to rest or not to rest.

I wrestle with whether or not I should skip blog posting on Sundays.

When I first started JSW, I blogged every single day, and then eventually dedicated Sundays as rest days to recuperate, and also to respect the Sabbath, allowing the Lord to rejuvenate me in order for me to continue the task at hand.

Today was not only restful, but also productive. While I did work at Board and Brush, I was blessed to only be there for half the time that I was scheduled. And I was able to do my laundry, the dishes, and prepare for the next morning since a new work week will be beginning. I binged several episodes of Criminal Minds too 😁

Overall, I felt relaxed and ready to begin a new week. And suddenly, the realization that I almost forgot to post today hit me, and it sort of sent me in a panic 😅

So maybe I will skip Sundays like I used to. I don’t want to rely on the fact that I need to post EVERY SINGLE DAY for this blog to mean something, but I guess I also don’t want to lighten up the motivation of this challenge. It would be awesome to know that I blogged got 365 days straight…that’s a goal I do want to reach!

I guess I answered my own question then!

What’s something that you wrestle with sometimes? Does it affect a possible goal you have in mind?

Mishy 🦋