Merry Christmas!!! (^^)

WOW. Like, 15 minutes until CHRISTMAS DAY! \(^^)/

I love Christmas time! This year, though, the usual Christmas spirit that I feel around this time just wasn’t there. I think it was because it was my first time not being at my home during this time. Instead, I was at college, studying my butt off to pass all of my classes and not worrying about the ornaments on the tree or seeing what gifts I had under the tree. Even today, CHRISTMAS EVE, I couldn’t feel the huge rush and excitement of it being Christmas time…

Until now. I’m about to go to bed, but I’m listening to Family Force 5’s Christmas album and writing this blog. My family’s waking up at like 5am (or rather, my sister and I will be waking the entire house up at 5am) to start opening presents!

But even though I’m super excited about the presents as usual, I now feel the gratefulness of things that are non-material: family, friendships, home-away-from-home relationships, and of course, my relationship with Jesus Christ. Tomorrow reminds me of the day when He decided to enter our fallen world to save us.

So amazing.

Thank You, Jesus, for coming to this earth to die for us and save us. That is truly the best gift of all.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO Y’ALL! GOD BLESS THE TIME YOU HAVE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS! (^^) #bringontheJOY Thank God for all you have now and will receive! LOVE YOU ALL!

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