quarter of the way – bsgp.

So, many of you who follow me know that I’ve been working on The Brown Skin Girl Project since May began, leaving me really no time to blog until today, honestly. I had my very last interview for the project today, so all that’s left is to edit the videos, create the rest of the content and post!

I decided today to write a little bit about how the process has been up until now, and then check in again once the halfway mark, 3/4 mark, and the end is here…

first quarter.

Ahh the beginning…it seems so long ago!

Honestly, I was hella nervous during these first several interviews, mostly because I hadn’t done this in such a long time. I had already planned on switching shirts for every interview, even if they were scheduled on the same day, but with the way I was sweating through each one, it was necessary to change 😅

The last time I tried doing an interview project was four years ago when I still lived on Tybee, and I had created a Tybee Island Profiles page to go around and interview different locals from the island about who they were and what they did. That is honestly how my writing project #JustStartWriting began (another story for another time. Another project for another time too).

And it’s crazy because I didn’t really make the connection between this project and the Tybee Island project from years ago until recently. In some way, I guess those journalism classes I took in high school/college still stick with me!

I got excited when it came time to edit the videos because I hadn’t edited long videos in a while since my last #MotivationalMishyMonday season (also another project I need to work on. Be patient with me lol). And when I started the actual editing process…

Y’all, I won’t lie…I was slightly shocked at the amount of work that this project required. I knew I was going to have to put effort in, but I mean, I started staying up until 2am editing videos and making sure the content to post was accurate. I felt like I was back in college: slightly procrastinating, but getting the job done.

The releasing of a project is always exciting; the first post received so much feedback and support, I was honestly thrilled! Since then, things seemed to have slightly died down. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate anyone who’s been actively liking, sharing, commenting on everything that’s been posted so far! This isn’t about me and my platform, I just hope each of these ladies is getting not only exposure, but also support in what they’re doing and working towards!

I’m grateful for a couple of things:

  1. I’m grateful that, before all this quarantine-ing started, I went to SimplyMac at Hamilton Place Mall, and dropped the money I’d been saving on a MacBook Air. Because if I didn’t have this laptop, I probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this project. My old laptop was so outdated and slow, there would be no chance really of getting this project done as smoothly as it’s been going (even if I do stay up until 2am!)
  2. I’m really grateful for technology to be this advanced to do things such as this project. Zoom has been the best tool for this! I’ve been able to get to know these women better than just following them on Instagram, and seeing little snippets of their lives. I actually got to hear from their own mouths what drives them, what they long to do now and into the future, and random facts about them as well!
  3. I’m grateful for a project to work on at all during this time. Even though I will be returning to work soon, it’s nice to be able to do something this big and creative before I need to be back in a consistent schedule. It’s nice to feel what it will be like when I leave the 9-5 behind and create for a living!

As I write this, I’m almost halfway done with with the Brown Skin Girl Project, but I’ll save my halfway point thoughts for the next post I make about this!

What’s an idea you’ve been working on that’s turned into a project, a podcast, a website, etc.? How did it feel to work on something creatively and consistently? What are some things you’re thankful for that have allowed you to do your project?

Mishy 🦋🤎

P.S. Please make sure you head to my Instagram (@mishywrites) and check out the Brown Skin Girl Project! All interviews are on my IGTV channel, and pictures and favorite quotes of the women featured are on my actual page!

“PEACE” de resistance: think about it this way…

Honestly, today’s been HECTIC.

Officially, I’m off of work for 2 weeks with pay. And the climate out in the world right now has matched what they’re now calling this PANDEMIC; it’s truly causing PANIC. Despite my post to you yesterday about not worrying, I fell into some of that today, and it’s hard not too when everyone around you is scrambling for food and toilet paper, or when the kids at your job seem to be creating a chaos and panic all on their own.

I definitely had to clear my head – had to shut off the social media narratives about what’s happening, had to assure myself of God’s control in this situation despite what it looks like right now. So, instead of dwelling on such matters, my desire for the next two weeks is to get some serious creative work done 😁🦋, and rest my little body and soul up because working the way I’ve been working gets tiring after a while.

Despite the circumstances, I am truly grateful for this two week break. And maybe this is one reason why God allowed all of this to happen: to allow the world to stop for a moment, and focus on what’s really going on in our lives. I’m not saying He desires for us to horde food and toilet paper from those in need, but maybe every single one of us has something in our lives that we needed God to stop our little lives, our little worlds to get our attention for.

I won’t make this post long, just want you to think about this whole COVID-19 situation like this…if you’re taking a break from school or work for a week or so, what in your life could you focus on working on in the days to come? What is God saying to you? What is He bringing your attention to? What can you work on – your passion, yourself, your relationships, your dreams?

Don’t spend so much time focusing on this pandemic, that you miss out on what God may be wanting to show you in your own life! And, if you somehow wind up getting ill within all this (although I pray you all stay healthy and safe! 🙏🏽), He still has something to show you! Stay hopeful. Pray constantly. Have faith that He’s going to bring you through this!

This concludes my ✌🏽PEACE✌🏽 blog series! I hope you guys have enjoyed it, and shared it with a friend or two if you thought it would help! 😊 Gonna keep this blog thing going tomorrow for y’all! Sweet dreams! 😁😴🌙

Mishy 🦋✌🏽

PEACE in this season.

What a time to be blogging about peace, right?

You can’t go one day without hearing the word “coronavirus” come out of people’s mouths. And while it’s good to continue communication about the topic, it can be hard not to panic when so many people are being diagnosed daily, and the number of deaths are also increasing.

One of my co-workers and I talked about how there’s people on both ends of the spectrum – one side is extremely sure that everything will be fine, and there’s nothing to worry about, while the other side is in extreme panic, scared to go outside or do anything should a case of the illness ever be found in their city. My co-worker and I agreed that there should be a balance: there should definitely be caution, and listening to the advice of the health professionals who tell us to wash our hands, and keep them away from our mouths and noses. But there shouldn’t be extreme panic or worry that would cause us to do irrational things.

I’m not saying that people who have cancelled/postponed events and closed businesses or schools are overreacting. Those people made decisions that they thought were best for themselves and the people around them, and I respect that.

But going on social media and spreading unnecessary unrest will cause worry, anxiety, and stress to spread. And what happens when we get stressed out? We lower our body’s immunity. We cause people who already have a hard time with anxiety to now have something else to overthink about. We spread information that may not be facts, so maybe subconsciously, we cause others to worry, and we don’t have to be alone in how we feel.

We wait for a physical solution, a cure to this virus, but what about the mental, emotional, and spiritual solution for our unease?

Remember what I wrote about yesterday – peace vs. relaxation. I pray that we can trust God to give us the peace despite all the voices in the world calling us to panic. It doesn’t mean we don’t do what we can to prevent the spread, but we shouldn’t have this burden on our shoulders to carry when we serve a God that is bigger and more powerful than a disease.

So if you believe that He is all-powerful, and can and will break this illness, PRAY IN FAITH. Stop reading and watching things that will cause you to worry, and rest easy knowing that God is working in this situation, just like He does in every situation.

Take advice from these verses from Philippians:

“do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians‬ ‭4:6-7‬ ‭ESV‬‬

What are your thoughts on the coronavirus? What are things that are causing you to panic about it? How can you better place your focus on the fact that God is going to deliver you, your loved ones, and the world through this?

Mishy 🦋✌🏽

at PEACE or relaxed?

Yesterday, I wrote about my personal experience with PEACE and FREEDOM, and I mentioned that there’s a difference between being at peace and relaxing.

This is something I’m learning: It’s too easy to grasp for anything that we think will “bring us peace” or “be our peace,” when really, the things we go for are more relaxing than peace-giving. We are living in a time when we have EVERYTHING at our fingertips, so we have the option to use ANYTHING: TV shows, movies, and music to escape. Social media to create a persona of ourselves that we feel people might like better than who we really are. Bubble baths just to sit and breathe. Food we can indulge in, and it can even get delivered straight to us through so many 3rd party businesses. Alcohol and drugs to numb ourselves, money or the act of spending it to try to make us feel secure. We can even try to find peace in our jobs, overworking ourselves to distract us from the chaos that is occurring in our hearts.

But are these things bringing peace or are they just relaxing? Let’s talk about the differences…

What Relaxing Looks Like…

Relaxing is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “reducing tension or anxiety.” The root word relax is defined as “make or become less tense or anxious.” Any definition of these words uses the words “reduce” or “lessen.” Which means, if something is relaxing to you, it only temporarily relieves any stress, worry, anxiety, or fear that you’ve been feeling.

So all the things I mentioned in the second paragraph of this post are relaxing…they only relieve a stressful thought, situation, or person for a short time. You can be doing one of those things, and something will cause you to think about something that will bring your mind back to being stressed and anxious again. The comfort lasts as long as the relaxing activity lasts, or sometimes shorter.

Now, I’m not saying that doing any of these things is wrong (except alcohol and drug addiction), I’m just saying they cannot bring about true peace. They cannot end the restlessness you feel. It’s like slapping a bandaid on a cut; the bandaid doesn’t heal the wound, it simply shields it from infection and irritation.

What Peace Looks Like…

Peace is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “freedom from disturbance; tranquility” or “a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.” It is more conclusive, more final than relaxation is.

When you’re at peace, despite anxious thoughts looming in the back of your mind, you do not waver. Your mind is free from any possible tension or worry. It doesn’t mean the situations or people that cause the stress/fear/anxiety do not exist, but it means you’re capable of not being bothered by it. You can be at peace with a situation or a person, and that means you’ve come to a conclusion that you no longer are concerned about.

And this is why it’s so important to understand these differences, and what we choose to be our peace and our ultimate comfort versus what simply takes our mind off of things for the moment. If we believe peace comes from temporary things and activities, we may feel hopeless that peace even exists. But if we place it on the One Thing (God) that can truly wash our worries away, then we can continue to move forward and hope.

I remember writing a post last year about the whole “be his peace” phrase. People may read this post and think, “Well, I feel at peace when I’m with my friends, family, significant other, etc. Why can’t that be true?” And I do think that being around certain people who encourage you and make you feel safe is possible. In no way am I saying that things or people that allow you to relax are wrong; it’s not bad to have people in your life who relieve your stress, in fact, I hope you have more of those people and less of those who will cause stress, anxiety, fear, and worry!

The main question is: what in your life fixes the issues, and what just temporarily relieves them? And which one do you depend on/put your faith in?

Now that we’ve discussed the differences…

  • What are things that relax/relieve you?
  • What is your peace rooted in?
  • Who are the people in your life who help encourage you, relieve your stressful moments? Thank them today! Tell them you appreciate them!

Mishy ✌🏽🦋


I had another blog post planned, but after this morning, the Lord directed my heart elsewhere.

The word FREEDOM highlighted my morning worship (it’s a bonus that it’s also one of the words in my logo 😄). If you look at my Instagram story, you can listen to the songs I listened to this morning – songs discussing “deliverance,” “having life with no chains,” “breaking chains so I can lift my hands.” I honestly cried so hard as I drove and worshipped (probably not too safe, but God kept me safe, and I made it to work!).

Because honestly, I’ve been chained to some negative ways of thinking, causing sadness, self-sabotage, comparison, just to name a few. As much as I try to block all of those things out, it’s been difficult. And I’ve been seeking peace amidst all of these feelings, admittedly in places where it resides only temporarily. I’ve been desiring freedom from cycles of fear and worry.

It’s beautiful how peace and freedom go hand-in-hand within all of this. The freedom from my mental and emotional state brings about the peace I long for. And that can only be done if God has His Hand in the situation.

The thing is, He’s always been here; He’s witnessed me tear myself down, compare myself, long for other things to somehow bring me joy. And He just wants me to acknowledge that He alone is the only answer to my problems. He holds the key to my freedom, and the peace I need in my life.

It’s easy to say all that, but how do I put it into practice?? Honestly, the first step to me is typically the most crucial. Once I accomplish it, although the rest can still be challenging, I can go through it with less fear, doubt, and worry. And that step is this:

Talk to God in Faith

Sometimes I think there’s some formula to having God bring peace and freedom into my life. I think I have to do something special, or reach a certain point before He swoops in, and saves the day. When really, all I need to do is call on Him; pray about all the things that have been hurting me lately, and ask for guidance in what to do next, or how I can continue to seek Him through it.

Praying about it sounds too easy, for some people. But I think it’s because people aren’t praying with faith that God can and will work it out. So, they just throw their words up there, and hope God hears them instead of believing that He not only hears them, but WILL move!

It sounds too simple and maybe even crazy, but when I say I brought all my concerns before God last night, and even though I didn’t have the answers yet, He still allowed for me to feel at peace knowing that whatever answer I would eventually receive was the best one for me and my situation, and ultimately for His glory!

Cut Them Out

This is reminiscent of my distractions post I wrote last week, but if I know of things that are not bringing peace in my life, then I need to cut them out of my life. And maybe it’s not exactly clear, but with prayer and patience, God will reveal those things or those people.

Releasing these things will also help refocus on God, and it will FREE myself from all the things compromising my peace. There can be things that allow us to feel relaxed, but do not bring us peace (that’s a different topic for a different post though! Maybe tomorrow 😊). I just need to be aware of not making anything my source of peace unless it’s God Himself.

Embrace and Walk in the Truth

This might be a difficult step for me in all this: not only accepting, but also EMBRACING the truths about my peace and my freedom. I have all-access to both through Christ! And that’s a hard thing to wrap my head around when I’m too occupied with overthinking everything.

I cannot just claim that God is my peace, or that I have freedom in Him, although it is powerful to declare it. It is so much more powerful to BELIEVE IT and therefore ACT LIKE IT!

Even if the darkness tries its best to consume my heart and my mind, I must fight through it, and remember that peace is still possible. That these chains will be broken through the power of the Holy Spirit, and nothing can stop this process unless I choose to dwell on the cycles and patterns that are bringing me down. And even if I do choose that, it doesn’t mean God can’t bring peace and freedom into my life.

Just some things I’ve been thinking on today! I’ll continue the peace series tomorrow ✌🏽💚

Are you experiencing peace and freedom in your life right now? If so, how have you been able to stay on the path to doing so? If not, what steps can you take towards having them?

Mishy 🦋💚


I could talk about so many loves that I have…love of food, love of shoes…but maybe some of y’all have been waiting to hear about my romantic love? 😍🥰

Those who follow me on social media have seen Cadarius pop up every now and again in posts or on my story. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now, and the time we’ve had together has grown and shaped us both in so many ways.

How We Met

I know a lot of public figures, celebrities, bloggers and vloggers talk about how they met their significant others, and while I do want to indulge my readers in that, I honestly feel like it would be more fun to do a video in which he and I both talk about how we met. I love seeing each person’s side to the story, and how it comes together.

But, I’ll give you the basics: we met at an open mic competition that he performed in, and I was spectating in, until I was unexpectedly asked to say a poem in between performers. He asked for my contact after hearing my poem, which led to many text conversations and several hang outs (one being a walk through downtown that lasted basically an entire day…like until the sun set!). He pursued me very well from then on…was always asking when we could get together, and our conversations were never surface level.

Through a series of specific events, which include me actually rejecting him at first 😅, and then later realizing my true feelings for him, we decided to become a couple.

Something I’ve learned while we’ve been together is that learning love never stops.

Learning and Loving and Loving and Learning 💕

My sis Cydney posted on her business DreamOnYouth’s Instagram page, asking what advice we could give to all the single friends we have, and I commented this:

“It’s okay to keep learning how to love. You learn how to in all stages and phases of life: love of self, love of others (be it family, friends, significant others, etc.) But you’ll never reach an actual point of ‘Okay, I KNOW how to love, now I’m ready for bae!’ Learning to love takes time, and eventually you’ll end up with a bae, and still have to learn how to love them, and continue your self-love journey! So, take the time to keep loving and learning and learning and loving, no matter what!”

My comment on DreamOnYouth’s IG post ➡️ https://www.instagram.com/p/B8eY9OYpr-G/?igshid=wy0nwpdb6f65

And if there’s anything that Cadarius has done for me, it is teach me what love is, and how to love every single day, no matter what the situation is. I won’t make this post extremely long and sappy for y’all, even though I could write a book on how much I truly love this man. 🥰

God has truly blessed me with him, and I’m grateful for the love and patience he’s had with me as we’ve navigated through this beautiful love journey, MY very first (and I’m confident that it’s my last) love journey. I pray strength, joy, peace, and love over us now and forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Cadarius! 💘💍 I love you from my soul. 😍😘 And I will encourage and support you in good times and bad. We’re in this forever, my love! 🙌🏽

Your love,

Mishy 🦋💘💍

LOVE…of Poetry

My love for poetry actually didn’t start in my childhood, like some people’s desires to become doctors, astronauts, etc. In fact, I didn’t always want to be a writer…my first love was singing. I loved to sing in the car with my dad, at school in the choir, and once The Cheetah Girls came out, I was convinced it was for little girls like me who wanted to become famous singers and choreographers just like them.

Eventually though, my love for singing faded; mostly because I was shy. My dad was proud of my ability to sing, and he’d want people who came to the house to hear me sing, but I was too shy to really want to. Imagine that…me, shy. The thing is, I’m not shy when it comes to making friends, but when it comes to my gift, it’s a whole different story.

So, after taking voice lessons in the sixth grade, but then desiring to do cheerleading, and being told that cheering would mess up my voice, I was sort of at a standstill. The summer before my seventh grade year, Honey (my stepmom) told me she was writing a book, and encouraged me to write one too since I had been an avid reader since I learned how to read.

That began my love for writing.

I wrote a few mystery books through my middle school years, the last one being written my first year of high school. From high school on, I dabbled in fiction writing because that’s what I loved to read. In college, I took creative writing classes, and continued to stick to the fiction genre, despite being somewhat discouraged by my college professors critique on what I’d written.

Poetry had never crossed my mind. I always thought it was for those hipsters at my college who drank coffee out of a French press, and discussed philosophy and art history for fun. Part of me felt like I’d never be able to rhyme anything, or even try to come up with metaphors for the world, so why bother? And then when we tried to examine poetry, and people came up with what seemed like off-the-wall interpretations, I decided that poetry was just not for me.

How That Changed

The summer after I graduated college, I went through a situation where a potential relationship didn’t end up working out. I was pretty devastated; I had just graduated, was back home trying to figure job things out plus what in the world I wanted to do with my life, and then this occurred. I fought the self-sabotage demons hard; I really felt like I was lacking in so much.

Before my best friend Bria moved to California for her new job that summer, she and I were in Barnes and Noble one day and I picked up the poetry book milk and honey by Rupi Kaur. I opened it to a random page, and the poem I read related to my current feelings and situation, and I was immediately drawn in.

I said to Bria, “This is considered poetry? I thought it had to rhyme and whatnot…”

And she replied, “No, poetry doesn’t have to rhyme! Contemporary poetry can be short and simple…”

I ended up buying that book. And while I read Rupi Kaur’s words, and the poems that resonated me, I began to think that maybe I could write poetry too, to help heal me and get me through the funk I was in.

I started a secret tumblr page, and I dropped some poems here and there. It was just nice to get what I was feeling out in a creative form that wasn’t just journaling.

Honestly, I can’t even remember exactly when I decided to become a poet. I feel like once I moved away from home into the city I’m in now, there was a shift. I was blogging like crazy, but I wanted to do more. I kept writing poetry. I was exposed to the creative community here in my city, met up with people who wanted to pour into me, and then things began to snowball.

The nickname “Butterfly” came from a group of girls I met online who supported me after I said a poem on my friend Silas’ IG live. He played keys for the artist William Singe when he went on tour in 2017, and he gave me that opportunity that allowed me to connect with so many who connected with my words.

They started calling me that because I was doing motivational talks on Instagram live, and it was just a positive nickname they gave me that turned into a part of my artist name, and also the start of a poetry project I’m still working on.

Poetry means so much to me. And honestly, I feel like I’ve been at odds with it recently because I lost the main reason and purpose of why I began to do it in the first place. It’s easy to get caught up in the things you need or want to do, like promote, make content, record, perform, but writing this blog post and contemplating over my poetry and it’s purpose has made me remember the reason why I love it so much.

I love poetry because of the way words can connect to my heart, to my feelings. How they can make me feel understood, make me feel like I’m not alone in feeling how I’ve felt or how I’m currently feeling.

And now I feel inspired. Bye for now, I’m going to go write before it gets too late…after I finish this episode of Living Single.

Mishy 🦋

LOVE…of Friends

Friends are some of the best people I have in my life. You experience so many things with these people, maybe things that you wouldn’t experience with family. Maybe some friends have become family to you; I know I’ve got several “sisters” in the friends I have, and even a few “brothers” and “cousins” as well!

I know for me, I’m like my dad when it comes to making friends; he and I don’t know a stranger, it seems. We can meet someone in the grocery store and start talking to them like we knew them for years. I do know, though, what parts of my life to share with true friends, and which parts to share with people who are acquaintances. And an acquaintance doesn’t have to be someone you’ve known for the shortest amount of time; you may connect with someone better in two weeks than you have in two years. So, just be mindful when you think about who your acquaintances and true friends are.

But don’t get me wrong: any acquaintance or friend that I have had or currently have, I do not take for granted. I love each and everyone, even if we’re not as close relationally or physically (distance). And even if we don’t talk like that anymore, I give nothing but love to you as you move forward; maybe you taught me lessons I needed to learn, about myself and about the world around me. Maybe we just naturally grew apart due to the cycle of life. Whatever happened, I hold no bitterness or sadness about it; it’s natural for friendships to go through things.

This post is going to be hard to really highlight all the true friends I’ve got because I’m grateful to say, I’ve been blessed with SO many: people I’ve been able to experience some of the most important events of my life with. People I’ve poured my heart out to and cried with. People I’ve taken trips with, and laughed until my stomach hurt. People I had stimulating and encouraging conversations with that helped me move forward.

And the thing is, I may not speak to all my close friends as much as I used to because of the distance, but I know I can count on them. I know that I’d still vibe with them if we all lived in the same city.

But I must say…

I could talk about SO MANY good friends…y’all know who you are 💙

But I have to highlight one friend, and that’s my HIGH SCHOOL BEST FRIEND, BRIA. I’ve known her for over a decade. I highlight her for several reasons, one major one being that it wasn’t until last year that I realized just how much she taught me as we grew up together.

Since we were in high school, we were together, always, probably laughing as loud as we could. We even went to college together (not planned), but I can’t imagine my college years being as good as they were without her. I’ve got some of my funniest stories with Bria, and they’re not funny because everyone thinks they’d be funny, they’re funny because WE were the ones laughing our heads off 😂 We mostly laughed at each other, and that was something so important I needed to learn as a perfectionist: that it’s okay to laugh at yourself when you mess up, when you’re awkward, when you’re searching for a seat in chapel and end up having to sit next to several of your college professors in the back, and then the hymn that’s being sung asks the very thing you’re both thinking: “Tell me what is your life?”

She not only taught me to laugh at myself, she taught me to love myself. I probably wasn’t the most attractive person to most people back in my high school / college years, but ya know what? I thought I was IT. I loved me some ME, and I didn’t care if people thought I was awkward, poorly dressed, or wayyyy too loud when I was with my best friend (did I mention that that was basically all the time?). I didn’t care if people thought I was weird for laughing at stupid stuff, or loving punk music AND KPOP (which, by the way, I have to say this because now loving KPOP is a cool thing, and I used to get the weirdest reactions about it! I knew it was good music before y’all! JUST SAYING! Y’all probably can’t even name the classic groups and songs. TRY ME! Better yet, try me, my sister and Bria, and we’ll beat you in KPOP trivia! Lol!)

My best friendship with Bria is still going strong TO THIS DAY despite the major distance between us…she lives in Hawaii, y’all 😭 I’m lowkey jealous, and I’m ready for her to come back Stateside so we can at least somewhat afford to visit each other and make more memories, have more laughs. I’m actually gonna talk to her on the phone this Thursday, something we should probably do more often, but I don’t stress over because I know my friendship with her won’t change by distance or even if we don’t text/talk every day. It’s a blessing really; God knew I needed a best friend like her!

I hope you’re remembering to love on your friends this week just as much as your family and significant others. 💗

Do you have a best friend? A best friend group? Who do you call your friends, and who do you call your acquaintances? How can you show them love this week and moving forward?

Mishy 🦋

LOVE…of Family

If you know me personally, you know my family is HUGE…I’m talking 2 sets of parents, so imagine what all comes from that; extended family larger than life!

And although having such a huge family has the potential to create some tension, I’m blessed with one that has continually loved me as I grow. My personality, interests, humor…all of those things have been shaped by my family in some form or fashion, and even though I’m coming into my own as an adult, little things I do or say remind me of where I’ve come from.

It’s been awesome to spend time with family as I reach my adulthood years: I see my sister every week because we have sister dates in which we eat together, relish in Korean culture through the music or TV shows (we’re watching 🌸Boys Over Flowers🌸 right now!), play video games , and just talk. My mom sends me and one of my sister’s a text every week day, just telling us “good morning, I love you,” and praying our day goes well. My dad sends me and my sister funny memes and videos every now and then to make us laugh. I get encouraging, Biblical texts and “I love you, I’m thinking about you” texts from my stepmom and stepdad. My Savannah family branch comes to the city I’m in every so often, and the California branch comes as often as they can (pretty sure it’s been once or twice a year!). My grandparents have a home they open up to me and my sister whenever we need it.

One of my favorite family things is when me, my sister, and four of my cousins get together for a girls trip for a weekend or a few days more, and each time we’re in a new city. Two years ago, we hadn’t hung out much together really; we knew about each other, but didn’t know each other’s personalities and interests and lives. Now, we have a group chat we chime in when we can about ANYTHING: prayer requests, funny stories, memes, and of course, our next vacation plans.

The subject of family can be tough for a lot of people; maybe there isn’t really unconditional love or support there. Maybe there have been arguments and separation. So, I don’t want to sit here and preach to “love your family” when it may be hard for some of you out there. I do pray for reconciliation and rebuilt love and trust, because even though it may seem impossible for those things to happen, NOTHING is impossible with God!

To those who are blessed with family they love and who love them: What do you love about your family? What makes each person unique? How can you show them you love them, not just this week for Valentine’s Day, but every week? Every day?

To those who may have a difficult family situation: Who in your life has treated you like family? Is it friends, co-workers, a significant other’s family? How can you show your love and appreciation for them?

Mishy 🦋