thank you, Lord.

I’ve gone back to listening to worship music in the mornings on my way to work. It’s something I usually do, but sometimes I fall out of because of either the shortness of the drive, or honestly, I’m just in the mood to listen to some of the popular music of the world.

But lately, since I’ve moved and my commute to work is significantly longer, I’ve been taking that time to really focus on praising God. I’m getting back to reading my Bible in the mornings again, so I find it only appropriate to continue the worship and to start my day off by taking in the Truth of Who God is, and how He is worthy to be praised.

I’m not really into the current praise and worship music these days (if there are any good ones out there, please comment below, and let me know something!), so I listen to a lot of Gospel songs that I grew up with…Fred Hammond being one of my favorites! This morning, his song “Thank You, Lord (For Being There For Me) started playing as I was nearing my work place, and I began to think about all the things and the people I was grateful for, and how I was thankful that God was with me through some hard times in my life.

“Thank You Lord for being there for me, for me
I’ve gotta say thank You Lord for being there for me
Seemed like I was going down, but Your love came in and rescued me
Wanna thank You Lord for being there for me
Wanna thank You Lord for being there for me.”

Hearing this part of the song, I thought about the summer after my college graduation, and how I continuously had to tell myself that this was just the beginning for me; that God was with me, and would do a magnificent work in me so long as I trusted Him, and believed that, despite how I felt, He would rescue me, bring joy to my soul, and never leave me. If you know me, then you know I was already starting to cry as soon as the song started playing 😭

“For life and health and strength I’m grateful
For life abundantly I wanna say thank You
For being a partaker of Your grace you know I’m grateful
For receiving Your mercy daily I wanna say thank You
For keeping my loved ones safe You know I’m grateful
For allowing my next breathe to take
I just want to say I’m grateful, I thank You
You see I can say it and you can say it and she can say it and he can say it
Thank You

We may pray in the morning, “Thank you, Lord, for waking me up today,” but do we really think about that? Do we really grasp the fact that there are some who went to sleep last night, and did not wake up this morning to see a new day? Do we think of all of our loved ones, and how we didn’t get a call this morning saying that they were in the hospital, or that harm was done to them? I immediately started thinking about my parents (all four of them), and how they are all healthy, safe, and in their right minds. So many people my age have parents who are getting older, who may be dealing with health issues, and I praise God that they are all at their best in every aspect.

I also thought about my job, because since we just started our school year last week, I’ve been dealing with crying and screaming kids for several days now, and it can be hard to stay patient, and to not cry my damn self 😅 But hearing these words: “For life abundantly…For being a Parker of Your Grace…For allowing my next breath to take…I just want to say I’m grateful, I thank You.” even though there have been challenges at my job, there are still so many things to be grateful for.

Last week, actually, one of my best friends who works with me (Caylin), told me about a blog of a little boy who used to attend our school, but was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year, and is still going through treatments. I started reading some of the mother’s posts, and had to try to hold back tears. It puts things in perspective when you see such a young human going through such a huge physical battle, but still finding joy. And yet, I complain sometimes about the difficulties of my job, a job that I get to leave every day to go home to, and take a break from on the weekends.

Caylin also mentioned how we as teachers make such a big impact on our students, and how important it is since we never know where they’ll end up later, or what might happen to them. So, even though it’ll be hard now, how we interact with them could really change how they view the world and even themselves!

Today, I just want to put this out there, for myself and for anyone else who needs a change in perspective, or even a reminder and refresher to thank God for the things we have and the people in our lives. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong to air out our frustration, or to express if we are going through a hard time, but remembering the things we do have and can accomplish right now is so important!

What/who are you grateful for today? How can expressing what/who you’re grateful for change your perspective on the things that don’t seem to go your way? What actions will you take, being aware of all the blessings you’ve been given?

Here’s the song for those who are curious, and my want to give it a listen!

Mishy 🦋🖤