“social media” – Day 3 of #12DaysofPoetry

On the 3rd day of poetry, Mishy gave to us…

“social media”

Social media is sneaky.

It allows us to check up on people
Without ever needing to make an effort to
Truly reach out.
People aren’t about phone calls anymore,
They’re not about trying to actually have a conversation to make sure that
You’re okay.
Nah, an Instagram of you having fun at the beach will suffice.
Watching you take a road trip on Snapchat makes it look like your life is all
Nice and tidy an cool.
Even though we read those “sad,” “emo,” “depressing” tweets,
We sometimes brush it off as dramatic speech,
Just complaining like everyone else.
There can’t possibly be some truth behind those words you type with your thumbs.

Social media. It’s good sometimes, but a lotta times makes us numb to people’s
Real struggles, real problems.
When you see other people’s posts, it’s never about them,
But about you, and how the comparison
How hard do you have to try to make that one picture you took
Relevant to your followers?
Meaningful to the world?
Matter enough for you to get the attention of that special girl?
When all he really could do
Is say, “Hey.” to her when he sees her.
All she has to do is strike up a conversation with him.
If she so dares to want to know
How he’s really been.

Posts and tweets and video feeds aren’t always news.
They’re not always a status report on a person’s emotions and feelings but sometimes they’re
A place for people to get likes and views.
I’m not pointing the finger here – I’m guilty too.
Which is why I take a break every now and then to
Separate the sometimes shallowness I cave into and pick up a pen,
A notebook, a book to inspire,
To really think about all life’s desires,
To put myself and the world in perspective.

Lord, forgive me
For believing that everyone’s lives are always positive,
For never taking the initiative to reach out to someone You placed on my heart and mind after
I saw what they posted or
Message someone after their Instagram live,
God, make me more sensitive to the vibes
People send me through their
Pictures and words that are possibly a cry out
For help
To anyone, from them.
Make me aware, and give me the strength and courage to move.
To reach out in love more efficiently.
To step out of the boundaries technology has me by.
To be honest with others, and break down the lies that people may believe through seeing my own
Posts, pictures, and tweets.

Help me to speak up.
Because social media is sneaky.
It makes us believe that if we can just
Prove to people on the outside we’re okay,
It’ll be enough.

~ written April 8, 2017 at 10:16am. I vividly remember writing this poem. I was sitting on my bed in the downtown apartment I used to live in, and these words just spewed out of me.

#MishyWrites #12DaysofPoetry

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