Savannah, Summer in the South: 1st Full Day Back

Sipping the sweetest of teas. Sitting in rooms painted purple and blue and covered in posters that express different personalities. Not wearing flip flops in the shower. Wearing pants to bed and remembering how humid my room above the garage gets in the summertime (changing into shorts). Doing my laundry without having to wait for a washer or dryer.

Well, I started today in kind of a scramble. Mom wasn’t feeling to well, so I wasn’t sure if we were still going to church. Turns out we were, so I got ready in ten minutes tops, my sister got ready and I drove us to church just in time for me to get behind the Manna Cafe counter to volunteer handing out pastries and coffee to my fellow churchgoers. It was nice to listen to the sermon on marriage and family as I stood behind the counter, drinking my free cookies and cream iced coffee and eating a double chocolate chip muffin.Β 

Afterwards, I came home to a lunch of spam, white rice, green beans, and cream of chicken soup. (I don’t care what you say. Spam is delicious.) And then we all kind of hung out in the house. I showed my family Balcony’s music video and Suburbs “Dominasian” movie (Mom LOVED it! πŸ™‚ ) and we all kind of did our own things for a bit.

Then I mentioned that Starbucks has a Frappucino Happy Hour from 3-5pm and Pa and Kae’sha wanted to go. The day changed from a cloudy, drizzly day to a blue sky and sunny day, so I changed into some shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops, grabbed my sunglasses and my Chinese bag (that I got from one of the free piles at Covenant. I’m telling you, those things are the jam!) and we headed downtown to get half-off frapps in Pa’s red convertible. The wind in my hair couldn’t have felt better!

We sat in Starbucks for a while and talked for a while. Then we walked around downtown seeing some awesome sights and also just talking about insecurities and life and such. It was so great.Β 

Then we ended our adventure at Waffle House with bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, burgers, and hashbrowns. So yummy! It was such a great first day back in Savannah!

Tomorrow the girls have to go to school and since Mom isn’t feeling so well, I’m going to go with her to take them to school and to pick them up. I have so much to do while I’m at home.Β 

Sweet summertime! Nothing to do but have fun and catch up with people from back home! Enjoy your week!Β 

*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❀

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