S U M M E R.

Long time, no see!

It’s finally SUMMER. Spring semester of junior year ended pretty dang well. My final grades consisted of 5 A’s and 2 B’s, probably my best semester I’ve had in college so far. Once finals were over, many things occurred, such as trying to get new phones but the company getting messed up twice, a crazy-hot trip out to the UPS Store which resulted in 2 “Mangosteen Madness” smoothies from Smoothie King, watching a horror-comedy movie and painting nails, and going to the drive-in to see Avengers: Age of Ultron and Cinderella. I’ve also accumulated a slight cold, but it’s thankfully passing.

Oh yeah, and I actually went to graduation this year since I knew SO many people graduating. It was super awesome and fun to see them all ending a chapter in their lives. It hasn’t really hit me that I’m a senior in college yet, but I’m sure it’ll come sooner or later.

Today was my first day of May Term, and I’m taking my last English course (other than my Senior Integration Project) called “Graphic Novels.” Today wasn’t too bad, except for the fact that I didn’t read the book we were supposed to read for class today. Thankfully, nothing was due today, but starting tomorrow, I have two papers due for every graphic novel we read. Doesn’t seem to bad, though, since they’re just responses to the books we’re reading and to critiques of the novels.

Honestly, things have not gone the way I planned for them to go. I have been frustrated more than I thought I would be in a short span of time. But this is just allowing me to remember that things are not in my control, and that I need to trust that God knows what I need and how I’m feeling. Worrying or stressing about it is not going to help anything, how many times do I have to remind myself of this?

And why worry? It’s freaking SUMMER TIME! Yeah I have one class, but it’s ONE CLASS compared to the normal 5-7 I normally take, so I think I should be fine. The weather has been awesome. After I do what little homework I have, I get to relax and do what I want. My class doesn’t start until 9:30am (11am tomorrow!) and it will sometimes end before noon. I got to hangout with some of my closest guy friends yesterday and we had a great time, despite some slight sickness with me and my friend Kyle.

Why worry, why complain when really, everything is okay? Not perfect, but okay.

So, in honor of everything being okay, I’m going to give you my SUMMER 2015 playlist in The Latest Jams page. It’ll grow progressively as the summer goes on (at least I hope so). Afterwards, I’m going to watch Sherlock and paint nails with my sister. Because life is not just okay, but it’s (as one of my professors would say) “grand.” So I’m gonna live grand-ly.

I should be blogging more since it’s summer. But who knows because, May Term. I should definitely be blogging though when my sister and I go to CALIFORNIA in June and stay there for the rest of the summer, so that’ll be pretty cool.

A crazy semester has closed. Summer is here. Everything is okay.

Love ya!


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