to be real.

How is it already almost 10 o’clock at night as I’m writing this?

These days filled with nothing seem to be going by quicker than days in which I was extremely busy. But maybe it’s because there’s time to do the things I’ve been wanting to do!

Honestly, what can I write about? Today was a fairly normal day in which I made sure to do the essential things: my quiet/devotional time, eat, work out, shower, dishes, and laundry. The rest of the time, I was gathering more writing information so I can learn even more about this thing that I love.

Part of me is excited, and another part of me is nervous. Excited because it’s good to level up in my craft in some ways! Can’t grow if I’m just doing the same thing. I’m nervous because sometimes I wish writing was just simple. Not because I’m lazy, but because the simplicity of just writing whatever comes to mind, whatever is in the heart, just seems highly genuine and real to me. Sometimes I feel like people can get so lost in creating content, we lose the authenticity of things.

I’d be lying if I said there weren’t days when I wish I could be just as carefree in my writing back a few years back when I used to do this every day. Part of me feels like there’s a lack of inspiration since I”m confined to such a small space to really experience anything, but I guess that’s no excuse for that when the lack of space can still give me time to experience things online.

But truly, I think it’s because I fear the audience I potentially have right now. I don’t know how many people are actually reading my blog these days (don’t feel guilty if you’re not…well, I guess if you’re not, then you wouldn’t be reading this. 😅 Anyways!), but I do know who could possibly lay their eyes on my words. And in a way, that makes me nervous. Because I want to make content that’s relatable and interesting, but I also want to be as genuine as possible.

Back when I wrote on my blog every day, I really didn’t know who my audience was, so it made it easier for me to write without feeling maybe judged by what I wrote about. But I know I should have the same mindset back then as I do now, no matter if I do know who my audience is or not! Who knows if me being real allows someone else to feel understood? Who knows if my words could open someone’s perspective to a different point of view?

I guess I’ll never really know until I stop being scared to just be real on here. Not saying that everything I’ve written so far during this quarantine time hasn’t been real, but there have been times I’ve filtered maybe an opinion I had, or didn’t write about something on my mind/heart because I felt like no one else would understand.

But who’s website is this again? Yep, it’s mine. So it’s time I stop walking on eggshells here, and just be who I am!

What are some things that hinder you from being authentic and genuine? How can you push past these things to unleash who you really are/what you really love?

Mishy 🦋🤍


Katsushika Hokusai.

How many of you know what I’m talking about? Maybe if you’re an art major/minor, you do. Or, if you’re just someone who’s into art, you know. Or, if you’re of Japanese decent, you might know as well!

Here, I’ll give you a hint…

Chances are, this is more familiar to you!

Yesterday, I received a long-awaited package: a cover for my MacBook Air. I’d ordered it maybe two weeks ago, and it finally came in! After a little struggle, I was able to snap on the case, and now I have this beautiful copied piece of work displayed on the back of my laptop.

It’s called Under the Wave off Kanagawa (The Great Wave).

Honestly, I’ve seen pictures of this wave before, and knew it was a famous art piece, but didn’t know anything about it. And as I sat here thinking about what I wanted to blog about today, I looked at my laptop and thought, Maybe I should learn more about this painting.

so, I Google’d it…

The first thing I found out was that it actually isn’t a painting, but a ukiyo-e, a Japanese woodblock print made in during what was apparently the Edo period. This print in particular is a polychrome (multi-colored) woodblock print, made with ink and color on paper! And this particular piece is actually a part of a series of prints that Katsushika Hokusai did back in the early 1830s entitled Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji.

So, because this print was a part of that series, Mount Fuji had to be somewhere in this piece! And I never realized it, but the site where I got the information from showed where on this particular print Mount Fuji was located on:

Scroll up and look at the picture as a whole now, and find where Mount Fuji is located!

look it up!

There is so much more information I could share with you guys about this piece, but I really wanted to talk about what I thought as I continued reading about it. There are many things (images, written works, etc.) that maybe many of us just take at face value. We know they’re well-known, but we won’t take the time to figure out why. We won’t try to understand who the person was behind something that was created, we just slightly acknowledge it, and move on.

I feel like we need to be better at learning more, instead of just letting things we don’t know about pass us by. We are living in the age where we have TONS of information at our fingertips, yet we only use a fraction of it on a daily basis. Why don’t we use it to learn about things that maybe aren’t as significant or needed in our lives?

There are a lot of things going on in people’s lives, I understand this. So I know that looking up the history behind a piece of artwork or band or era may be “wasting time” to some, but truly, when I think about it SO MUCH stuff has happened in times when we weren’t even born, and even now! And when we’ve got the technology to understand and learn, why don’t we?

With the time we have right now, there’s really no excuse!

So think: What’s something you’ve been curious about? Is it a musician, a piece of artwork, an event in history, a subject / theme of the Bible? What’s a question you’ve pondered before, but never bothered to try to find the answer to?

It doesn’t have to be a skill or hobby that you need to put into practice! It can just be some more knowledge to tuck into your belt.

Mishy 🦋🤍

*Source used for The Great Wave information:

the pink moon. 🌕

Did anyone get a chance to see the Pink Moon last night?

Truthfully, I was a little sad to find out a couple of hours before the peak time that it wasn’t actually pink, but I love a good full moon anyway! But of course, after sitting outside and locating where it was, the clouds were covering it off and on. I find that every time some sort of cool, space thing is happening, the clouds seem to want to cover it up most of the time.

Thankfully, though, the clouds were moving, so every few minutes or so, the Pink Moon in all its fullness would come popping out from behind the thick clouds. And it was beautiful. And even if it was covered by thin or thicker clouds, you could still see how bright it was by the rays poking out from behind them.

Some of the thin layers of clouds were shaped like ocean waves as they passed over the moon. And as I looked at how bright the moon was, it made me think of what it would think if it knew what was happening on earth right now. And maybe it shining so brightly was its way of reminding us that, even in the heaviness this pandemic is bringing to our world, there can still be light to see. There can still be light to break through.

Although the moon doesn’t really know what’s happening, God does. And maybe He allowed the moon to be as beautiful as it was last night to remind us that He is still here, and He still sees and hears us, even if it seems things are going in cycles, and there aren’t very many positive details about what’s happening. I know as I watched the moon, I felt very grateful to still be able to see it. I am grateful even now for what the moon represents in regards to change: P.I.N.K ➡️ Phases. Innovation. New. Knowledge.


The moon changes every night as it prepares to go into all of its different phases, and we all go through change just like it. Right now, we’re all changing in a lot of the same ways as we practice social distancing, but we also are still changing in our own different ways as we use this time we have. But each phase can still be beautiful; and each phase serves a purpose as it helps us get to the next phase. Think: what phase are you currently in? What are you doing now to prepare for the next phase?


Some of us are doing some major innovation, or transformation. Maybe our “normal” lives before all of this had some toxic characteristics and habits, and now that we can slow down, we can uproot those things from our lives, and establish better routines. Maybe we ourselves are changing: physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally. How can you see innovation in your life right now?


Obviously, we are in a completely new phase of life that many of us have not encountered ever before. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never been out of work for this long, and still been getting paid for it. Even though we may be in the same locations, how we’re interacting (or not interacting) with our environment is still very new to us. I already had to think about washing my hands when I was at work (since I work at preschool), but now I’m thinking about washing my hands outside of work – while I’m at home, if I go to the grocery store, if I step right outside of my apartment complex just to get some fresh air.

We’re all thinking of and creating new ways to live with how things are. And while it’s easy to see the negative side of these things, we can still create some positive experiences. What are some new things you’ve done or are doing these days?


Each day, we have the opportunity to learn. We may not be in classrooms or jobs, but we still have technology at our fingertips. We still have the things and people in our homes to go to for information, to teach/guide us in new things. Something we may have wanted to know about can now be learned because we’re all inside. Not to mention, we’re learning more about ourselves and how we presently function, and can better function as people now, and whenever we can all go back outside. What are some things you’re learning these days? Who is teaching you? What resources are you taking advantage of now?

All of these things were thoughts I had as I sat and watched the clouds hide then reveal the moon. What are some thoughts you had last night as you watched it? If you weren’t able to see it, did you still wait to see if you could?

Mishy 🦋🤍

“Tula, the Hibiscus Tree” 🌺 (POEM)

Today, I sat down to write, and when I looked outside, I saw
Tula…my hibiscus tree.
The one my man got me for our one year anniversary of dating, yes,
She was so pretty when she first arrived —
Bright pink petals pushing out from thin twigs that
Wrapped themselves around each other into a twist,
That’s what she used to look like. Now?

As I sit and look at her, I can’t help but be sad by her state.
No longer are there any pink petals or green leaves.
Only twigs remain.
We did go through a change of seasons —
Fall and winter came and went, and as cold as it gets during those times, I
Knew Tula wouldn’t be in bloom then
But now that spring has arrived, and I see the other bigger tree beginning to sprout its green leaves, I
See Tula’s bare twigs and wonder if maybe
Her bare being is reflective of the care I’ve taken, not of her, but of myself.

Because all through the fall and winter, I too shed leaves like a hibiscus tree.
My petals were pulled off by me and my
Self-sabotaging tendencies, I
Viewed other plants and how they grew,
And envied the way they looked,
Wishing I could be like them.
When all the while, I should have been tending to my own roots, and
Waiting for the spring to come around,
Praying for the Lord to show me who I am so that I
Didn’t have to fear the way that others looked in comparison to me.

So, in a way, when I look at Tula, I see myself.
And I wish that I’d taken better care of the both of us. I wish I’d spent more time with my Creator, speaking to Him and
Depending on His view of me rather than
Caring too much about the other plants He made.
I look at Tula, and I fear that we won’t bear fruit or flower this season.
I wonder if maybe it’s too late for us.

But I still have some hope —
I took the time to water her today with some nutrients good for her soil,
And I fed her some food to help her grow along with the sunshine and warm weather we’ve got these days.

As for me…I know there is hope.
And I must do the same things:
Water myself, be fed the best spiritual Food there is (the Word),
And let it nourish my soul.
I look forward to see in the days to come just how much Tula and I have grown.

But our growth shouldn’t stop once we bloom.
No, even before we bloom, may we help others grow too.
May we look at other flowers and trees without envy, and admire them
For we do not know the journey they took to become what they are now.
So, let us water those who need it and
Celebrate those who have surpassed us.

For these are signs of sure growth as well.

Mishy 🦋🤍

🌸 spring cleaning. 🌸

Hey friends!

I know I missed a day of blogging last week, but it was due to me listening to my body. I was exhausted on Saturday night; had a major headache and just felt kind of weak. I’m fr so much better the next day, I probably was just going through a caffeine withdrawal since I hadn’t had coffee that day (yes, my caffeine intake must be that hardcore 🥴😅).

But I’m glad I took the rest that day instead of trying to power through it. This is what this time is for anyway, right? For us to listen to our bodies, and actually follow through since we’ve got time to?

Today, I did some spring cleaning – cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, vacuumed my apartment, and did my laundry so I could prepare to switch up my closet from winter clothes to spring/summer clothes 😍🤩 One of my favorite times of the year!

Honestly, I’m having a hard time writing content here that has nothing to do with the coronavirus or continuing to rest or taking advantage of the time or staying healthy and safe. While all of those things are so important during this time, part of me feels like maybe everything that needs to be said, has been said. And I don’t want to be someone who’s just repeating things over and over again.

So, let’s talk about 🌸SPRING CLEANING🌸 What are some things that phrase makes you think of? How does it make you feel?

For me, it signifies a change in season, and new beginnings. In some ways, I or you may be completely wiping a slate clean and starting all over, or maybe we’re reviving something that’s passed on or outdated to make it into something new.

I feel like in some ways, I’m reviving my writing some. I don’t want to have the same pattern of writing, or write about the same things over and over again to the point that it becomes monotonous.

Another thing I’m reviving is my prayer life. While I have prayed here and there about some things, I still feel somewhat disconnected, like I’m not focused when I’m talking to God because I’ve got so much on my mind, like how I’ll utilize my time.

So, as I’m spring cleaning, these are things I’m thinking about!

What are some things you need to revive/rejuvenate? Or what’s something you need to start from the ground up?

Mishy 🦋🤍

gripping the ground.

Today was such a good day!

I mean, a lot of these days have been good days, but today in particular, I just felt like I had more of a routine than I normally have. I got up fairly early. I attended an online writing workshop, and wrote the first poem for National Poetry Month. I worked out, took a shower, and washed my bed sheets. I took a listen to Kiana Lede’s album, KIKI, and fell in LOVE with it! I worked on a new little collaboration (coming to you soon!), and drank two Nalgenes full of water (FINALLY!). And now I’m writing this blog post a couple of hours before midnight. YAY!

When I think about it, I feel like I’ve been sort of neglecting myself during this quarantine. I’ve been doing some things, but I haven’t been really been taking care of myself like I used to when I had a routine. I’d been writing (or blogging) every day, but that was the extent to my writing process; I wasn’t learning anything new, or trying to branch out really. I’d been drinking water, but not nearly enough (and it’s resulted in my skin breaking out, and me feeling a little fatigued and dehydrated at the end of the day/during the night). I’d had such a good workout schedule along with drinking protein shakes, and now my body isn’t used to either from doing both of them off and on in the past few weeks.

But it’s never too late to start gripping the ground again. And I felt this so much today, and even though it was just one day, and it takes several days to create a habit, at least I made the choice to begin!

So, not only did I do a writing workshop today, I signed up for more writing classes to help expand my writing process. I started writing the second out of the three poems I need to write to be on track for Poetry Month. Instead of stopping at 2 Nalgenes full of water, I started drinking a third. I started choosing things for myself instead of just letting the day go by, and I haven’t made any moves to better myself in some way.

Once I’m done writing this, I’ll finish writing my poems, read my Bible and devotional, and probably just chill out for the rest of the day. All-in-all, I’m proud of how I spent my day. And now, I’m excited to be able to continue the routine tomorrow.

take the steps.

There’s been so much encouragement I’ve given to y’all in the past couple of weeks regarding the state in which our lives are all changing. I’ve encouraged you to be okay with rest, to use the time you’ve got to work on a passion/craft/hobby you’ve always wanted to, to trust that God is in control of this whole situation. Now, I encourage you in these times to do at least one thing that makes you proud of you every single day. It can be anything! You don’t even have to make a lot of headway on something, or completely finish something. As long as you took the steps to do it, and you feel good that you’ve done it! You’ve got this! Let’s make ourselves proud!

What kind of routine have you been able to create during this time? What was something you did today that made you proud of yourself? How can you continue to invest in yourself as so many states are declaring a two-week stay at home policy starting tomorrow?

Mishy 🦋🤍

to be honest: how I sometimes feel.

Today, I went live with my friend Jeigh for her organization Suspire, and we discussed how I’ve been personally feeling with everything going on.

Honestly, I’m probably in one of the most privileged positions of anyone enduring this pandemic: I’m off of work, but I’m still getting paid. Which means, I have so much time to create! So, there’s really not much room for me to complain, and I’m grateful to be in the position I’m in!

I was telling Jeigh during the live that while I’m not necessarily enduring panic from all this, and I’m more in disbelief that these things are happening, even though I’m living through it day by day. Again, I’m grateful to not be experiencing more negative emotions due to this pandemic.

However, when I think about it, I still have to fight for my mental health. I may not be anxious in regards to the pandemic, but I’m seeing that being stuck in one place for so long leaves a lot of time to just think about other things…and sometimes those things can be negative. I have noticed that sometimes it’s easier for me to see the hope and light in other people’s situations, and not see it in my own. I’m able to write to inspirational content for others, but when I go back and read it, sometimes I feel like those words just aren’t for me.

I’ve had to battle mental demons that desire for me to self-sabotage, threatening my stable situations into chaos and confusion. Yes, there is more time to create…but there’s also more time to compare myself. There’s more time to allow those thoughts to settle in, and cause me to question myself – what I look like, the things I do, etc.

In a way, I feel like I somehow fudged my answers in the Instagram live earlier, but truly, these times of feeling down are brief and temporary. But they are still there, and I don’t want to pretend like they never happened, because they have. I find that I’m fearful of admitting my weak moments of believing these lies; I’m afraid that if I say them out loud, I’d be judged rather than encouraged or helped.

But I also know that, even if it may be initially painful to bring them to light, there is always healing and reassurance on the other side from the Lord, from people who truly love and support me. And I also know that I’m not the only one who goes through these thought processes, so that’s always comforting.

And it’s comforting to know that I can read and look at the art and words of other artists when I feel my words aren’t of much comfort to myself. And honestly, that’s an interesting topic for another blog post. Hmm…

Just some honesty today! But it’s good to get it off my chest. Here are some of the words that have encouraged me lately:

Mishy 🦋💚

a time for reflection.

What day is it? Saturday?

I guess, technically, it’s almost Sunday now. I know I should probably write these posts before two hours before midnight, but I just like living through a day, seeing what it holds, before I sit down to try to write here.

There have been a lot of things happening in light of the whole coronavirus thing. Things that are teaching me who I am, what I truly love, what I need to be the best me I can be. It’s easy to think that we know who we are as we go through life a day at a time. But sometimes, time goes by so quickly, and we’re so busy with everything that we don’t get to pause and reflect on if our needs and desires have even changed in our lives.

I honestly needed this time to remind me of who I really am. I feel like I’ve been settling for the “fast-food” version of myself instead of really delving deep. I had those deep moments every now and then during my on-the-go time before all of this social distancing, but being stuck in a place for a while, not really able to do much or go anywhere, it makes you reflect on the person you used to be, and who you are now.

signs of the times.

Time has been on my mind so much recently. I’ve been thinking about memories I had, some with friends, some with my boyfriend of almost two years, some with my family. I looked at my Facebook memories today, and a few pictures and posts popped up: one of them was promotion pictures from two years ago for my first poetry performance. The year before that, it was a picture of me inside the bathroom at my current job, only then it was my first spring working there.

I look at those posts, and I think back to those times, and who I was during them. I remember where I was in my poetry journey, and even in my motivational speaking. I remember the people I mostly interacted with, whether they were online or in person. I remember when things began to change for me, when I made decisions to make changes that would push me forward instead of holding me back.

And then I see my life now – the things I have, the people who are actively in my day-to-day, or even month-to-month because honestly, when things were normal I wouldn’t see some of my closest friends for a good few weeks or months. I’m grateful for where I am, but I know that I have to do things to change where I am into something greater. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful for my life right now; I just know that I am not meant to stay stagnant here for very long.

So, as I’m social distancing to the best of my ability, I am reflecting on who I am, what I need, and what I desire. I’m acknowledging the things, people, and opportunities I do have right now, and am grateful for them. And I also acknowledge that I still have work to do in order for some of the visions in my mind to come to fruition. Work, but most importantly, prayer; seeking the Lord, and asking Him the best way to go about all of this. Honestly, the prayer part is where I am weakest right now. Even though I have all this time on my hands, it doesn’t mean I can’t get distracted by things. So my prayer life in itself is something I need to work on too!

And I hope that we all take some time during this pause of the world to do these things, and to put into practice a routine to better understand ourselves now, so whenever we’re placed back into “normal” times, we aren’t settling for the “fast food” versions of ourselves, but we know our past and present selves, and we strive to be better in the future.

How can you evaluate yourself in past, present, and future? What are some things you notice now that you feel like you wouldn’t have noticed in your busier times? How can you use this time to move forward in things you’ve dreamt of?

Mishy 🦋💚

a day for creatives.

Happy Friday!

Today, I participated in a Facebook Live concert along with 6 other wonderful artists. Many might think it was unwise…we’re supposed to all be staying inside and social distancing, hindering the spread of the coronavirus. Keeping the sickness at bay. But when I tell you, there was such healing in that room as my sweet soul sister Kimmie J Soul sang accompanied by Keelah Jackson and Brandi Jordan, I cannot lie to you.

Of course, it wasn’t physical healing, but the spirit and mind are just as vital in this time as we battle against this pandemic. And I’ve said this over and over again: sharing art in this time is such a huge part of healing together. It helps bring and remind us of hope.

And it’s moments like that that help me stay motivated to keep going, to keep writing, to keep speaking, even now. There are so many things that try to bring me down, try to make me stop the gift I’ve been given; being surrounded by other artists who see your potential definitely helps keep you going. Having family and friends who support you keeps you going. My sister, my dad, and my boyfriend were all able to make it to the Facebook Live today to watch me, and I’m sure there were others who support me who watched as well, and that truly makes a difference.

Even spending time with my boyfriend, who’s a musician, has helped motivate me. There are days when he feels like working on something, and it doesn’t turn out the way he’d like, and there are days when he feels like maybe he lost that talent to write and rap like he used to. Then there are days it clicks for him again, and he’s able to get in that creative mode and mindset he’s been wanting to be in.

It’s encouraging to me because I sometimes feel like I’m the only creative out there who get stuck sometimes. Deep down, I know it’s not true, but when I’m in that space, it’s easy to feel alone, and like my talent isn’t worth holding close to the talent of others. But when I surround myself with creatives who genuinely support me, and are vulnerable about their own process, I gain the strength to carry on in my own process.

I feel like my thoughts are kind of all over the place, to be honest. So much to take in today! And today is almost over…this quarantine time is still hard to get used to!

Anyway, please go check out today’s Facebook Livestream from Visit Chattanooga’s page, and watch this lovely, uplifting, and healing performance!

And have a look at my boyfriend’s new music video too, while you’re at it!

Mishy 🦋💚

a gentle reminder + my first blog quarantine template.

Hey, friends!

I was looking through some things to post, and I remember saving this picture from @femalecollective on Instagram that read:

And it, of course, made me think of all the messages of hope, healing, encouragement, and motivation that are being recycled over and over to remind us of how we should try to feel in these times. With everything closing and shutting down, some of us actually losing our jobs, we’re being forced to stay put, to actually slow down. And many of us are feeling guilty, and being really hard on ourselves for just sitting around when we have this time to possibly work on things we always said we’d work on if we had the time.

I feel like the guilt we feel by not doing anything roots in how we as a country have been raised. The “if you don’t work, you don’t eat” mentality, which is true…working creates provision for the things we need and want.

But when most of us are forced to not work, yet we still have bills to pay, people to feed, products we need to maintain our lives and the lives of those that we love, then we feel guilty for lying around and starting our fourth Netflix series since we’re told to stay home. We can only do so much to find place of work that is still open and still hiring. And we can start the personal business we always wanted to, but we we know that that will still take some time to take off.

We feel ashamed for simply sitting around, waiting to hear what our government is saying about the situation we’re in. We become anxious if we’re not guaranteed a workplace to go back to, and we can’t even go out to try to find a new one to go back to whenever the Lord decides to allow things to go back to normal.

I know the theme of “rest” has been a prominent one throughout this season, and I know maybe it’s getting a little strung out. But it’s so true and so important; just like being gentle with ourselves is important. Stop feeling guilty for deciding to just chill out today, tomorrow, the next day. Allow yourself some time away from the busyness and distractions you normally had, and just breathe.

Think of how everyone and everything in the world is finally slowing down enough to maybe realize the addiction we had to being busy. I know before all of this change started, if someone were to ask me how I was doing, I’d say two things: “I’m good, just busy.” And now, “busy” really isn’t an option for an answer. But “I’m feeling rested now is.” “I’m doing my best to feel my best in these times” is another option. An even better one? “I’m just learning how to keep trusting God with everything right now.” WHEW!

So, as the Female Collective has reminded us: “Remember to be gentle with yourself.” You can be productive today. You can relax today. You can decide to be productive, but end up just relaxing today. You can be a little anxious…it’s okay to admit that you are, no one’s going to beat you up over it. And even though a lot of encouragement and motivation is telling you not to be this way, don’t feel bad for feeling that way. Feel every emotion in its fullness, pray about it, and let it pass.

my first blog quarantine template.

Welcome to my first blog quarantine template!

There have been plenty of templates being passed around social media, mainly ones on Instagram stories, or even game templates on Facebook statuses. So, I figured it would be easiest for me to make my own so it’s quick and easy for y’all to read (and, if you feel like telling me your own answers to these things, you can tell me in the comments below!).

I’ll do this every day, but I’ll also write about something else too! That way my blog isn’t just spammed with constant quarantine updates for days on end.

In Today’s Quarantine…

  • What I’m Watching: Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker
  • What I’m Listening To: The Insecure: Music from the HBO Original Series, Season 3 album (preparing for season 4, whenever it drops!)
  • Games I’ve Played: Mostly Brawlhalla with my boyfriend and his friends online
  • Something I Feel Good About: The beautiful sunshine and spring weather we FINALLY have here in Chattanooga!
  • Something I Feel Bad About: Maybe not checking in with my kiddos from school too much? It’s honestly kind of hard for me to figure out exactly what to give to my parents when these kids are just learning the basics…letters, numbers, colors, you know?
  • What I’ve Mainly Been Thinking On: My next poetry project / writing poetry, period. Just been trying to let myself feel things in the moment. Have a lot of voices going through my head about so many things Also, just trying to enjoy silence while I can.
  • What I Worked on Today: This blog,
  • Workout Sesh?: Yes! Day one back at it!

How do you truly feel right now? Are you practicing being gentle with yourself in this time? What are some ways you could learn how to be more gentle with yourself, and even with others? What are the answers to your personal quarantine template?

Mishy 🦋💚