Sweet Tea #3…Part 3

‘Sup y’all?! Here’s the final piece of Sweet Tea #3!!!!

It’s been a really good weekend. I did a ton of relaxing, and barely any homework. Trust me, I’ll be getting to that after this post is up! But the past couple of days have been foggy and rainy, so my motivation level has been pretty low. 

But my family was here yesterday and I got to spend some good quality time with my parents yesterday and today. And I was invited by a friend of mine to his hall event called Snazzy Saturday, so I got to enjoy some time with him and his hallmates and their dates. 

Anyways, lemme wrap this up!


Hmm…not sure if I’ve created anything recently. Well, I dabbled a little at a story I’ve been working on since my junior year of high school. I really wish I could put a lot of time into it (okay, technically I could have put some time into it instead of sleeping today, but the rain makes me sleepy!) I guess if I were to count my Drawing 1 class, I’ve been drawing a lot (and improving so much in shading and value and things like that) which is really encouraging!

What I’m Watching

Oh man, guys…Bria has gotten me into New Girl lately. If we’ve had a rough day or if it’s the weekend and we wanna have some bestie time, we watch New Girl. I love how Jess (played by Zooey Deschanel) is so quirky and awkward and hilarious. All of the characters portray reality so well. Well, okay, the fact that she’s one girl living with three single guys and then starts dating one and everyone’s totally okay with that isn’t realistic. But for a TV show, it makes for one crazy ride!

I don’t approve of all the content of the show, such as the sleeping around and some of the worldviews that the characters have aren’t right. But it truly shows the brokenness of our world today. I do, however, love how all three of the guys are willing to protect Jess and treat her as if she were their little sister. 

And last night I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World for the first time ever. I thought it was great! Again, don’t agree with some of the content, but the fact that Scott was willing to defeat all 7 of Ramona’s exes because he loved her so much was great. And I do like how the movie made a twist and how it wasn’t even about how much he loved Ramona, but about how he needed to have respect for himself and realize his mistakes toward his friends and his ex-girlfriend.


Here and now I am…sitting at my desk, typing this blog out (OBVIO.) and listening to Parachute’s first album Losing Sleep as my roomie Taylor and Ellie watch Contagion. Bria just came into my room after being off the mountain. And I’m trying to get the motivation to do my homework after this 😛 LOL

Well, there ya have it! Whew, feels good to stretch out my fingers over my keyboard and communicate to my lovely readers once again! I’m truly sorry for the lack of posts, but college is, well, college and I’ve been super busy! I’m pretty sure I’ll be making another post, if not in the next week and half, right after that I’ll be on Thanksgiving Break!!! So, hopefully posts galore!!! 😀

Love y’all and praying for y’all so much! Thank you for being patient with me through this rough semester. The Lord is faithful, and I am positive, no matter what, that He will sustain me! 🙂 I encourage you before you get out of bed every morning to ask the Lord to help you depend on Him for everything that day. You’ll be amazed at how much He can strengthen you!


*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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