A Day in the Life: Summer Edition, Part 1

Hey guys!

Now that I’ve got more time on my hands, I can actually blog! Ahh, and it’s so sweet.

I just got back from my friend Patsy’s house and we made some plans for tomorrow. And it got me thinking about how every summer, we always have some type of schedule with the typical things we do. So, I’m gonna tell you what we usually do on a regular summer day! Some things vary, depending on if we have any money or not or if the weather is good or not. Right now, I’ll slightly base this post on the schedule we made for tomorrow.

SO! A day in the life…SUMMER EDITION. 😀

8:00am – Gym with Patsy and Kae’sha

9:00-9:15am – Back home to shower/eat breakfast (so I can get to class on time. At least for tomorrow since my class starts at 11am and not 9:30am)

11am – My graphic novels class (lasts for like 1.5 hours tops)

12:30-1:00pm – Eat lunch/watch Netflix

2:00pm – Read my next graphic novel for class for about an hour (since it’s THE WEEKEND and I don’t have to finish my homework for the next day!)

3pm-ON – WHATEVER WE WANT <~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And this usually involves me, Kae’sha and Patsy doing the following things:

  • coloring – Disney Princess coloring books…cause that’s mostly what Patsy has haha. We normally do this while watching movies.
  • watching movies – This is usually an after-dinner activity. We just started making a list of all the scary movies we want to watch while Kae’sha and I are still here. We usually watch a scary one first, and then we’ll watch a more tame one. Like tonight, we watched Hide and Seek and then watched National Treasure afterwards.
  • hangout with people who are around on the mountain – the more the merrier!
  • going to the pool – welllll, the pool we normally go to might not open until June. So until we can find another pool…
  • getting snacks at the gas station – *money required
  • going to Sonic – *money required
  • going to Walmart – unless we’re planning on just hanging out at Walmart, *money required
  • going to the mall – *TOTAL money required
  • painting nails – this is free! 🙂 we normally do this while watching movies as well.
  • playing MarioKart – this just occurred to me. We need to bring this back out!
  • making a meal and sharing it together – if we can find some legit ingredients in our homes, this can turn out pretty nice! Breakfast for dinner, anyone? 😀

So, that’s an example of a summer day I would normally have! Not sure exactly what we’ll do tomorrow after 3pm. I think it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so that’ll rule out the pool at least. Maybe tomorrow will be a MarioKart, movie, pizza day. And maybe we’ll invite some friends over. Who knows with a summer day with ALL OF THE FREE TIME (at least for now).

This post is Part 1 because after my May Term class is over and Kae’sha and I fly to California, our schedule will be totally different. And I’ll post Part 2 when we settle on a solid schedule!

Well, since I have to get up to go to the gym at 8am with a couple of goobers, I guess I better go.

Tomorrow is F R I D A Y! Enjoy your weekend, guys! Hope you have as many adventures and plans as I’m planning on having! 🙂

Love ya!


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