SB 2013 DAY 3: Out and About on Corinne’s 21st Birthday

What up?!

First off, I would like to give a shout-out to my older sister at Covenant, Corinne Marie Walsingham! Today’s her 21st birthday!! I’m so thankful for her and her friendship. She’s truly a wise woman of God! Y’all should totally follow her blog Your Love is Moving! Here’s the link:

Parker’s Maple Barn

Anyways, because it was Corinne’s birthday today, Aunty Madeline took us all out for breakfast at Parker’s Maple Barn (totally got the name of the place wrong in my last post! My b…). Y’all…I’ve had pancakes and syrup before…but a GIANT chocolate chip pancake with REAL maple syrup…like, so real it’s straight from a tree that you can see outside of the restaurant…y’all…I can’t even tell ya how GOOD it was! Not to mention they have maple frappes which you would think wouldn’t taste so great. And I’m here to tell you that if you live near the area or if you ever are going to Mass someday…GET A MAPLE FRAPPE!!!

Here are some pics for y’all:

Bria, smiling because we keep taking pictures of her…

Corinne and Caylin


Corinne’s silhoutte

My breakfast: The Mini Parker Special. Doesn’t look so mini, huh?

Breakfast is served!!!
So after an awesome, filling breakfast, we went outside to where they make the maple syrup and the guy was explaining the process to us. 

Some of the syrups we use daily…so fake, y’all.
I don’t know if I can ever go back to store-bought syrup…

Place where the maple syrup’s made! YUUUUUM!

Y’all wanna see what the sap from maple trees looks like?!

I know, it just looks like rain water, I know! But it’s sap!
So awesome!
I’m glad they’re accustomed to dumb questions,
because I had plenty of them haha!

The guy explaining the process of making maple syrup.

The fire that boils the sap. Intense.

Looking into one of the…uh…”sap suckers” LOL 

There’s the sap! Looks just like water!

And, of course, we HAD to stop at the gift shop! 🙂
It was so fun to go to the gift shop. I saw lots of things that reminded me of some people from Covenant…things like a PMS poster (Marinah), coon tail hats (Jess), and apparently, there was an Indian tribe in California called “Miwok” (reminds me of “Mihok”).  And I got my 1st guitar case sticker, y’all! Can’t wait to put it on when I get back on campus!

Cover Bridge

Next, we drove by some cover bridges that were, as my Bria thinks I say all the time (which I don’t) “totes adorbs.” Corinne took some great pictures of us. I didn’t get that many on my camera, but I’ll share what I have and also share some of Corinne’s.
View next to one of the cover bridges.

The Birthday Girl, ready to work that camera! 🙂

Bria, posing for the camera.

That rushing water…

Caylin and Corinne: such cute sissies! (^^)

Ice Fishing

We continued driving and we passed by another reservoir or lake. Aunty Madeline was explaining that a lot of people like to go ice fishing there. I had heard the term “ice fishing,” but really didn’t know what it was. So, Aunty Madeline explained…

People get these hut-like things and actually drive them onto the reservoir or lake or whatever and stay there for some time and fish out on there. Here are some pics…

One of the “hut” things. They have skis at the
bottom so they can move on the ice easily! So cool!

Some “huts” out on the lake or reservoir or whatever body of water we were at LOL.

Oh My Gosh…We’re Never Getting Out of Here…

Then, we went to this antique store called “Oh My Gosh.” It was ENORMOUS, and it had lots of vintage stuff. I can only imagine plenty of Covenant students going in there and buying things to make their rooms even more “hipster” than they are haha. 

There were these vintage keys (Bria bought a skeleton one and Corinne found one that said, “Germany” on the top of it {that’s where she was born}), lots of funky art with awesome quotes on them, old records, you name it and it was there. There were TONS of tea pots, cups, saucers, and lots of cat things. Reminded me of my roomie, Taylor. They even had this awesome British flag chair that I could imagine Taylor calling her “throne.”

Bria found some Nancy Drew books that brought back my childhood days immediately…

Good times, y’all.

And here’s some more other cool stuff I  took pictures of…

 Cute dresses!!(^^)

Bria loves church hats, y’all… 🙂

If Taylor saw all the teacups I saw…she’d have
a heart attack!

We were in Oh My Gosh for what seemed like FOREVER. I mean, I bought something and was ready to go after that. But, I knew that it was Corinne’s birthday, so I didn’t want to rush her. And then I found Bria, who understood how I was feeling. 

It was about that time, y’all…time to take a nap.

So, Bria and I waited for Corinne, Caylin, and Aunty Madeline for like 20-25 minutes, until finally Caylin showed up and after another 5 minutes, Corinne and Aunty Madeline arrived. All Corinned and Aunty Madeline had to do was check out and we were home-free.

But…as soon as Corinne was checking out, Caylin spotted a couple of their relatives. And you best believe we was in that store for another good 10-15 minutes. I’m definitely not annoyed or angry that they got to see their family members. Not at all. I was just really tired and ready for a nap, ya know? 

LOL, but as soon as we got in the car, guess what? I couldn’t go to sleep… 😛

Starbucks, Penny Candy, and Other Things

But hey, Aunty Madeline stopped at Starbucks, I had my first ever Java Chip Frappuccino ( I recommend it, by the way. It was delicious!) and a cheesecake brownie, and we headed to the penny candy store.

And yeahbuddy, you better believe that that penny candy store was legit! Of course, it wasn’t like one piece of candy was a penny, but that’s what Aunty Madeline called it and that’s what it was called when she grew up, so yeah. I got a pretty decent sized bag of candy for $4.06…lots of sour patch watermelons, peachi-o’s, and sour gummy worms! YUM!

After that, we ran a couple more errands and finally went back home. We had a great birthday dinner of chicken soup and Italian bread and cupcakes for dessert! It was a really great and busy day!

Even though I am so exhausted by the end of the day, I’m thankful for it. Because it sure beats being at home, sitting around doing nothing and getting bored all the time. I love having adventures in new places! So exciting!

I love y’all so much! Spring break just keeps getting better and better!

Sneak Peek of Tomorrow’s Adventures:

  • Taking a bus into BOSTON! Gonna go to the North Church (totally go the name wrong, sorry guys), the same church that was used in National Treasure at the very end of the movie! 
  • I think we’ll be going to The Lansdowne tomorrow, since we’ll be in Boston. I’m excited! First time going to an Irish pub! (trust me, I won’t be drinking.)

*Random Bits of SB 2013: (WARNING: lots of Bria quotes…)

  • Caylin and Bria trying to use one of those Penny Pincher machines (you know, the ones that squish the penny and put a design on it?) Yeah, they tried to use it, and it sounded like they broke it. Plus, Caylin wasted Bria’s 51 cents…
  • *Indian music playing* Bria: “Aww yeah, I can get my dance on with this!”
  • Bria: *pointing to old records* “Now, that’s the stuff ya flip!
  • Bria and I laughing so hard at an “Auto-correct Fail” that Caylin, Corinne, and their relatives look at us and we awkwardly look back…
  • Bria: “Guys, I think I lost that cookie I bought at the gas station in this bed right here…”
Love y’all!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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