I didn’t blog last week, I know…but I’m back this week!

There have been so many changes in my personal schedule, and so many new things I’m trying to place my attention on. My body, for one. I recently got a gym membership, and have been going for several days now, trying to stay consistent (I still do Zumba class at least once a week though!) I’m still taking care of Reyna (speaking of which, seems like she’ll be indoors with me all weekend since there’s supposed to be sort of a cold snap). And with my event coming up next weekend, and my mind constantly conjuring up new words to form into poems, I stay pretty busy on the creative front as well. And then I haven’t even talked about my social life! I’m busy, busy.

Even this weekend alone is proving to be really busy and important! Events are happening, on Saturday I’m recognizing one year since my very first poetry show, and then we get to Sunday, and we realize it’s EASTER SUNDAY.

Which is what I wanted to write about today. Because even in the midst of everything happening, my spirit and heart knows what truly matters this weekend. Not that the events, meetings, hangouts, and celebrations aren’t fun, and shouldn’t be recognized, but this weekend is the most important weekend of my life because Christians around the world are celebrating the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Now, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate it year-round, because our faith is solely based on Jesus and His sacrifice for us, which gives us the freedom to live for Him all day, every day. But this weekend is just special as we reflect even more so on that sacrifice.

I am not the person I am right now without the saving grace of God through Jesus. I am a witness to His faithfulness, love, and mercy in my life since I could fully remember. And although the road hasn’t been easy, and things have happened in my life that really hurt and challenged me, leaning into Christ for strength has been my reason of survival. It sounds easy when it’s typed, but to fully live through it and in it is a totally different story.

So, I just want to encourage myself, and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to not only see this Easter weekend as a day off on Good Friday, an Easter luncheon or egg hunt, an opportunity to sport a fancy suit or new dress, but as a chance to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice for us because He loves us, and how that Unconditional Love has impacted our lives.

Some ways I’m doing that…

  1. Reading the Gospel accounts of the moments before, during, and after Jesus’ death and Resurrection, all while taking in the words Jesus spoke, hearing the disciples questions, and comparing them to how I question God sometimes.
  2. Thinking back on moments in my life where I heavily relied on God, and I pray that I would rely on Him even more despite good or bad circumstances.
  3. Giving great thanks to God for providing a way of salvation, allowing me to be a part of His Kingdom, and giving me the grace to work towards that every day, even though I may forget that that is my main goal and purpose through all I do.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about when it comes to Jesus, His death and resurrection, and the gift of salvation, please don’t hesitate to ask me! I know my way around the Bible somewhat, but I definitely don’t claim to be an expert on all Christian theology. Who I am is a witness to God’s Power working in my life, and in the lives of my loved ones, and that is who He has called me to be – a witness.

What are some ways you’re remembering the death and resurrection of Christ?


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