I am not at liberty to say yet, BUT…just know I wasn’t playing when I said something big is coming.

This sentence comes straight from my journal the day after I took a leap of faith, and allowed God to work in it for me. Growing up, I was always told that when something presented itself – a person, an opportunity – that I should wait on the Lord, and pray about it. Now, I have encouraged this on my social media, and in no way am I not supporting this way of living. I believe though that maybe a couple of months back, I wrote about how this action in particular caused me to shove away possibilities out of fear because I claimed to be “waiting on the Lord, and praying on it.”

Of course, there have been several things that have bitten me in the ass because I didn’t wait and pray, and that resulted in wasted time, money, and creativity that I could have been putting towards something else. But the times in which I was afraid, and just claimed to be waiting and praying when I was really just shying away from who God made me to be? Oh, nah. I was really tripping!

Instead of being fearful, I now take the leap of faith, and I trust God to lead it to where I need to be. If it isn’t for me, I won’t get it. If it’s for me, He will open the door. I feel like I have gone through so many reckless scenarios that I thought would put me in the right position, and those things taught me the lesson of really tapping in to what God has for me. But I shouldn’t be afraid to knock on the door, to ask, to seek.

You may be wondering why I chose “5:55” as the time for that picture, and I honestly didn’t know why I chose it, it was the first sequence of numbers that came to mind. To be fair, I have been seeing repeating numbers recently: 1111, 222, 444, and 555. When I looked up what “555” is, this is what I found:

I did change it from “the universe” to “God” though lol

I don’t believe that numbers have power, but I do believe that they have meaning, and God speaks through them, whether it be for comfort, or to prepare you for something coming. I’d already pre-written my last blog post before this one, and before I even finished my last blog post, I started seeing “555” all the time, along with the other numbers I mentioned. I don’t think it was a coincidence that when I wrote the line in my journal, I automatically thought of “5:55.”

Things are shifting! And what did I say in my last post? That I was preparing for this change. That I was making room.

Just wait on it! It’s coming soon…

What’s something you feel like you need to wait on the Lord, and pray on? What’s something that you need to take a leap of faith with, and trust God to lead you in? Are you currently feeling a major shift in your own life?

Mishy 🦋