally flowed freely.

After talking to Bria about my issues, she asked me what I was going to do about it and even offered some suggestions on how to handle things. As I listened to her, I evaluated myself and my life this semester. The things I was doing to try to achieve (go to tutoring, constantly spending hours in the library doing homework, endlessly thinking about all the things I had to have together before the semester [i.e. grades, future plans, SIP ideas, etc.]) and the things I hadn’t been doing (like having my quiet time, doing Bible study with my closest friends, praying for others, etc.) were majorly affecting my life. I was also letting my fear and anxiety of failing myself, my parents and whoever else was counting on me to do well paralyze me from sometimes even doing what I needed to do. I knew there were things I had to change about the way I was going at everything this semester.

And so, here I am, in the midst of this change. It doesn’t mean that the fear has disappeared or that there is less work to be done in myself and in the things I’m working on. But I am unwilling to sit aside and allow my anxiety to drive how the rest of my semester will go. In the words of State Champs, I will “shape up, stand tall.”

So I am doing better at having my quiet time (it still needs some work!). Every Thursday, Bria, Caylin, Taylor and I have Bible study and prayer for an hour and talk about our highs and lows of the week. I’m making conscious decisions to try not to whine about my circumstances because honestly, things could be worse. God has been revealing to me other things that have been going on in the lives of people surrounding me on campus, and it makes me re-evaluate my life and realize that I honestly am doing great compared to some of the other things happening in the community I’m in. Being aware of the things happening, I feel more obligated to pray for those specific people and situations and to pray for my campus and the world as a whole.

And after talking to a few fellow seniors, God has allowed me to see that I am not alone in the feelings of disappointment and discouragement that I’ve had. And realizing that my fellow classmates also feel the same way and understanding the feeling has led me to pray for them as well as we work through this last season of school (for some of us) together.

On a more surface level way, my passion for writing has returned. In my season of being paralyzed by my own fears, I was discouraged and afraid to write anything, even blog posts. I felt like anything I had to say wasn’t worth saying or would not be written well enough to be accepted. But now, that spark has returned (praise God!), and I am determined and excited to continue writing in anyway that I can. Lord-willing, when Christmas break comes around, I will have the motivation to try to write some of my SIP and begin writing pieces of my memoir that I so desperately want to write.

And so, what a couple of months it has been! God has been so faithful and gracious to me, despite my distance from Him. I am constantly needing to be reminded of how dependent I am on Him for daily life, but I am so grateful that He is always willing to bring me back, even if it means I need to go through a series of events that leads to a breakdown. I couldn’t be more grateful for that particular time in the semester. It woke me up, for sure.

So yes, that’s what’s been up! I am still in the process of continuing to depend on God for daily survival! I gotta go now though, I’m kinda late for Bible study, ahh! 😀

Love ya!


One Month Down

Wait, wait. What do you mean a month?!

Yep. My senior year of college has begun, and a month has already gone by. So crazy.

((Long time, no see, by the way. I know it’s probably been over a month since I’ve last blogged. You know the drill – life gets crazy busy, priorities shift…))

Honestly, the past month has gone by kinda slow. I think maybe this past week things began speeding up (which was a good thing, really since it was such a crappy week!). Even though I crave the weekend during the week, I’ve been learning to enjoy how slow the weeks have been going by. It gives me more time to do things, like homework, SIP research, and vlogging.

Even in a month, things can get hard. As I said earlier, this past week was pretty crappy. And it wasn’t just me either – people on my hall and other people I knew on campus were just not having good weeks at all, whether it be because of physical illness or the increase of school-work or things in their personal lives. Not to mention it rained a ton on Friday. But despite the rain, I know people’s spirits were high because the weekend was in sight.

My schedule has definitely picked up, especially since Bria and I have decided to start our own music vlog Kicks and Skittles (shameless plug – if you haven’t already, you should totally check us out on YouTube! :D) I’m still having to prioritize everything because of course I’d rather vlog with my best friend than do my homework. I can already tell things are beginning to get a little more difficult.

And I can honestly say that I know things have been more difficult for me because of the decisions I’ve made. Procrastinating, goofing off, and most importantly, not reading my Bible and placing my main focus on God first. I was talking to Bria about how things seem to just be getting harder and motivation has decreased and I know it has to do with me not being in the Word as often as I usually am.

College people know: you get so swept up in the schedules, assignments, and events that you forget what’s truly important. Last night I picked up my Bible even though it was almost 1am and I read for the first time in a couple of weeks (other than going to church). And even though I didn’t head straight to bed like I normally do, my night was set in such solid peace. I prayed as I fell asleep and got probably one of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had.

Not only that, but God has been faithful to me even before I recognized my habit of not spending time with Him in His Word. I specifically remember one time last week praying for God to provide financially so that I could just have some money to keep in my bank and to put some in my savings because I was realizing my funds were depleting quickly. I honestly felt like it was my fault. I had done better about not spending on random things, but my hallmates and friends had been having events off of campus and I was having to spend more than I thought.

And this past weekend, God provided an opportunity for me to obtain money – I was able to house/dog-sit for some family friends for some cash in my pocket, not to mention my grandma mentioned that some more family friends want me to take care of their cats this fall break which means some more money. Honestly, thinking about God’s provision despite my unfaithfulness this past month really blew my mind. He truly does care for me even when I mess up, and it makes me want to do better to honor and serve Him with the time that I do have.

But yeah. It is past midnight on a Monday night (technically Tuesday morning). And I’m going to go back to my dorm room. Take a shower. Do my hair. And read my Bible before I go to bed. Because, like I always realize over and over again throughout my life, when I have my priorities right, everything else falls into place. And I serve a God who still cares for me and still allows for things to be in place despite my shortcomings.

Truly overwhelmed.

A To-Do List of Things Keeping Me from Full-On Blogging

Hey guys!

Yes, it’s been several weeks since I last blogged and, if you know me, I am ever-so-sorry that you have been checking my site to see if anything new has been posted and have been filled with disappointment when everything is the same.

But, I am a college student, and because of previous snow days, assignments and such have been moved around, so I have been extremely busy (and quite honestly, very unmotivated).

Something you should know about me: I love to-do lists. If I’m bored sitting in class, I’ll make a to-do list of things I need to accomplish before the end of the day or the end of a couple of days. I just love it, and it helps me remember all of the important things I need to do.

And since it’s been a while and you may be wondering what could possibly be hindering me from posting on my blog every day or every chance I get, here is a to-do list of things I have to accomplish sometime this week. And even doing this is making me procrastinate on doing this stuff, but hey, why not?

Mishy’s To-Do List for the week of 3/29/2015

  • Start Chatt. Film Festival article
    • email someone to get info
  • Study for Linguistics test on MONDAY
  • Read History and Systems article and type out discussion question answer for MONDAY
  • Finish reading Frankenstein
  • Read 120 pages of Tess of the D’Ubervilles for TUESDAY
  • Write Mayor of Casterbridge journal for TUESDAY
  • Start CHOW 2 and History and Systems  study guide for both tests on WEDNESDAY
  • Apply for more jobs for the summer
  • Print and fill out next year’s housing form
  • Figure out exactly how to get to the film festival celebration (parking, money, gas, etc.)
  • Email certain people Bria and I have been trying to meet with for, like, 3 weeks now

And so, that is practically my week. Pretty insane, if you ask me.

***RANDOM FACT: Recently, the album I’ve been listening to that’s been getting me through all the things I need to do is Sleeping with SirensMadness. Guys. It is SUCH a good album! I’m thinking maybe my next blog post will be an album review on this album. I think that would be kinda fun, ya know? Hopefully it wouldn’t be too long before I posted it haha. But you can check it out now in the The Latest Jams tab!

Anyways, I hope everyone’s been enjoying their weekend so far! We still have one day left, so make the most of it! I’ll definitely be making the most of it by trying to cross some things off this list!

Are any of you into to-do lists? Have anything that’s frustrating about to-do lists or something you’ve constantly had to keep on your to-do lists? If so, I’d  L O V E  to hear about what you’ve got going on! You can always shoot me an email at mishruss94@gmail.com or tweet at me at @mishy_127 (seriously, do these things. I truly would love to know what’s up! I’d rather answer emails and tweets than do my homework. I know, I know…priorities.)

Well, I gotta go. The to-do list calls!

Love ya!

Mishy ❤