Sweet Tea #7

Happy Sunday!

Oh my gosh, I looked back at my last Sweet Tea post, and realized that the last time I made one was during the summer time. I don’t know about you, but some Sweet Tea is LONG overdue! 😀

To those who are new, Sweet Tea posts are posts with 7 categories that give you an update on certain things in my life, like what I’m listening to, what I’m watching, what I’m wearing, etc.

So, here we go!

My Life

Life’s going pretty good. I am extremely busy these days because, well, college and everything that goes along with it, such as homework, work study, working out, eating right, having a devotional time, writing. Everything is always pretty crazy. And with everything being crazy, I am still trying to check my “fear and worry meter.” I’m still trying to work on not freaking out so much.

I was in the middle of reading excerpts from Paradise Lost for CHOW 2 (Classical Heritage Of the West) class and taking notes because I could potentially be writing my paper on it (it’s due a week from tomorrow, so I need to get started on it now). But, it’s kind of hard to read it. I find I have to read, then re-read, and then re-re-read to underline and highlight important things so I can use them for m paper. All that to say, I was getting bored. So, here I am!


Well, this section of Sweet Tea is a little easier to do since there’s a Latest Jams tab on my blog now. I’ll still give you my top 5 songs/albums I’ve been listening to lately though…

  1. “Sweet Tea” by Polyphia – Ironic, eh? Over Christmas break, the frontman of Polyphia followed me on Twitter and, like any self-promoting artist would do, he sent me a direct message with a YouTube link, asking me to check out his band. And this was the song he sent me. I thought, “Ya know, why not?” and I listened to this song and actually LOVED it. There are no words, it’s just straight up instrumental with a WHOLE BUNCH of killer guitar solos. It’s probably officially one of my happy songs because it just sounds so cheery. I feel like my Sweet Tea posts now have their own official theme song! So here it is if you wanna listen to it!: 
  2. Room 93 by Halsey – This album is on my Junior Year (Spring!) playlist (which is under the Latest Jams tab) and, guys, it’s just so good to listen to on cold, rainy, foggy days (and we’ve had plenty of those up here on the mountain!). I find these songs constantly getting stuck in my head on the way to class, and I also tend to play them a lot when taking showers haha
  3. Acoustic by PVRIS – Ahh, yet another album that’s good for chilly winter weather on the mountain. And for adding to the “shower playlist.” PVRIS is actually touring with Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil on The World Tour and I’m completely bummed that I won’t be able to see them in concert. Bria will get to see them in Atlanta though. Super jelly.
  4. “You Deserve Better” by Caylin Britt – Okay, you could say that I’m biased becase Caylin is one of my best friends. But her EP Sincerlely, Me came out on iTunes about a month ago, and it is AWESOME. Before this song made it onto the EP, I’d always want to har Caylin play this song on her guitar. And now that it’s on the EP, I can listen to it whenever. The lyrics are just legit – anyone can relate to them. And that’s what I like about all of Caylin’s music: it’s all totally relatable and it comes from her heart. Haha, talk about promoting. Y’all should just check out her whole EP on iTunes!
  5. “No Good For You” by Meghan Trainor – I’ve only listened to this song a couple of times, but the couple of times I’ve heard it…my gosh…I love it so much. I love Meghan Trainor so much anyway. She’s the bomb.

Guys, I’m actually doing this thing this year where I listen to a new album every month. For example:

December: Halsey’s Room 93 & PVRIS’s Acoustic and White Noise

January: Austin Mahone’s The Secret

And this month will be Meghan Trainor’s Title (Deluxe Edition) PLUS her commentary album. I’m starting to love commentary albums, guys. They’re just so helpful.

The Word

Right now, I’m reading the book of John. I honestly have been doing so poorly with reading my Bible. I haven’t settled into my schedule fully until maybe this past week. And even then things still change. But I need to start being in the Word more again. I think Bria and I are going to read Mark together during breakfast as well. But I need to set aside a time for myself to read my Bible and journal.


Hmm. Lately it’s been sweaters, leggings, and beanies. I finally have shirts long enough to wear leggings to class (yay!) And beanies have just been a winter necessity. It’s way too cold up here on this mountain to not wear one at least a couple of times a week.


I mean…writing-wise, I wrote in The Bagpipe and I’ve been slightly consistent with this blog, if I do say so myself 🙂 Other than that, no time to knit or crochet or paint or whatever. Absolutely. NO. TIME.

What I’m Watching

How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal have returned so I’ll be catching up on those shows (when I have free time. Probably on the weekends). Even though I finished Criminal Minds on Netflix, I kinda wanna restart it cause it’s just my favorite show of all time. I’d love to start Season 10 though…you know…once Netflix has it…


Here&now I am…blogging, drinking Detox tea, chatting with Bria about going to this event called Jazzanooga for my article in The Chattanoogan, and thinking I should probably finish reading for my homework.

So that’s what’s up with me! Hope you enjoyed some Sweet Tea on this Sunday night! I really need to go finish my homework and get ready for my week. But I love you guys! I pray that you all have an amazing week! Don’t let the fact that tomorrow is Monday get you down!

Luv ya!

Mishy ❤

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