SB 2013 DAY 2: Lizzie Borden’s, Rhode Island, and More Food

Day 2 in Mass, y’all!

So, today we were supposed to try to go to church, but we ended up not going and having “home-church,” which is basically going through the church lesson at home with the family around the fire. It was really great.

Then after that, Caylin, Corinne, Bria, Frank, and I ate some leftover pizza and left the house at 1pm to go to Lizzie Borden’s house in Fall River…

Lizzie Borden’s House

Some background on Lizzie Borden. She lived during the 1800s and was accused of murdering her father and stepmother (lots of people say that she murdered her mother, when in fact, her mother died when she was 3 of kidney stones. Not a major death sentence here and now, but back then, it was a “yeah, there’s nothing we can do.”) with an axe in their home in Fall River. She wasn’t charged guilty, though, because she was a Protestant English woman, and no one that that a Protestant English woman would do something like that. But there is still question of whether she did it or not. There is tons more to the story, but I won’t spoil it for you. I’d like you to travel to Massachusetts yourself one day and have the experience yourself! Only spoilers here are pictures…and, yes, some of them are creepy and weird because this was a creepy and weird house…

Our tour guide next to a dummy of the supposedly murdered Mr. Boren

In my opinion, I think she did it. I mean, after going through the tour and hearing everything about it, everything kind of points back to her. But, you’ll just have to make your own deductions if you ever decide to go or look up the history of the place…

Anyways, Caylin did mess with Mr. Borden’s money…in fact, she didn’t just mess with it, she took a nickel from it!!! According to the woman at the gift shop, there have been people who’ve taken things from the house back home with them and they’ve mailed them back saying things like, “Keep it! Make the voices stop!” or whatever.

I’m here to say that if you have the Holy Spirit in you, ghosts and things shouldn’t even bother you. You are protected by Jesus Christ. No worries of those things harming you. There. My mini soap box on the subject.

And here are some pictures of scenery on the way to and from the house and in the house itself! Yes, I finally brought my camera out and took pictures…it’s been a while…

Providence, Rhode Island

You’re probably thinking, “Wait, what happened to Salem? You said that y’all were going there in the sneak peek you gave us yestereday?”

Well, plans change, my friends. Especially when we realize that there isn’t going to to be anything open in Salem because it’s Sunday

On the way to Fall River and back, we drove through Rhode Island. I’d always wanted to go to Rhode Island because it’s just such a tiny state and I’ve always been curious as to what it was like. Is it mostly farm land or does it have big cities and squares? Are there tons of rivers and beaches?

Well, we all built up an appetite and wanted to stop and get something to eat. We were gonna stop at Five Guys (I mean, who doesn’t love burgers and fries?), but Bria and I wanted to eat somewhere where we’d never been before. A restaurant we don’t have in the South. 

So, Frank drove us into Providence so we could go to Providence Place, this huge mall that isn’t like any mall I’ve ever been too. We had to park in a parking garage across the street from it and then walk to it…it didn’t have it’s huge area for parking like malls back at home do. Plus there were tons of big restaurants.

Providence Place had so many freakin escalators. And they’re all above and under each other. As Frank pointed out, “If one crumbled, it would crash onto the rest of them…or if I fell backward off one of these, I’d fall onto another escalator. It does well to be prepared…” (LOL)

I wish we had time to actually shop in those areas, but by this time, we were all exhausted and hungry. We couldn’t really decide where we were going to eat…first it was Panera Bread, but we have those in the South, so we kept searching…

Then we found out that there was a Cheesecake Factory and we really wanted to eat there. But it took us like 10-15 minutes to try to find it, and when we did, we were told there was going to be a 35 minute wait for a group of 3 people…and we were a group of 5. So that was out of the question.

By now, Bria and I and the rest of us are just like, “I don’t care if we get McDonald’s, let’s just eat something!” We went back to the car and drove out of Providence.

The Quest for Food

At this time, I don’t really know what happened except that I put my headphones on, blasted KPOP music, and fell asleep in the car for maybe a good 30 minutes. I was so hungry and exhausted, but happy that we were able to stop in Providence for at least an hour.

When I woke up, we were at this huge strip mall in I-don’t-know-where. We were in Mass for sure, but I had no idea what town we were in.

All I saw was a “Asian Bistro and Hibachi” sign, and I wanted to eat there. But we were gonna eat at Red Robin instead…until we saw the huge line they had that would take us 25 minutes to get through and get a table. So we left. We looked across the street and saw that there were more people in line for another restaurant too. 
And guess where we ended up eating? Yep. Feng, the Asian Bistro and Hibachi place. And guess what else? We weren’t gonna break bank at this restaurant because it was actually well-priced! Sushi was an average $5 a roll! And that’s what we all ended up getting, along with one meal Caylin and Frank shared. 

It was delicious. My Asian side was totally fed! (^^) And afterwards we were going to go to the Lindt Chocolate Factory, but they were closed. 😦

But hey, we got Coldstone Ice Cream instead, and I was super excited about that! I hadn’t had Coldstone since the summertime when my sister and I were in California! Yummy Cake Batter ice cream with cookie dough and chocolate chips!!! A great dessert for a great dinner! Our quest for food was a SUCCESS!!

Afterwards, we went back to the house and watched Taken 2 (I haven’t even seen the first one, but I still thought this movie was pretty good) and now here I am! Another day of spring break down! 

Blech, maybe I shouldn’t talk about that… 😛 haha

A Sneak Peek of Tomorrow’s Adventures!:

  • Tomorrow is Corinne’s 21st birthday!!! So, Aunty Madeline is going to take us to a place called the Sugar Maple Barn for breakfast…which means we have to leave at 9am…which means we have to get up really early…oh well, it’ll be a fun experience! Yummy maple syrup!!
  • We’re also thinking, since Corinne will be 21, that we go to that Irish pub Matt Reiter suggested to us called The Lansdowne. I think it’s in Boston…so we’d get to go to Boston as a plus! Yeahbuddy! 😀
  • Probably watching another movie…or playing Taboo would be fun! 🙂
Yep! Super excited to see what tomorrow holds! Some random bits of SB 2013 and then I’m out! Good night! Have a great week! Make tomorrow awesome, even if it is Monday! 

*Random Bits of SB 2013:

  • Well, I may’ve spoken a little too soon. Sure, Copper has gotten better at not aggressively trying to get us to play with him. But when we were about to leave this morning, Copper got out of the house, peed in the snow in the yard (1st time I’ve seen yellow snow, y’all…), and then started messing with Caylin. This resulted in Copper jumping up at Caylin and putting his dirty, snowy paws right on top of Caylin’s cute sweater. Thankfully, Frank had some Tide-to-Go or something in the car, so a lot of it came off! 
  • When we were in Providence, Rhode Island, we all noticed there were a lot of young people around…either skateboarding, taking pictures, or just walking around. It seemed like a very young-adult-oriented city. And I liked that. 
  • We struggled against good and evil…aka “To jay-walk or not to jay-walk.” We ended up not doing it and using the crosswalk. What “goody-two shoes” people we are…
  • LOL Caylin was so excited that she was able to get a waffle cone at a good price at Coldstone that she did this little punch move that got 4 grown men behind us laughing and commenting about how excited and cute she was. So hilarious!
  • I apparently have issues when describing things. For instance, at one point either this semester or last semester, it was raining and instead of saying, “Guys, it’s raining,” I said, “Guys, there’s water droplets falling from the sky!” Bria gets a kick out of my descriptions of things…Today, I said “saliva-ing” instead of “salivating” and I also made some other descriptions that got Bria laughing and wondering if I would say, “Guys, these tiny snowflake shaped things are falling!” when it was snowing tonight. LOL, oh dear, I may be an English major, but I seriously don’t speak how I write!
  • While we were watching Taken 2, I was so into the movie that I kind of felt like I was in the movie…people trying to kidnap and torture and such. So, when Frank came through the door to join us, I got scared and jumped so freakin high and scared Caylin and Bria. Ah, a scaredy cat am I…
Love y’all!!
*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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