The End of Freshman Year & the Beginnings of SUMMER!!!

It’s official: my freshman year of college is OVER!

I never thought it would go by so quickly, but it did. I’m done with classes. I checked out of my room yesterday. I slept in a little this morning. And grandma and grandpa’s carport room is FILLED TO THE BRIM with my and Bria’s stuff. I have nothing to do, except prepare myself to go back home tomorrow. I’m so excited!

It’s crazy to think that I will be away from my closest friends for 3 whole months. That’s so long! But I know that if 9 months of freshman year went by fast, 3 months will definitely be gone in the blink of an eye. I’m going to miss Caylin and Corinne coming into my room to talk, having Erin and Mwende live next door to me, being able to not know what’s going on just because we’re freshman. It’s been a great year. I’ll never forget the great memories and the lessons I learned.

And yet, even with exams being over and not having homework to do, there are still things to worry about: getting summer jobs, scholarships for next year, and the next year in general. I have been so worried about things lately, and summer is HERE. How could I worry? 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a “worry wart.” I’ve always worried about all sorts of things: getting sick, getting bad grades, losing friends, the list goes on. Fear overtook my mindset in elementary school, and I could never go a day without worrying about something. As I grew older and my faith in God grew, I began to learn to let things go. And going through one full year of college has surely grown me into trusting God with things. But even so, when things get tough, my mind immediately goes into panic mode, and I can’t handle even focusing on what I’m supposed to be focusing on.

As usual, my friends encouraged me so much, with notes in my mailbox, spoken words, hugs, prayers. Even though it had been rough for me, I really to try to let my worries go and focus on what I needed to do right then and there, which was packing all of my crap and cleaning the room before 4pm Thursday so I could leave campus for good until the fall. But when I don’t want to pack, my mind would wander to those worries, and cling to them. Ughughugh!!!

After venting to a friend of mine, he asked me, “Mishy, is there any way you can change things so you don’t have to worry about your situation?” When I said no, he asked, “Do you believe that God will provide for you?” I answered yes, and he said, “Then you have nothing to worry about.” 

It was just really encouraging to remember that God will provide, and that I continuously need to be, like I said in my last post, holding His hand through this process. There’s been so much stress and worry. So much change that is bringing sadness to me and my friends.

But in the end, God is sovereign, and He knows exactly what He’s doing. Yes, it’s sad to say goodbye, whether it’s for 3 months, a semester, or forever. But knowing that God is working in each person’s life through different circumstances is encouraging. I’d rather we all be in God’s will and apart than against His will and together. Thankfully, there’s always phone calls, texting, Skype, Snapchatting, all sorts of ways to communicate. 

So, after being encouraged, I went to work, packing, packing, eating, watching Youtube videos, attempting to pack some more…

And then I went to go check something…and oh my word. Tears sprung to my eyes as I saw my grades for the semester. I had been worried about whether or not my GPA would go up from last semester. I needed a 3.0 to keep a scholarship that I really needed…and my GPA showed as a 3.12 minus my Old Testament grade.

I couldn’t believe it. God had completely provided for me, knowing that despite my worries, I trusted Him. Even though one grade was missing from my report, I was confident that God would still provide.

And I just checked my grades, and I got an A- in Old Testament!!!! And my final GPA is 3.17!!!!! \(^^)/

I can now rest in my summer vacation, leaving my freshman year with my head held high.

SUMMER IS HERE!!!! So many adventures ahead for me! 

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come (or, what I think is going to come) for the summer!

May: HOME!!! Which equals sweet tea, hanging with friends, visiting my high school, picking up my sisters from school, etc. 

June: CALIFORNIA!! So much good food, so many movies to watch, ColdStone ice cream, Starbucks, mall and outlet trips, family parties, etc.

July: Back on the mountain! 4th of July festivities, babysitting (hopefully), running around the mountain with Covenant people who stayed for the summer and with neighborhood people, and staying until school starts back up in the fall! Excited, excited!!!

*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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