Down with the Sickness…

Back on Lookout Mountain!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

So glad that the trip went smoothly and quickly! I slept the whole way sooooo that’s probably why… (^^’)

Anyways, so sickness is just going around the family right now. I was sick with a cold during finals week, so I’m completely over it by now. Grandpa got sick over the weekend after finals. My aunt and her family have been passing the common cold around, and my little sister Annabelle just got diagnosed with the flu and was unable to ride up to the mountain with us. She’s very disappointed that she can’t see her cousins and my poor parents don’t know how they’re supposed to have their “no-kids-allowed” vacation this week. 😦 I’m praying it all works out though.

So, everyone is down with the sickness, and the sister closest to me(Kae’sha) is FREAKING OUT and is praying that she doesn’t get sick…we’ll see…

But there’s also been another type of sickness that seems to be on my heart lately…self-worth, and self-esteem sickness, I guess you could call it.

A friend has recently been on my heart, and they’ve been struggling with what’s going to happen to them in their future, career-wise. And, to be honest, I’ve wondered about that too. I’m majoring in English because I love to write and read, and literature in general just fascinates me. But recently, the music in me has escaped, and I’ve been picking up my acoustic everyday and playing and singing for an hour, sometimes an hour-and-a-half. Not to mention, I just finished taking Intro. to Art this semester, and making art through painting and picture collages and stuff is just totally awesome to me too!

So…what do I want to do with my life again? Haha, yeah, I’m confused too.

I know God has a plan for my life and for my friend’s life too, but it’s so hard not to wonder and worry about it. I mean, I have to have a job after I graduate! I can’t live on the streets! And surely my parents would not appreciate me living in their house for the rest of my life.Β 

Jeremiah 29:11. The most popular go-to verse for this type of situation. “For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (NIV)

God knows my and my friend’s passions and my dreams, and He also knows our fears and worries about those passions and dreams. He knows what our futures look like, and I have complete confidence that if we trust in Him, His Wills and Plans for our lives will be greater than we could ever hope or dream of.

Starting today, I am going to pray that this self-worth, self-esteem, future-concerned sickness in myself and in my friends and family will vanish because of the hope we have in Jesus Christ our Savior, the One who knows us inside and out and Who knows our past, present, and future.Β 

No more being down with the sickness…time to be encouraged with the hope we have.Β β™₯ (^^)Β β™₯

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