RECAP: February fits 🌺

Happy March! Another month has come and gone! I love that I get to do these outfit recaps though; I feel like it ties the blog into everything else I’m doing on my other social media accounts. And, if social media were to ever go down, I’d still have this lovely website to come back to to see all my lovely outfit posts 🥹

Pretty (in Pink) Girl Era Fit

This outfit was a part of my January to February transition! If you didn’t get to see the blue version of this outfit, click here. I’m so glad that I got to do this dual look for both the blue and pink butterfly tops!

Valentine’s Day Dress 💘

I bought this dress a few months ago knowing good and well I would be wearing it for Valentine’s Day! 😍 Search: “SHEIN SXY Lace Up Backless Ruched Metallic Cami Dress” on SHEIN (yes, I’ve heard and seen everything about them stealing designs from other small businesses, TRUST ME, I have stopped shopping there, and will be taking my money elsewhere. But I still have plenty of clothes from there that I haven’t showcased so 😭 please don’t judge me).

I also had a friend open a SHEIN package once, and it was infested with BED BUGS. She had to have the exterminator go to her house and everything. That was a couple of years ago, I believe, but still…just beware. Open those packages outside, just in case 😳

The heels are from FashionNova, but I bought them a couple of years ago, so they probably don’t have them in stock anymore.

Valentine’s Day Sweater 💕

It’s crazy how much shopping I do, and yet the clothes won’t show up on social media, or I won’t wear them for MONTHS. I am an advanced shopper, for sure. Anyways, I ordered this sweater, sheesh, probably in October or November of last year with the plans to wear it for Valentine’s Day at my job. It’s from Charlotte Russe, but you won’t find it online anymore since they do a pretty quick turn around of their clothing as well! Maybe that’s were I’ll be finding my latest picks since SHEIN is out of the question 🤔

Shoes are Vans! I’ve had these for several years too, they’re starting to look a little beat up, but they’re still going strong! Jeans are from FashionNova…I believe they’re called “Wifey High Rise Booty Lifter Jeans – Light Blue Wash”.

Girls’ Night Out Fit

Ahh, the classic duck face 😆 I think this is the only photo I got of me in this outfit. The top is SHEIN VCAY Butterfly Print Lettuce Trim Halter Top from SHEIN, of course. I wore some FashionNova jeans that probably aren’t on the site anymore, and my pink Vans from the previous fit!

Feelin’ Psychedelic in my SavagexFenty 🌸

I haven’t previewed a SavagexFenty anything on my pages, I don’t think! So this was really exciting for me. Yes, I was able to showcase the tattoo I got under my chest last summer. Also, the SavagexFenty IG account liked the post of these pictures so 🥹 Here’s hoping maybe a contract is in the works? 🤞🏽

This is the Psychedelic Vinyl Slip paired with the Arm Candy Fingerless Vinyl Gloves. What a pair! 😍 I loved wearing these items together! I also want to *shameless plug* and say that getting the membership with SavagexFenty is totally worth it! Yes, you can skip the membership fee every month, but you have to remember to do it before the 5th of every month or it automatically comes out of your account. I always have an alarm set to skip it, if I choose to do so. Anyways! Just something to consider if you ever thought about doing it…I SAY DO IT!

Pressurelicious 💞

I guess I’m naming this set of photos “Pressurelicious” since that’s the song I put them to on my Instagram story 😂 I ain’t mad about it!

The purpose of this fit was to really highlight the BOOTS! I MEAN…LOOK AT THEM! They were gifted to me by my friend Jale as a Christmas gift. Yes, they’re from SHEIN 😬 Search: “PU Leather Knee High Platform Block Heel Boots”. They do have a pair in black, but there’s something about a colored shoe! Like I have my blue tight boots, and now these pink leather ones 😍 I’ve got other colored shoes as well, but you’ll just have to wait and see until next month’s fit recap!

The top is from Amazon! My mom gifted it to me for Christmas; I’m pretty sure if you type in “turtleneck bodysuit” this will come up, probably in different colors too! Definitely a great fashion staple, I’ve already used it twice for some fits! She also gifted me this pink bag, I believe, from Amazon as well! I saw the furry bags making a come back last year, and figured this would be a cute accessory to have!

The skirt is actually a Twirl Skort in black from Popflex Active! I’ve been doing some content for them, and this was one of the items I was gifted! They’re actually sold out in this color, BUT there are PLENTY of awesome skort options for you to choose from! Different colors and styles…some with pockets on the shorts 👀 so, check them out!

That concludes my February fit recap!

Which outfit was your favorite? Did you have a particular item in mind you might search for yourself? Do you also have a horror story about SHEIN? Please, tell me in the comments! I’d love to hear all the feedback!

Mishy 🦋