to: me, from: me.

Hopefully, by the time this blog post is out, y’all will have access to a brand new video of my sis Juanita Montgomery and I talking about creativity and “going all the way,” as she says.

But if not, then I’ll still be writing here! Basically, several months ago, Juanita asked me a series of questions that led me to a phrase that I’ll be using more and more within my brand. A phrase that I won’t be revealing until the video drops (haha, you thought I was just gonna GIVE it to you like THAT?! 😆), but the phrase inspired me to write a poem, one that I’ve been hoarding since May of this year. I teased a couple of lines from it on one of my Instagram posts, and I was going to release the full version sometime earlier this month UNTIL Juanita reached out to me about the video we created, and I told her about the poem, and let’s just say, it was divine timing.

I bring the poem (entitled “tipping point”) up because I read it to my cousin over the phone on my birthday, and he said how relatable it was to the season he’s in now, and I agreed that it related to me as well. I admitted that it’s crazy how I can write something, and in that present moment, I think it really relates to me, but MONTHS or even A YEAR OR SO LATER, I can re-read it again, and it will resonate even MORE than it did originally!

When my words hit like that, I get so encouraged. Because that’s how I want them to hit other people as well. I want them be timeless and relatable, to where they can reach anyone at any point in their lives, not just in one moment of time. It’s beautiful because I think the human experience is such a cycle, such an intimate yet relatable thing, that we’re able to share the same emotions and feelings sometimes, but at different times in our lives.

And it’s always comforting when I can read back a poem I wrote, and it was like my past self wrote it just for my future self at a certain time. A little “TO: Me, FROM: Me” action that brings such a peace of mind, and that is also something I praise God for, because I know I couldn’t have orchestrated the words exactly as they were for such a time as then without Him.

What is your passion/craft? How do you want them to remain timeless throughout the years? In what ways can you say that timelessness in your passion/craft? Has anything you’ve done or created touched you at a later time than in the present moment?

Mishy 🦋