#JustStartWriting, Month 2 Review


Just like the first month of this project, this past month flew by. And I learned so much, yet again, about myself and my writing, and about what I want to get out of writing, and what I want my readers to get out of my writing. Seriously want to grow in so many areas in regards to this wonderful passion of mine, and I’m hoping this upcoming month will help do that.

So…does anybody remember the #JSW goals for month #2? Well, let’s review…

Goal #1: Write Earlier

I would say this goal was accomplished half of the time. I definitely wasn’t writing posts in advance, but I also wasn’t writing them at 11pm or 11:30pm, right before the day was over. So, I would call that a win. I’ll still be trying to improve on this next month!

Goal #2: Show More.

Again, probably another 50/50. Some posts called for pictures, while others, not so much. But maybe I can work on thinking about particular images for posts, even if they aren’t immediately associated with what I’m writing about…

Goal #3: Get More Involvement.

Okay, this goal is basically being transferred to month #3 because it didn’t happen in month #2. However, I did get in contact with a few of my writer friends, and have been checking up on them about their writing, and giving them advice when they need it. I’ve got better plans this month for this goal, though. I’m pretty stoked.

Goal #4: Ask More Questions.

I think I asked questions after most of the #JSW posts this month, with some people actually answering the questions or commenting in general (thank you to those who did!). I’ll probably still include questions this month, but not many. Just because I don’t ask specific questions though, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to hear your input or feedback! If you feel compelled to tell me something, please feel free to do so.


So, now that we’ve been through last month’s goals, it is time to prepare for month 3. And I’ve actually been preparing for a while now, which is something I’ve learned through the course of this #JSW gig. Yes, #JSW is about sitting down, and writing whatever comes to mind. But that can be done with a little bit of direction, and with goals, like I did last month, and I’m wanting this to grow and be a little more purposeful than me just ranting about what’s been happening with me.

Tomorrow, there’ll be an intro post to #JSW, Month #3, explaining the goals for the month, and also giving you a sneak-peek of some of the series I’ll be writing.

I hope you’re just as excited as I am. Tons of ideas are filling my mind as I type, and I am too happy to share them with you all.

Today, I go to the Made to Destroy Tour with Pierce the Veil, Neck Deep , and I Prevail with my sister! So, you know you can at least expect a post about that soon 🙂



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