Well, those of you who follow me on social media know that I entered a new chapter of my life this weekend: I became a mom.

A DOG mom! πŸΆπŸ’™

Yes, my boyfriend and I had the joy of getting a new German Shepherd/pitbull mix puppy, and we named him Patches (after a stuffed dog my mom had when I was growing up that also had a patch over his eye!). Every time in the past I’d thought about getting a dog, I’d had major hesitations because I knew things would change. I would no longer be dealing with just myself, but with another living and breathing being as well. Which meant dealing with pee and poop, giving it exercise, training it, not leaving it alone for too long, etc.

But there was just something different about this time. Maybe I just felt the attachment after I’d seen Patches’ picture, and I longed to understand what the connection was. Of course, my boyfriend was all for getting him too. ☺️ Whatever it was, it led me to agree to getting him. We’ve already had fun in the past two days πŸ˜‚ if you think having a puppy poop in your passenger seat is fun. He did it on an old t-shirt though, to which I say, GREAT AIM, PATCHES! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

a little, 4-legged teacher

I definitely did not go into the weekend thinking that I would begin this new week with a new responsibility. Taking care of plants is one thing; taking care of an animal is COMPLETELY different! I had always been nervous about it just because I live in such a small space, and having a dog would mean having to do different things (keeping plugs/wires off the floor, not dropping specific foods, not being able to diffuse essential oils, keeping the plants away from it so it wouldn’t dig them up, etc.).

But as I spent today away from him because of work, I considered that maybe Patches being in my life was changing up things for me for the better. Keeping things off the floor meant my apartment would be cleaner (not saying that I’m a total pig or anything, but sheesh, catch my apartment in the middle of a work week, and it’s not really pristine πŸ˜…). I’d be tending to my plants more regularly since I’ll have to be sure they’re out of his reach. Putting him on a schedule means I can’t be super flexible with my own schedule like I used to be i.e. I can’t hit snooze on my alarms or try to sleep in knowing that I have to take him out to pee in the morning so I can get my own day started.

And while I know I’m only in the beginning days of my time with Patches, and things won’t always be fun or easy, I am grateful to have this opportunity to be a mom to him! I feel like he’ll teach me lessons I wouldn’t get to learn if I didn’t have him in my life – some things I’ll share with you all, and some things I’ll keep to myself. I also feel like watching him grow will be such an experience for me. Like from little-bitty puppy to giant dog, and then to see how much he learns in that time? My heart 😭

Not to mention, my sister has a dog, some of my co-workers have dogs too, so we’ll now have ALL THE DOG DATES! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

jump in

My decision to have Patches join me in my journey of life truly was me just jumping in without second-guessing everything. Okay, maybe there was some slight thinking about it, but I knew that if I continued to cycle through thoughts of what could go wrong, what may be frustrating, or any other negativity, I’d talk myself out of it.

I also had thoughts about being prepared: was I in the right time in my life to take care of a dog? Would my attention be mostly on it, and not on the other things I wanted to accomplish? Don’t get me wrong, these are all good things to think about; don’t jump into a decision if you KNOW you aren’t financially capable, you don’t have the time, you can’t commit, etc. I know I’m no dog expert, but I’m willing to learn, and that right there should be enough! I know that I won’t make the right decisions all the time, but I’m willing to learn from them, and do things differently when the time comes.

And, most importantly, be sure to PRAY ABOUT IT. If you feel the Holy Spirit telling you it’s not time yet, listen. If you feel Him saying that that choice is not good for you at all, don’t try to come up with excuses on how it is a good choice for you. He will guide you to the things that will be best for you, so TRUST HIM! Because sometimes He’ll lead you into just going for it, and seeing what happens!

*To all the pet parents reading this: What are some things you learned through having a pet? Were you fully prepared for everything that came with it? What are some tips you might have for a new pet parent like me?

*To all my readers: Do you tend to just jump into a new experience, or do you have to list out every single pro and con? What is something you’ve been dwelling on, or something that’s come up in your life several times that you’re tempted to just jump into? What are the thoughts that are causing you to hesitate? Thinking about these things, are you at peace with the decision you’ve made/you’re about to make?

Mishy πŸ¦‹πŸ’™