Work from Home.

Go ahead. Get it out of your head now…

“You ain’t gotta go to work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.” [Photo credz]
Got it out of your system, or stuck in your head for the next hour? Sweet.

Seriously though, I’m not even sure I explained what I’m doing here on Tybee Island with my family. I briefly mentioned it, but didn’t go into full detail. So here we go.

Instead of getting a normal summer job, like being a camp counselor or working at The Sugar Shack (which are both perfectly fine jobs; kudos to those who can spend hours upon hours with children, or can serve ice cream cones with a smile!), I work from home. Not Fifth Harmony style, though, so don’t worry.

Pa has this bike renting business set up online for the island so that people who are vacationing here at any time have the opportunity to bike around instead of driving around. It’s becoming a more prominent way to get around the island; they’re even trying to make more bike paths to places like The Crab Shack. I personally love it way more than driving around. Yeah, driving Highway 80 is cool and all, but parking is limited, and I suck at parking my car anyways, and bike riding is some good exercise.

So, this bike rental business did okay last year, but if Pa had been able to actually answer the phone while he was at his actual full-time job, and he had time after work to figure out advertising and social media ideas, it could have done better. Enter me, a fresh-out-of-college graduate with very flexible plans. Why wouldn’t I want to help my parents out? Even more so, why wouldn’t I want to go back home to an ISLAND?! I’d be crazy to say no.

But exactly what do you do though? you’re probably wondering. Well, if you must know, I will tell you…

  1. Answer the phone. Anyone who wants to rent a bike from us now has to go through me. Okay, not everyone…people can still order online. But if you have any questions, comments, concerns, and you call that number on the website or Facebook, Yelp, or Google pages? You get a direct line to me. How fun! Let’s chat.
  2. Managerial work. Meaning, updating the inventory on the online store, creating bike path maps of the island for customers, managing the Facebook, Yelp, and Google pages, etc. That also means organizing all the orders, deliveries, and pick-ups (something I’m still working on. What happened to all the organizations skills I had when I was in school though?)
  3. Deliver/Pick-Up bikes. So, after you order however many bikes you need for your vacation stay, I install the bike rack onto the back of either the 1992 red Nissan Pathfinder or “Slick,” Mom’s 2015 shiny silver Toyota something-or-other, then I gather all the equipment- the bikes themselves, the baskets, helmets, bike locks, waivers, bike path maps – load up the bikes and ride on over to whatever the address is to drop off however many bikes. And when you’re done with the bikes? I’ll head on over there, load up the bikes and bring them back home.
  4. Creative projects. I’ve been able to work a lot with my new camera, taking pictures of the bikes, and using them for our social media sites and businesses pages. I’ve also been given the option of blogging about what I’ve been doing (like what I’m doing now), but also some more creative non-fiction writing about me riding around the island. I haven’t done one of those non-fiction posts in a while, although I guess, this in itself is nonfiction too… I feel like I struggle with the differences between those types of posts a lot…ANYWAYS…
  5. Maintenance. I never really got into a lot of the deep maintenance work on the bikes until yesterday. Maintenance equals spraying down the bikes after every rental, checking for any damage, tightening up the chains when they need it, applying WD-40 on the places of the bike that have the most movement, etc. I tightened up some bike chains for the first time yesterday. At first, it was kind of frustrating, but the more I did it, I actually kind of enjoyed it. Now, that’s not to say that I’ll enjoy it every time…like, what’s going to happen when it rains on a bike pick-up day? It hasn’t happened yet, but it’ll definitely be an interesting experience.
  6. Business meetings. If you’ve been keeping up with my island adventures on Snapchat (mishy_127, who don’t know but wanna keep up ;)), you’ll see that twice (maybe even three times?) now I’ve talked about riding in a Jeep to company meetings on the island. And then you’ll see a Snap of me at Tybean Art and Coffee with a new flavor of frappe I decided to try that day. Yes, I am actually going to business meetings and talking about business-y things. No, they are not formal (formal business meetings on an island? Pshhh…) Pa and I will go there just to get outside of the house, enjoy some coffee, and talk about where our next steps in the whole scheme of our Tybee Island presence should be. He actually runs a Tybee Island Facebook page (which y’all should totally check out and like if you love seeing videos and pictures of beautiful beach sunrises and sunsets, and live streams of rides around the island), and we’re in the process of trying to figure out how all this social media stuff works.
  7. Experimenting. So figuring it all out requires experimenting with different things, like live-streaming or starting an Instagram for Tybee Island Bike Rentals or coming up with more ideas to see the business flourish. I’m grateful for a Pa who isn’t uptight about failure, but welcomes new ideas, and if they fail, oh well, we tried.

As for my daily work schedule, this is kinda what it looks like:

10am : After breakfast, clock-in. Check the Dropbox and emails, see if there are any bikes that need to be picked up.

10am-1pm : Work on whatever tasks are assigned to me/answer phone calls/deliver and pick-up bikes.

1pm-2pm: Break for lunch/watching Bones with Mom

2pm-4:30/5:30/6pm : I technically work until 6pm, but sometimes I go to a class at the gym with my parents (which starts a little earlier than 6), or I have one of those business meetings with Pa at Tybean, and since they close at 5pm, we ride around the island a little bit until I get off of work.

So yeah, that’s my job! Every day brings something new, and I’m happy that I am still able to get out of the house, and onto the island, even if that means getting bit by a ton of mosquitoes while picking up or dropping off bikes.

#realtalk: I’d never been so content to be out in the sun with all sorts of dirt and black grime on my hands and legs, trying to find the right wrenches and what-not to tighten up some bike chains. I told Pa this, but if I was doing that out in our suburb home in Pooler, I’d be having a miserable time. But knowing that I’m on an island, outside, doing this for people who are going to enjoy some nice bike riding during their vacation just gives me such a positive outlook on the work. Although, I do hesitate to paint my nails after all the handiwork I did today 😀

Sorry it’s been a bit! After my friends’ wedding a week ago, this past weekend I traveled to Atlanta with my sister to celebrate my cousin’s high school graduation, and work has kept be occupied during the week. And okay, admittedly, I do have time at night to write up a blog post or two, but I’m so tired from work, and I just need the CSI: NY team to solve some murder cases for me, and take care of the world as I watch.

I do have a blog post coming up about going to the gym! I know I tweeted about that last week, and it will be definitely be posted sometime this week! It’s still in the works.

How about some photos? Here are some pictures I snapped of the bikes I worked on yesterday. Grateful I did all that work in the sunshine, humidity and all.


We just got this bike this past weekend. It’s my new favorite. ❤


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Wherever you are, and whatever you have to do today, go out and have an adventure, luvvies!

Mishy ❤