3 things.

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

Oh man, this is a tough one!

My initial thoughts are: my journal, my phone, and I guess a pen because the journal would be useless without it 😂 Some people probably read the phone part, and rolled their eyes. But honestly, I’m starting to learn more and more that, while writing is my main passion, I’ve grown a love for media, digital art, social media and how it runs. I’ve been able to grow my brand to where it is today because I’ve been learning so much about how to use social media.

I guess this also leads me to discuss the change I made on my Instagram. Underneath my name, it used to say “writer,” which makes sense since my Instagram username and whole brand is called “Mishy Writes.” But I changed it to “Digital creator” today because, while writing will always be my first creative love, I’ve learned to love so many other things in the creative world, like creating digital flyers, doing creative photoshoots, hosting a podcast, and more.

I am so many things creatively. And I’ve been torn about that for a while because someone I listened to (I can’t remember who) once talked about being a “master of none” if you’ve got your hand in too many pots. You can’t be a master at something if you’re trying to accomplish so many other different things at the same time. And while I understand what they’re saying, I feel like that mindset can be limiting.

I personally believe that I’m able to be a good writer because I can branch out in different creative ways. If I were to only write all the time, I feel like I’d get writer’s block way more easily. I may become bored or tired of it. So, being able to utilize another creative outlet to get my brain going helps me with my writing, as does practicing my writing every day.

Wow, I don’t know how I got on this topic when all I was supposed to write about was the three objects I can’t live without. But there’s nothing wrong with a *brief* explanation of why. 😅😂

Mishy 🦋