Sweet Tea

Bear with me, fellow readers. Blogging during the summer is kind of hard. There’s so much that happens, and yet you wonder if it’s important enough that people are gonna want to read it on your blog. So, you just decide to rarely post anything. But then you wonder if your readers are anticipating something, and you don’t want to run dry during the summer time, so you just decided to post small updates or a picture or two.

This post is nothing too exciting, like going to a concert or different country. Just a small update of what’s been happening lately in my life, my observation about it, and also a WARNING that SUMMER IS ALMOST UP (for Covenant students at least). 

So yeah, the title of this post is “Sweet Tea,” but really, it has NOTHING to do with sweet tea. I just didn’t know what to name it…sorry for the false advertisement.

But from now on, if you see a post titled “Sweet Tea (insert number here)”, you will know that either 1. I couldn’t come up with a good title 2. it’s a random post about random things jumbled together.

So, you should feel privileged that you’re reading the first ever “Sweet Tea” post! But I’m rambling…

Today (or I guess technically yesterday) was so crazy for me. Let’s just say, I thought today was gonna be a chill reading day, but it turned into a taxi service to Starbucks, a 3-hour hangout in St. Elmo that included practicing some songs, a car breaking down in the middle of the mountain, a trip to McDonald’s (twice) and the auto parts store, and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes right outside of my house. 

Yeah. Not your average summer day. Well, except for the mosquito part.

Today was also filled with other things like struggle, confusion, frustration, hurt. But also generosity, love, honesty, apology, loyalty, prayer, assurance, faith.

There is so much going on with, not just myself, but with my friends and family as well. Things we once thought stable are now falling apart. Hurt is just cycling through each one of hearts. But I am so glad to know that even though our emotions are reeling and we may still need to cry and scream and rant it out, we are certain that God is who He says He is: faithful. 

I am so thankful for my brothers and sisters in Christ right now. I know that personally through my recent struggles, they have reminded me that God knows what is best for my life. And if He needs me to stay where I am right now, He will provide a way for that to happen. And if it isn’t in His will, there’s just something better ahead! 🙂

I’m also grateful that we can all encourage, pray, and keep up with one another whether we’re fifteen minutes away or fifteen million miles away. It’s so good to hear what God is doing in the lives of my friends here in the States, but also in different countries! 

But oh, I CANNOT wait for the day when all of my friends and I are reunited and we get to see one another face-to-face every day at Covenant!

Only ONE MONTH LEFT. And Bria and I are moving onto campus early to start work study early! I am so excited and so ready…

Well, I say that, but I know that as soon as classes start, I’m gonna wish that summer was back. So, I will enjoy my summer while I can: sleeping in, being lazy, watching movies and TV series, being able to write or draw or create whenever I want to, being able to READ whatever I want to…

Just one more month of this. Time flies by so fast. 

I encourage you: get together with some close friends, those brothers and sisters in Christ, and fellowship with one another! Do something fun, but end in praying for one another. And enjoy your summer while you can! 😀

*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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