Wow. What a day!

It’s crazy to feel the excitement over today. I’m honestly so grateful to be alive to see such a date occur! While I am not in the business of believing numbers themselves have power, I do believe they are significant! So, I wrote down so many of my goals and intentions for the rest of this year, and already, things are coming together with such ease, praise be to God! 🙌🏽

While some of the things I desired and envisioned in the past did not occur, there are still tons of things God has allowed in my life, blessing me so that I may praise Him, and point any and every success back to Him. And the amazing thing is is that IT’S STILL GOING! I’m still seeing the fruit of my labor in so many ways that I can’t wait to share when the time is right.

What I will say is that NOW is the time to go to the Lord in prayer about the things you desire. Maybe this is just me, but I feel like growing up in the Christian community, and hearing that “the Lord’s will will be done” caused me to not ask for anything in prayer except for the typical “healing” or “providing” prayers. But God, while He knows our hearts and what we want already, still wants us to ask! And we shouldn’t be afraid to because we never know what the answer might be.

And we should have faith that His answer is what is best for us!

Mishy 🦋