Snapagram & Instachat

Okay, it’s been a week-and-a-half or two weeks since Instagram released the new Instagram Story feature, and everyone either defended Snapchat with their lives, tried the new Instagram Story thing, or did both simultaneously.

So, I ask you, dear readers…which one do you prefer? Or do you like both?

I personally like Snapchat, but I’ll post a few things on the Instagram story. Some of you follow me on Snapchat, and I apologize for my Snapstories being so long / irrelevant sometimes (or maybe all of the time). In fact, I sometimes am super self-conscious about my Snapstory, which I know sounds stupid, but I often wonder if people get to my story or see it and think, “I’m definitely not watching Mishy’s Story because she never Snaps anything good / she’s boring / I’m sick of seeing all those Snaps of her and her mom for crying out loud!”

P.S. I’m sorry, but I love my Momma, so if you’re gonna be a consistent watcher of my Snapstory, then you’ll just have to deal with seeing her cause she ain’t goin nowhere haha!

And I will say that I’ve enjoyed Instagram stories because a lot of musicians or curly-haired gurus that I follow on Instagram don’t have Snapchat, and now they have an outlet in which they can post a story, and I really enjoy watching some of those.

So basically, I like both.

Now that I’ve stated my opinion, the rest of this post is really filled with questions for you guys. If you’re willing, I’d love for you to answer the following questions in the comment section below this post. Please? Humor me. I know, I’m a horrible person for asking you to do something like comment under my blog post. Because no one wants to do that. But I’m going to ask anyway…

  • Do you have a preference between Instagram or Snapchat stories? If so, why? What makes one better than the other to you?
  • Do you post long Snapstories? Do you get annoyed when other people post long Snapstories? Why is that though? Why do we think it’s okay if we post long Snapstories ourselves, but then can’t stand it if someone else does it? (I’m not accusing everyone of doing this, but I’m just wondering…if this is the case, then why?)
  • What’s your favorite Snapchat filter? (By the way, this is a “No Judgment Zone,” so if your favorite filter is the puppy filter, even though your friends are sick of it, SO WHAT?! I’ll tell you right now, my favorite filter is the flower crown. Hands down. Apparently, people say it’s the “slut filter”? Whatever. It makes me look flawless. And I like recording myself lip-syncing to Kehlani songs using that filter. And it reminds me of Pierce the Veil’s “Floral and Fading.” I judge no one.)


I’ll just give you three questions to answer, if you’d like to. But I’m pretty sure that’s all I have for y’all today.


❤ Mishy