every day is different.

I’ve been sucking at blogging every day during this 2-week quarantine. My bad, y’all.

But every day brings something different. Do not fear…I’ve been practicing social distancing as much as I can! This little extrovert is doing her best having as little social interaction as she can.

Today, I was blessed with a lot: sitting outside in sunny, 70-degree weather. A sweet Facebook post from my amazing boyfriend. An encouraging and motivating phone call from a friend I hadn’t spoken to in years. I bought a MacBook after saving up for years for it! And my Nike Forces that I thought I’d have to chase the UPS truck for, were safely in the package room waiting for me when I got back to my apartment. I’m super grateful for everyone and everything in my life!

These days off are counting down quickly than I’d anticipated, and in some ways, I feel sort of guilty for not doing the things I need to do. But I’m doing a lot that I normally wouldn’t have time to do either, like get enough rest, write/doodle in my poetry journal, have hour-long phone conversations with friends, catch up on One Tree Hill because I’m re-watching it all again for the second time.

I keep telling myself every night at this time that tomorrow I’ll do better; tomorrow, I’ll be more disciplined with my game planning. But, again, every day is just different. Especially when you’re kind of just waiting to hear how things are going in the outside world. That doesn’t give me an excuse to slack off when I do have projects I want to accomplish. But it means I should just do what I was doing even when I was working 5-days a week: the best that I can, with what I have.

So, if I sleep in and am starting my day a little later? It’s okay. If I worked a little on my game-plan, and then decided I wanted to spend two hours binge-watching One Tree Hill, it’s okay. If I actually decide to sit down and blog? It’s okay!

We are not promised tomorrow, so we should live every day the way we feel it should be lived. And that looks different for everyone…

If you knew today was your last day on earth, how would you spend it? How have your days looked so far during this time of social distancing? In what ways would you change what you’re doing?

I know tomorrow, it’s SPRING CLEANING day for me! Gotta hinder this apartment from ever smelling ripe lol!

Mishy 🦋💚