My First Business Trip

I am currently lying in bed in a Holiday Inn Resort hotel on Jekyll Island. 
Why, you may ask?

I was invited to attend the IT Summit that Great Dane (the company I’m interning for) is holding. I get to sit in on a seminar about communication (written, verbal, paraberbal, non-verbal), and help set up an event all while getting paid to do it. It’s pretty nice. 

And the island is gorgeous. Tybee will always be my island, but Jekyll is pretty sweet too.

Being here makes me feel slightly more adult-ish. The island is only 1.5 hours away from Savannah, but traveling here still made it feel like a solid business trip. Being able to see employees in a different element, and truly seeing their personalities shine through has been awesome. It gives me a different perspective about the people I pass by when I walk through the hallways at work. And being able to learn more within the corporate business setting of things is cool too.

I can’t write for too long since I have to be up early tomorrow. But I was wondering…

What makes you feel important or adult-ish? 

Also, what are things you frequently forget when you travel somewhere? For me, it’s my pj’s or my toothbrush. This time around it was my pj’s. At least I brought a giant hoodie, which should suffice. 

Sweet dreams! Tomorrow’s Friday, PRAISE!


❤ Mishy

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