The Past 4 Days

Man. The past 4 days have been crazy.

I know that every time I post, I tell you guys that my life has been “C R A Z Y busy”, but when I say that these past 4 days have been crazy, I mean like a TON OF THINGS happened. These days were so jam-packed that it all seems so surreal, to be honest. I feel like this is gonna be a pretty long post, so please bare with me.

Let’s begin with Friday…


By this point, the sore throat that I’d had all week had turned into a little more. I just sounded sick, if you know what I mean. So, I missed my work shift at the library to go to the nurse to see what was wrong with me. I waited around 45 minutes before I actually saw her, which was kind of a drag.

But once inside, all proved well. And by that, I mean she gave me a brown paper bag filled with sinus decongestant, prescribed me with an antibiotic, and excused me from classes and work that day. HOORAY, right? Well, yeah, sorta. While everyone was busy running around, I was in my room in comfy clothes, wrapped in the quilt my mom made me, restarting Criminal Minds on Netflix. I stopped after every episode to try to take a nap, but I just couldn’t fall asleep, probably because I was having issues breathing.

I was really trying to rest up because that night was 80s Skate Night and it is one of my favorite events, even though I don’t know how to skate (I’m just in it for the dancing). I was going back and forth about even going, but Bria and Taylor and everyone else on my hall were so adamant about me going that I figured, eh, why not.

My friends were seriously the best in helping me get better. Caylin took me to Walgreens so I could get my antibiotics (and some Goldfish crackers & dark chocolate Milanos. Ya know, comfort food!). Bria kept me company as I laid in bed and tried to sleep (I think I actually fell asleep then). Jenna offered me an apple juice box, which I gladly accepted. And a few more hallmates stopped by my room to ask me how I was feeling and tell me that I could just let them know if I needed anything.

After gauging myself, I decided I felt good enough to go with everyone to 80s Skate Night. I took my antibiotics and some sinus decongestant before we left so it would last me until the end of the night.

***POSITIVE POINT: I actually had a great time. I never felt exhausted or super sick, so it turned out to be super fun. I’m glad I didn’t miss out on that.


Missing class isn’t all fun and games, sadly. I had a lot of work due on Monday: my linguistics homework (which counts a lot more than you think), a CHOW paper, and I did not find out until later that evening that I had discussion questions due for my History and Systems of Psychology class. Whew. A lot. A lot.

So, I tried to sit in my room and do some homework before Bria got off work. Because as soon as she was off, I was going to drive her to the UPS Store because I told her during the week that I would, and I wasn’t feeling awful enough to not do it for her. Plus, it was the last weekend she was going to be able to ship her box off, so it had to be done.

I didn’t get any homework done (I probably started on linguistics), but it was time to leave. Keep in mind, Bria is also sick at this time. In fact, by this point, she’d been sick for a whole week and was still recovering. So we were walking down to Scotland Yard (not the farthest parking lot, but still pretty far) with the following:

  • Bria’s package
  • A roll of toilet paper (because we didn’t have tissue boxes)
  • My water bottle
  • Our wallets
  • Kae’sha’s car keys
  • A Forever 21 bag for used tissues

Despite being sick, I must say we looked pretty good, outfit-wise. I won’t go into details, but it was also a sunny, high-of-65 degrees day on the mountain, so we had our shades on and everything.

We get to the car and I look down to grab the keys and…they’re not in my hand. I look around my feet, in the Forever 21 bag, everywhere…and they’re G O N E.

So I do what I always do in a situation like this: I freak out. We threw most of our stuff in the back of Kae’sha’s car and trekked back toward campus, looking on the ground to see if I’d dropped the keys. We know we would’ve heard them drop if they had hit the ground, but we looked anyway. Nothing came up.

We looked at a bench we stopped at to sit down because we were searching for Kae’sha’s car in the nearby parking lot, and they weren’t there. So, let me just make a list of where we went after this:

  • Safety & Security office
  • Back to the bench
  • Back down to Scotland Yard, to look for the keys down there and then to grab our stuff after failing to find them
  • Back up to campus, to Founders (where we live)
  • Back down toward Scotland Yard, stopping at the gym to ask people if they’d found them
  • Back up to the Mac building, where the bench was, to ask the RD or ARD if anyone had turned the keys in

And finally, in the Mac RD office, we found my sister’s keys. Turns out, some friends of mine had turned them in after finding them on that bench. So FINALLY we had the keys and we could head BACK DOWN TO SCOTLAND YARD AGAIN to actually get in my sister’s car and go down to the UPS Store.

***POSITIVE POINT: I am grateful that this all was happening on a sunny day and not a rainy, foggy day like we had yesterday. All the walking, although inconvenient, wasn’t too bad in breezy, balmy weather.

I’m not done with this Saturday though.

As we were driving down the mountain, Bria was looking up the UPS Store on her phone and she realized that it closed at 4pm…and it was already around or a little past 3:30pm. Trust me, I didn’t speed to get there, but we were still cutting it pretty close.

***POSITIVE POINT: Listening to Bria’s This is Panic! playlist totally made the drive more epic. I won’t put the entire thing on here, but I’ll put some of the songs we played while we were out. Some of these songs took us back to our freshman and sophomore (college) days. Nice to reminisce every once in a while.

We got to the UPS Store at like 3:51pm, and I had to drop Bria off and continue driving around the parking lot because there were no spots left. She dropped her package off, and we decided to head to Chik-fil-A since we hadn’t eaten lunch. By this time, I’m thinking that for 2 sick people, we were doing pretty good being out and about. Sure, we had to break out the toilet paper every once in a while, and I had to take my meds as soon as we finished eating, but nothing was too terrible.

We did have a couple of driving difficulties: it looked like a car was going to hit us, so I slightly swerved so we wouldn’t get hit (I didn’t swerve into oncoming traffic, there was a turning lane), and after Bria specifically told me to turn left, I confidently got in the right lane and turned, thinking the entire time it was my left (I have issues with distinguishing between my left and right sometimes, okay?) Other than that, it was a good trip.

***POSITIVE POINT: Later, that night, we were able to watch Caylin play at an Open Mic Night at The Meeting House in Red Bank. It was really awesome to see her perform live like that. And I’ll hopefully be able to pull together a piece about her performance for journalism! 😀


So, now it’s crunch time. We didn’t get back to the hall from The Meeting House on Saturday night until maybe 10:30pm, and I attempted to do some homework, but I didn’t do it for long. I still had a lot to do, and I planned on doing it all in a timely manner.

Caylin, Bria, and I went to Starbucks after lunch, and I worked feverishly on my CHOW paper for a good couple of hours. Then we headed back to the hall because…

***POSITIVE POINT: Our hall had dinner at Dean Voyle’s house. It was awesome to spend time with them and to SEE & PLAY WITH THEIR GOLDEN DOODLE. I WANT THAT TYPE OF DOG NOW OHMYGOSH IT WAS SO HUGE AND FLUFFY AND ADORABLE (His name was Gus).

After dinner at the Voyles’, we were back on the hall again, and I REALLY needed to do my homework. I was making some good headway on my paper and by 11pm, not only was I more than halfway done with it, but I received an email from my linguistics professor saying that she was cancelling class the next day because she was sick and therefore, the homework wasn’t due until Wednesday. I wasn’t happy that she was sick, but I was happy that I got an extra day to do the homework.

And then, what I thought would never happen to me during my college career happened: all the hard work I put into my paper DISAPPEARED after I tried to view it on a Microsoft Word document. Like, I’m not kidding; all that was left was a blank page.

I frantically tried to recover it somehow. I emailed it to Bria to see if maybe my computer was the one having issues. But no. My paper had been reduced to a clean, white sheet. You better believe I shed some sad, angry tears. I was so close to finishing that paper, and now it looked like I would have to start all over and possibly pull an all-nighter, depending on if I could remember all of my points or not.

***POSITIVE POINT: Thankfully, I was able to recover all of my work. There was a “Versions History” that had all my time stamps of when my document was saved, and one of them still had all 3 pages saved. It was a beautiful reunion. I was extremely ecstatic.

So I finished my CHOW paper that night. I still had a discussion question to finish, but I figured I could do it in the morning since I didn’t have class at 10am.


I woke up late after turning my alarm off and going back to sleep, but Bria and I were still able to go to breakfast before her work shift. I was planning on going back to the hall, making coffee, and finishing up my homework for the day. But then I got distracted talking to my friend Chris for a good minute since we hadn’t talked in a while. It was great conversation, but I had less time than I thought to do all the things I had to do.

No biggie, I thought, I’ll just write my discussion questions in the time I have after lunch before my class.

Yeah, I did it, all right. It wasn’t my best work, but I wrote a page, and all I had to do was print it and staple it. After briefly talking with a friend, I went down to the computer lab to print it out…only the computers down there aren’t updated to open Google Docs (WHAT.) So, I had to go to the computer down in the first floor of Mills and print it out there. Only then did I realize that I didn’t need a stapler because it was one page. I swear, I just hadn’t been thinking straight since last Friday.

But what happened when I finally made it to class?

***POSITIVE POINT: Dr. Eames thought the discussion question was “daunting” and was difficult to answer fully in one page, so he decided to make the question optional. And because it wasn’t my best work, you best believe I didn’t turn that thing in.

How about another ***POSITIVE POINT: My linguistics professor emailed us again yesterday and said she’d be moving our test back to Friday, so I don’t have to study today during Day of Prayer! 😀

That was C R A Z Y wasn’t it? So many weird things and good things happened within that 96 hour time period. All a part of this wonderful, beautiful thing that is my life.

Well, since today’s my Day of Prayer, I’m going to try to use it to relax some, but I still have more homework to do (IT NEVER ENDS!), so I’ll be working on that. I have 2 tests this week. Whoo.

Okay, I’m pretty sure you’ve read enough. This post was pretty long, so sorry about that. I hope the rest of your week goes well and that it was as full as mine! The ups and downs, though challenging, create some insane adventures.

Love ya!

Mishy ❤

4 thoughts on “The Past 4 Days

  1. dsdahab

    First I want to say that I’m sorry you’ve been sick and I hope it is now completely healed. Next WOW so good !! and then WOW again phenomenal concise and a lot said. Congratulations excellent 🙂

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