may goals.

I’m baaaack!

I know it’s been a long time, but I’m here now because I am doing a writing/blogging challenge with my Twitter twin Vante! I found these prompts by zoecwaikel, and I figure this would be the perfect way to get back into blogging again as I also do the 10 million other things I set out to do with my creativity 😄

Today’s prompt is: “May goals.”

Now, last month I wrote down my April goals on my whiteboard because I was serious about accomplishing some major things. While I finished a good bit of things on the board, some other things need to be rolled over or repeated. I’ll dive into just a *few* of each…

rolled over…

Top 3 things I’m rolling over from April are:

1) Social media marketing certification
2) Ab/core workouts
3) Winding down earlier

While I took steps to accomplish these things, I’ll admit that I wasn’t very consistent. I’m proud of myself for starting them, but they definitely need to continue into this month.


The top 3 things I’m repeating in May from April are:

1) Therapy
2) Working out 3-4x’s a week
3) Save $25 per week

These are things I was consistent in, and/or accomplished, but they need to, or I desire to continue them during May!

I don’t want to reveal ALL my goals because there are definitely some personal ones that I want to achieve that I just want to be able to announce when the time is right 🥹 but yes! I’m so excited to kick this month off with these goals AND with the new goal of blogging every day this month.

Seeing that I’m always so busy, I know that blogging every day will definitely be a challenge, but I’m up for it to see how consistent I can be, and how much my blog can grow!

What are some of your May goals?

Mishy 🦋