exhausted: a small piece of writing

My eyes move over my computer screen, but I’m barely comprehending what Shakespeare is trying to tell me about The Merchant of Venice. My sense of sight is beginning to dim as time passes by. Laptop lights and overhead lamps are the only light sources surrounding me and my fellow comrades, homies, PICs (Partners In Crime, to the laymen) as we read many articles, translate poems and songs, and try to figure out the probability of flipping three heads on three coins.

I’ve been under (as in, my giant blue headphones have been over my ears) for many hours now, either doing math homework or attempting to read Shakespeare. Every now and then, I can hear the tune of…

Oh, nevermind. Time to leave the Yellow Deli after a late night studying.

Well, that was a great time waster! 😀 😛 Hehe.

Written April 17th at 1:30am in the Yellow Deli. 

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