7 Weeks…

Well. Spring break is officially OVER.

We drove back to the mountain yesterday. We all took turns driving. I got the last leg to campus. But we made a stop at Mojo Burrito for some dinner since the meal plan doesn’t start until tomorrow morning’s breakfast. :/

Anyways, today’s been really good, but hectic. Church was amazing. It was definitely something I had to hear. Pastor Ritchie was away at a youth conference, so a children’s ministry pastor named Billy Cimino preached instead. We talked about David and Bathsheba. Of course, it’s one of those sermons you think to yourself, I’ve heard this a thousand times, I’m pretty sure I get it by now. But I learned so much still. One thing Pastor Billy said that stuck to me was, “We are always students, never scholars when it comes to the Bible.”

He went on to explain that we will never be able to close the Bible and say, “I’ve got it all figured out and I know everything the Bible has to teach about.” We’re constantly learning and growing. 

God just gave me immense peace in church. I felt like I was truly able to start over, not just because we had spring break from school, but because we took communion today and we were just reminded of Jesus’ sacrifice. My spiritual life has not been the best these past few weeks already, and I know that my focus has been on so many other things than God. My heart is so ready to just be dependent on God, no matter what. Yes, I have a lot of homework to do. Yes, there are extracurricular things such as interviews and conferences to attend. Yes, I’d rather it be summer time already so I can earn money and chill out and not turn in another assignment for a long time.

But I want my heart to be at peace with the fact that God is with me always. That when I cry out to Him, He hears me. I know it doesn’t mean things will all of a sudden be easier, but I will have that peace as I go through my daily routine, whatever it is.

So yeah, I’m definitely going to try to remind myself of that. 

The rest of my day consisted of finishing homework, doing laundry, taking care of school business, and finding out what to eat for dinner (which turned out to be ramen. LOL, such a college student thing to eat…). I think in a little bit we’re gonna make a Wendy’s run, in which case, I’ll be gettin’ me the six piece spicy chicken nuggets & a small chocolate Frosty. #YUM! ;D

Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a little reading, maybe study a little Korean. I just wanted to use a little of my time to catch y’all up on what’s been happening and to say that spring break is done.


Caylin posted our spring break video on her YouTube channel! If ya wanna check out how our week in Bainbridge went, click on the link below! (btw, the video is called “Meet the Crew” not “Spring Break” or anything like that!)


Ahh, spring break was so great!

Anyways, you’re probably wondering why I titled this post “7 Weeks…”. Well, it’s because there’s 7 weeks of school left! And I am so ready for SUMMER! But I won’t wish away the rest of this time. Sure, it’s gonna be tough, but I’m thankful to spend this time with people I love, like Taylor, Bria, and Caylin.

So, I gotta go fold my laundry! I hope everyone has a great week! To those going to school tomorrow like me, GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART AND WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.  He knows that you’re tired and frustrated. He knows that you just want to do your best, get good grades, get the job and go on summer break. He knows. Trust that He hears you, and be dependent on Him! 🙂

If you’re on spring break right now, drink a cherry Coke in my honor! Have an amazing, relaxing week! 😀

~ Mishy. (^^) ❤

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