Wisdom, Living a Holy Life, and Another Icy, Cold Day

So…I don’t know how many times I’m gonna say this (probably on EVERY POST I WRITE) but

*~.GOD is AMAZING.~*

And, no, I’m not just saying that because I just found out classes are cancelled due to the awful icy sidewalks and roads outside (I still got work at 9am). I mean, He’s amazing in the sense that He truly gives us what we ask for, if we have faith and are sincere about it.

So, last night was great. I went to a Bible study on Ephesians and learned how prayer is SO POWERFUL. I knew that, but it was great to be reminded of it, because when hard times come, I sometimes forget or leave it as the LAST THING I’LL EVER DO when it should be the FIRST thing I do. Afterwards, I worked out with my roommate and another girl on my hall. It was great to shoot some hoops with them and just begin to get my body back in shape again. 

And so, my night continued being the greatness that it was. I had awesome conversations with friends, near and far, and met some awesome people visiting to get interviewed for scholarships. 

But as I lay in bed last night, I realized that I had kind of pushed some of my priorities back. I didn’t read my Bible last night, and I didn’t finish all of my homework either. I began slipping back into my past, making poor decisions all because of my selfish desires. And I felt so ashamed. Hadn’t I just wrote earlier today and told my friends how I was FINALLY getting my priorities straight, that I was putting my “BIG C” CALLING first and then all of my “little c” callings (student, friend/hall mate, etc.) second? 

I immediately began praying, asking God to give me wisdom to deal with my flesh’s desires to stray from what I knew was right. I was so fearful that I would fall back into the same trap and end up where I had been a week ago: spiritually, emotionally,and physically drained. I didn’t want that. Not again. Not when I was working so hard to recover.

This morning as I ate breakfast with my roommate, I read Proverbs 25, and then, as the suggestion of a friend, I began reading James and 1 Peter. Some James 1 really reflected what I was feeling…

*James 1:5-8*

5 But if any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He is generous to everyone and will give you wisdom without criticizing you.

6 But when you ask God, you must believe and not doubt. Anyone who doubts is like a wave in the sea, blown up and down by the wind. 

7-8 Such doubters are thinking two different things at the same time, and they cannot decide about anything they do. They should not think they will receive anything from the Lord.

Crazy, right? I had sincerely asked God for wisdom last night, believing that He would take care of me and my situations. And it says in James that “He is generous to everyone and will give you (well, me) wisdom without criticizing you (me).” So encouraging to know that the God of the universe cares about me like that!

1 Peter 1 explained to me how we as Christians are called to live a holy life. That is definitely what I was striving for, beginning with a fresh start this week. These verses completely just brought joy to my heart:

*1 Peter 1:18-22*

18 You know that in the past you were living in a worthless way, a way passed down from the people who lived before you. But you were saved from that useless life. You were bought, not with something that ruins like gold or silver,
19 but with the precious blood of Christ, who was like a pure and perfect lamb.

20 Christ was chosen before the world was made, but he was shown to the world in these last times for your sake.

21 Through Christ you believe in God, who raised Christ from the dead and gave him glory. So your faith and your hope are in God.

22 Now that your obedience to the truth has purified your souls, you can have true love for your Christian brothers and sisters. So love each other deeply with all your heart.
I cannot say how uplifting these verses were to me this morning!!! I was definitely living in a worthless way for these past few weeks, doing what I thought was right for me. But I wasn’t glorifying God through anything that I was doing. Being reminded that I AM SAVED FROM THAT USELESS LIFE and that MY HOPE AND MY FAITH IS IN JESUS are such awesome thoughts!!! AAAAAANNNNDDD…it also says that my obedience to the truth has PURIFIED MY SOUL and I AM ABLE TO TRULY LOVE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST!!! That is SOOOOO what I long for!!!!! I just want to love my bros and sisses and also those who don’t know Jesus!!!

Like I said…I’m learning something new every day. Spiritually, physically, and mentally. 

Today (and yesterday) I learned…

SPIRITUALLY: I’m learning that Jesus is my ultimate strength. He is here with me, no matter what I go through.

PHYSICALLY: Drink LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER after you work out. Okay, so I knew this, and I thought I did. But I stopped to talk to my RA for maybe fifteen minutes, stood up, and got SUPER light-headed. Not a great feeling. Also, don’t eat chocolate birthday cake at 12:15am…it may taste yummy, but gosh, when you’re in bed trying to get to sleep, it just SETTLES in your stomach and DOES NOT feel great.

MENTALLY: Hmm…just having a positive attitude in general. About school, friends, myself. Remembering that all I do is for God’s glory. I guess this is also a spiritual thing…

But yeah. It’s been a great day! Classes got cancelled just like they did last week (was it REALLY last week? Seems like it was a MONTH ago…), so my roomie and I took a 2-hour nap and had an awesome roommate party with coffee, a chocolate biscotti, oatmeal, tea, the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, Parachute, and, of course, BLOGGING!!!

SO THANKFUL IT’S A 3-DAY WEEKEND!!! And also glad to share it with some scholarship-ers! 🙂 They’re so awesome to talk to and I pray that everything went well for them and that God would make His will for each of their lives clear to them.

Next? A rice party with one of my closest friends!!! Haha, what better way to spend a classless Friday than to stuff your face with white rice? #Blasianprobz

God bless y’all and y’all’s weekend!!!! (^^) ❤

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