Plans & Decisions.

Guys, this is gonna be one of the shortest #JustStartWriting posts, I’m sorry.

I’ve been extremely busy lately with me trying to fix as many problems with my car as I can before I go out of town this weekend for my sister’s birthday, and then I’m trying to prep for something I have to do tomorrow, so my mind is going in ALL sorts of different directions right now. And I really need to sleep. Like, what I have to do tomorrow, I cannot pull off with a 2am bedtime this time around.

I’m still going to post though! Gotta stick with the challenge.

All of this thinking and planning has me wondering: how do you plan for stuff? How do you make decisions?

Despite feeling slightly all over the place, I am excited and nervous about things that are happening in life right now. But within this excitement, there are some decisions to make.

I’ve learned that decision-making needs to be a more thorough process than just sitting and staring at the wall, thinking about one option, and then threading it with the other. Because I just start to get confused about what I truly feel and desire, or what fearful of and hesitant about.

Like this summer, when I had to decide whether I was going to stay home or possibly join a program up north, my friend Sarah advised me to write down all my feelings about each option. Visually weighing out the pros and cons helped me see what the true benefits of certain things would be, and as I wrote, I could feel myself sort of leaning toward one option more. But even my feelings could be changed after reading over the possibilities that I’d written for both.

And, of course, no major decision could go without praying about it. Making a decision based on my own feelings is no way to decide anything because feelings change so quickly. I’m not saying that prayer immediately gave me my answers. Quite honestly, it was frustrating at times to pray about things because it’s not like God comes down on a cloud like He did with Moses, and audibly speaks to you.

But it’s amazing in what ways God does speak to you when you’re truly willing to listen. If you are sincere about wanting to obey wherever He will lead you, He will make sure that you understand where you are supposed to be.

I wish I could explain it in better terms. Honestly, this summer has been the first season in which I could really say that I heard God speak, whether that be through people in my life or situations that occurred that led me to believe a specific decision was correct.

Because I’m making this post so short, I may need some help from you guys out there. Yes, that means I’m making this post a little more interactive, like the Snapchat/Instagram post.

I really am curious…tell me how you plan for things? How do you make decisions? Are you the type of person that has to write things down, or can you simply think about it, and weight your options that way? No way is better than the other, I don’t think; I think it just depends on who you are, and which way works better for you.

Again, not forcing you to respond. If you do though, that’d be cool. And yes, I do read the comments.

A friend of mine had trouble commenting on the last interactive post, so, if you’re having issues, I think you just have to click the title of this post, and then at the very end of the post, there should be a space that tells you to “Leave a Comment.”

So please do, if you feel led to!

I really gotta get some sleep…


❤ Mishy

One thought on “Plans & Decisions.

  1. Seaux Chill

    A good friend, Genesis, changed the way I think about decision making. Before I used to map stuff out in my head. Now I write things out. Especially when deciding what moves to make to move me closer to my goals. Now I game plan on paper, not in my head. Everything has a purpose and every decision leads to another decision that leads to another one that eventually leads to my goal.

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