I’m Thinking…I’m Thinking…

Have you ever had those times where you’re just sitting there, life is good, not a care in the world…

and then BAM!!!!

Maybe it just sparks in your brain due to some previous things that happened in your life. Or maybe someone says or does something.Or maybe you watched a movie, read a book or magazine, or listened to some music. And it leads to these awful, filthy, wretched, ratchet, disgusting impure, immodest, just plain UGLY thoughts that just invade your mind.

You know what this could lead to? 

  1. You dwelling on those thoughts so much, that they’re all you think about anymore. You can’t go anywhere, do anything, say anything without your mind being drenched in those thoughts.
  2. That dwelling lead to acting on those thoughts. You’re constantly thinking about whatever it is so much that it has led you to believe that it’s the truth. So, you act, not thinking twice about what you’re doing.
So yeah. I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve just been struggling with what I’ve been thinking about. And those thoughts could be about anything NEGATIVE and NOT FOCUSING ON GOD. Those thoughts could be worries, judgments, insults…the list goes on.

So, instead of doing the things I was supposed to be doing in the 2 hours before my Spanish class, I sat at my desk and searched the Bible for verses on thinking and our thoughts and also about temptation.They were so encouraging that I’ve decided to share them with you! 🙂 (They’re translated in the NCV, by the way.)

*Those who live following their sinful selves think only about things that their sinful selves want. BUT those WHO LIVE FOLLOWING THE SPIRIT are THINKING ABOUT THE THINGS THE SPIRIT WANTS THEM TO DO. If people’s thinking is controlled by the sinful self, there is DEATHBUT if their thinking is CONTROLLED BY THE SPIRIT, there is LIFE and PEACE.* ~Romans 8:5-6

*Brothers and sisters, THINK about the things that are GOOD and WORTHY OF PRAISE. THINK about the things that are TRUE and HONORABLE and RIGHT and PURE and BEAUTIFUL and RESPECTED.* ~Philippians 4:8 

*I hope my WORDS and THOUGHTS please YOU. LORD, You are my ROCK, the ONE WHO SAVES ME.* ~ Psalm 19:14

*STAY AWAKE and PRAY for…STRENGTH against temptation. The SPIRIT wants to do what is RIGHT, but the BODY is WEAK.* 
~ Mark 14:38

Y’all have an amazing rest of your weekend. I’ll try to post more, but lately, I’ve been SUPER CRAZY busy. Doesn’t mean God hasn’t been working in my life though! (^^)

I pray that you would continually rely on Him and pursue Him. 

When all our focus is on Him, it’s easy to push all horrible thoughts aside! Love y’all! ❤ 

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