A New Semester, A New Me

Helloooooo, everyone! 

Well, I officially finished the first week of second semester, sophomore year! 😀 It wasn’t too bad. Of course, it’s only the first week, so for the first couple of days the professors just went over the syllabi and the introductions of the class. I did have a bit of homework, but overall not too shabby.

LOL, for all those KPOP lovers who read my last post, I have gotten over the HUGE amount of fan-girling I did over EXO. They’re still my favorite KPOP group, of course! (^^) I actually just finished watching episode 8 of EXO Showtime. But I’m DEFINITELY NOT going to be an EXO-STAN…I don’t want to be a “stalker-fan”. I’d rather just love from a distance. ❤

Anyways, I’m just gonna share with y’all how I’m planning on bettering myself this semester.


Yep. After getting all of my syllabi, I took some time, a calendar, and some colorful pens and filled out all the dates when important stuff like tests and papers was due. I actually even gave myself a 1-2 week warning to start thinking about certain things before they were due. I even jumped ahead and picked out a couple of books from the library that I needed for some book reviews that will soon be coming up. 

I am really excited about keeping up on all my assignments this semester, and I’m hoping this system works out for me.

Hittin’ tha GYM.

I am ready to get back on track with working out. I did so well with my workout schedule last summer, and I totally slacked off last semester. It’s so pathetic that I’ve pushed myself back on weights, and my abs are sore as crap right now from working them yesterday. 

I’m really happy that I’m able to workout with at least one of my friends at some point during the week (well, so far). It really motivates me to have someone with me. 

I plan on working out every day except for Fridays and Sundays since my body needs to rest at some point. Hopefully I won’t get too busy during the semester that I’ll have to stop going to the gym to study more.

My Attitude

I realized how crappy my attitude was last semester. And really, a lot of it was my fault. I misunderstood people’s actions and motives, and honestly, I felt like I deserved to be an angry little rain cloud for once. I took on bitterness, and it became my constant attitude. And it sucked. Not just for me, but for the people surrounding me. And I am still regretting that I wasted so much time in that state of mind, and that I treated people the way I did for all those months. 

It wasn’t right. And I am deeply sorry for all the hurt I caused.

So, this semester, I’m going to really ask the Lord to give me patience and to prohibit me from going down that road of bitterness again. So far, my attitude has been great. I can feel my normal positiveness returning to me, and I genuinely have more joy. And that makes me even more joyful to think that God’s been merciful to me to give me this joy again, despite my poor attitude last semester. So humbled and so grateful.

And Some Things I’m Looking Forward To

  1. So, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how God is going to work in me and my friends and even through our campus. I’m eager to see what kind of growth will happen spiritually and socially. 
  2. SPRING BREAK!!!! I’m definitely looking forward to that! 😀
  3. And I don’t know about any of y’all, but a new year also means NEW MUSIC from ALL TYPES OF ARTISTS AND BANDS! 😀 I’ve heard that Pierce the Veil is working on some new material (and still trying to build a studio from the ground up in San Diego! That’s pretty awesome.) 
Branching off of that: my beloved, fellow KPOP lovers! Aren’t we ALL excited for the AMAZING COMEBACKS this year? I mean, B.A.P, BIGBANG, 2NE1, EXO, B1A4, and the list goes on! \(^^)/

And already, I’ve gotten into this group called Royal Pirates. They just released their first mini album 2 days ago called Drawing the Line and I LOVE IT. 😀 I actually found out about them through f(x)’s Amber’s Instagram video she posted about watching their MV and literally drawing a line on a dry-erase board LOL. Y’all should definitely check them out!

So, yes. Here we are. Spring semester! And I’ve already gone to a dance party. Just got back, actually. And if you read my tweets on the side of my blog (they’re on the right side! Stop by my Twitter and follow me! I’ll follow back! 🙂 ), then you would have seen that I enjoyed myself quite a bit. 

I mean, coming out of a dance party with a knee that’s barely functioning, a throat that’s sore and hoarse from the cold air, and your ears slightly damaged due to the loud music is a SURE SIGN that it was definitely a dance party to be at LOL.

Well, I hope you all are doing well! Do you have anything you’re going to change this year, this semester? Are there any ways I can be praying for you as you try to make these changes? Shoot me an email! (Look to the right and you’ll see the “Contact Me!” …”slot”, I guess? I don’t know what you’d call it haha) Your email doesn’t have to be super detailed with your last name and everything that’s going on in your life. Just a simple, “Hey, I need prayer because I want to try to change in…” whatever.

Whether you email me or not, though, I am praying for you all! Don’t let school or work get you down! You can do it through Christ’s strength! Rely on Him and He will help you conquer!!! 🙂

Have an AMAZING weekend, y’all! I’m gonna go take a shower and see what I can do about this sore throat and the pain in my knee! No working out for me tomorrow, that’s for sure!

*~.Mishy.~* (^^) ❤

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