#JustStartWriting: MONTH #3

Sorry this post is a little late! I’ve had a pretty full day of hanging out with people, which is definitely something I’ve been needing lately.

But we are here. I cannot believe we’ve come to this point. I never expected #JustStartWriting to continue in this way, but I’m thinking, why stop this at two months now? Especially when I’ve got all sorts of ideas for this upcoming month!

Not sure if after this month is over I’ll continue with #JustStartWriting. I’ll go more into depth maybe halfway through the month, and see if I can get some feedback from some people, then make some decisions from there.

But for now…#JustStartWriting, MONTH #3.

#JSW3 Plans

A burst of inspiration hit me one day at work, and I thought of several things I want to write about this month. Some of this inspiration was brought about by family and friends, so I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to y’all. Seriously, I wouldn’t want to continue this without your support. I love each and every one of you.

So, what do I have planned this month? I’ll give you a sneak-peek…

Character Sketches

I expressed how I wanted to focus on character development in my writing, so I think this month I’ll be posting some character sketches or dialogues to actually put this into practice.

My Mom

There are moments when my mom will go into a story about her childhood in the Philippines, and I just sit there and listen, and I start to understand how I became the person I am today. I also understand how she became the person she is.

So, I’ll be doing some interviews with my mom, and sharing some stories about her experiences. She’s an amazing woman, y’all. God’s truly blessed her, and given her a unique story.


This is my blog, but I think it’ll be good to get some other writers in on this #JSW thing, don’t you?

I love reading things from other writers because I can learn so much. Plus, I want to open up this #JSW way of thinking to other writers. I want this grow into a bigger community than just me. Because community, even though it’s a major buzzword in college, is super important. I don’t want to do this #JSW thing alone; it’s no fun that way.

So, I’ll be asking some of my writer friends to write a little something – essay, short story, poem, etc. – to submit to my blog, and I’ll play the role of reader (and also write a little introduction to who they are 🙂 ).

I’m excited to see what they come up with, and I’m excited to expand the #JSW family. I’ll explain more in the introduction for #JSWTogether.


That’s just some of the stuff I’ve got planned this month (and, who knows, maybe more will come up!), and I am extremely excited to see how all of this goes!

I was going to tell you what series would start tomorrow, but I think I’ll just leave it as a surprise! I hope you all are as ready and excited as I am!

*ALSO: If you are interested in writing a piece for #JSWTogether, please contact me via email at mishruss94@gmail.com, and I’ll give you the details. The more writers/poets we can get, the better! 😀

#JustStartWriting, MONTH #3


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