making adjustments.

I realized the day was almost over with, and I hadn’t written a post yet!

Truthfully, I wasn’t sure what to write about…today’s been a good day, but somewhat odd. My personal world is changing a little so things that were once routine are now gone, and a new routine is taking place. While I’m learning to be okay with the adjustment, I’m also feeling like I have to learn how to make the adjustment too. It’s a process.

As I’m going through this, I’m thinking back on times when I made adjustments, and how I was able to manage them…did I struggle, or was the transition smooth? Did I even realize I was going through an adjustment phase, or was I focused on other things that I didn’t really notice?

We’re all in a constant state of transition…life changes before our very eyes, and sometimes we see can see it happen (specific, memorable changes or events), and sometimes it’s so gradual, we can’t pinpoint where the change began. Either way, we form new routines once we get our footing within the transition, and we continue on living.

My prayer as I am entering this new phase is that I would be led in wisdom and strength; that I wouldn’t waste my time wishing things were back to how they used to be, or longing for this phase to be over. I grasp this time with gratefulness, trusting that God is going to use it as He sees fit to shape me.

We’re all in phases right now, some of us still in the same one we’ve been in for a long time, others of us currently adjusting to a new season, and still others of us have been in a new phase but are still learning to adjust. I pray that if you’ve been in a negative phase for a while, that God would continue to comfort you and bring you peace as you seek Him, and as He takes you into a new season, whatever it may hold.

If you’ve been in a pretty good phase, I pray that God continues to bless you, and will strengthen you whenever hard seasons come. It’s easy to forget that hard things happen in good seasons, so I pray for awareness and vigilance, and most importantly, steadfastness – that you would not give up, and would not let go of God’s Hand.

If you’re unsure how to handle a transition or what adjustments to make, I encourage you to pray for wisdom from God. Ask Him how He would have you use the time that He’s given you! Seek clarity despite feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts; He hears you, and desires to help bring you out of chaos into order!

As always, if I’m encouraging you readers in things, that most likely means I’m also encouraging myself! 🙌🏽 Don’t think I’ve got it together just because I’m blogging about these things cause whew 😬 God knows I surely need the help and encouragement too!

What will you focus on in the phase of life that you’re in? How well do you adjust to new phases and seasons? What do you/will you pray for as you continue on in the routine that you’re in?

Mishy 🦋