a tribute.

I love when I’m “today years old,” when I find out certain things.

Well, I wasn’t “today years old” when I realized what I’m about to write about, but you know what I mean.

During the last several days of December 2021, I was listening to a pop-punk playlist on Spotify (entitled “Pure Pop Punk.” I can share it at the end of this post!) to go back to my “roots”; when I first started majorly blogging and writing, I was a heavy pop-punk/punk rock listener, so it felt appropriate to head back in that direction of music as I was focusing more on the roots of my writing when the new year began.

I was listening to “Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy” by Fall Out Boy, when I looked at my phone and realized that their album cover was extremely familiar…probably because I’d first seen it on State Champs’ latest EP “Chicago is so Two Years Ago.”

And then, the next day, as I was doing my research on this Fall Out Boy album, I saw that one of their songs was titled “Chicago Is So Two Years Ago” 😱 Oh, how things come full cirlce. If I hadn’t started listening to this pop-punk playlist, I would have never known.

And I’m not ashamed to say that I didn’t know about all of this! I truly thought “Chicago is so Two Years Ago” was an original State Champs song 😅 But that should tell you how well-versed I am in modern pop-punk, and not as much of the older stuff.

But I honestly just love it when bands will create tributes to other bands in the same genre by either covering their songs, or even imitating their album covers. It highlights the influence of the bands that came before them!

Now, I personally haven’t heard all of the songs on the Fall Out Boy album (as you can probably already tell LOL), but I’ll say that my favorite song on State Champs’ EP is “Just Sound”! 🤘🏽

Do you listen to pop-punk? If so, who’s your favorite band? Do you have a favorite album/song from this genre? Does it take you back, or are you a current pop-punk listener?

Mishy 🦋