sincere thoughts.

Oh, what to write?

I know I have a lot to say, but a big part of me knows that it’s best for me to keep it to myself. That’s one thing about having a brand that’s mostly based on the things in which I go through: the balance of being vulnerable yet private.

I won’t pretend that I have my life together because I know wholeheartedly that I don’t. I won’t pretend that I’m always the nicest person, in fact, those who know me well and for the longest have seen the ugly sides of me, and have graciously loved me through those moments.

But something I don’t pretend about is my sincere love and support for others. I don’t throw energy into doing so just for kicks and giggles; if I put any effort into taking time to hear someone out, to encourage them, to work with them, then that means something to me. I’m not the type of person to use people and toss them aside as if they are nothing. And I truly pray and hope that I haven’t treated anyone who has encountered or interacted with me like that.

If I have treated someone out there unfairly, unkindly, or even with selfish intent, I publicly apologize here on my platform. It’s never my intention to belittle others, or to “play nice” to gain something from someone. Sincerity and genuineness have gotten me a long way, so there’s no need for me to pretend that I’m interested in someone or what they do just to push me forward.

The biggest thing for me is communication. If we’re able to discuss things in person, then that is something that I’d prefer to do. All this online communication or text messaging allows for misinterpreted dialogue, and I’d rather not “hide” behind a screen while discussing something that truly matters to me or to the person I’m talking with.

I honestly feel like I’m rambling, but these thoughts are stuck in my brain, and I’ve been replaying them over and over in my mind throughout today. I know my brand is based on encouragement and motivation, and I know I’m not always the poster child for it, and I never want to act like I am. I desire for there to be an understanding of these things. I long for grace on both the giving and receiving ends of Mishy Writes.

While I have stepped into my confidence SO much more this year than I have in the last few years, not once has it crossed my mind that I’m better than anyone else. We’re all at different levels of life, and I love and respect us all for being where we are. If you find yourself feeling negative things towards yourself, I pray that you find a way out of that maze because I get there sometimes too. And I will do my best to encourage you in the best ways that I know how to without making light of your situation.

I feel like this is all I have to say tonight. There’s just a lot going through my brain, as I said, and these thoughts are just pieces of the puzzle.

Happy weekend, luvvies.

Mishy 🦋