1st Week of Work, EXO’s Kris, & Living Your Life.

Whew, it’s been a crazy week, guys!

My sister and I finished our first week of work in facilities…and I feel like it’s been a whole month already LOL. It is definitely hard work; right now we’re in the process of cleaning dorm rooms so camps that come in in like a week will be able to stay there. 

I already hate dorm cleaning day during the school year…having A FULL WEEK of dorm cleaning? Oh man…

I’m don’t wanna complain: I’m thankful to have a consistent job, plus some possible dog/babysitting jobs for the summer. Having a consistent paycheck is a comforting feeling. But I will definitely be earning that money! Some of my friends who have worked this job before told me that it gets easier as we go along. I kinda just hope time goes by faster than it has been. 

The Situation with EXO’s Kris

Also, some of you KPOP fans out there have most likely heard about the situation happening with EXO’s Kris and the lawsuit situation. I know that there’s been a lot of stuff going around: from the media, from the fandom, from other fandoms. It’s all really crazy.

I will say that I’m not taking a side; I love EXO and I love Kris. I hope that everything goes well for everyone involved, and I hope that those who have not been fair or just will recognize their actions and try to compromise with what’s going on. I’m not saying it’s Kris’s fault or SM Entertainment’s fault or EXO’s fault. And I’m not saying that I would enjoy seeing an 11-member EXO group. But this is what I would like to get across:

This is not the end of the world.

Yes, I’m a big fan of EXO too, and I love watching EXO Showtime with all 12 members and I love each one of their personalities and what they bring to the group. But things are in a constant state of change. I mean, I haven’t gone through many KPOP group changes; the only one I’ve gone through is Dongho leaving U-KISS. And now they’ve got a new member named Jun, and I’ll probably learn to love him without losing love or respect for Dongho.

I will be SO HAPPY if Kris comes back to EXO and they stay together. But I will also understand if he decides to move on. There are a lot of factors going into this situation, and there are a lot of possible outcomes. I wish the EXO members and the fandom wasn’t so hurt by all of this, and I don’t want to sound heartless. Trust me, I was just as devastated as everyone else.

But we really shouldn’t be pouring over our phones and laptops, worrying about this situation. I know it’s nerve-wracking when your favorite band is going through something as drastic as a member-change or a member lawsuit. But we shouldn’t let it distract us from the lives we are living individually. We don’t know the members personally; but we do have friends and family surrounding us (who we, obviously, know personally) that we love and that we should pay attention to while we have them in front of us.

I’m not saying we can’t be concerned about what’s going on in a different country with people we aren’t close to. I just don’t think we should obsess over it as if we know them personally or think we can help them from thousands of miles away. 

But please, by all means, continue to show support for EXO! The messages they are receiving from fans are probably helping them a lot and are making a difference in their attitude as they prepare for their first world tour! Just don’t be so caught up in this difficult situation that you let your own life pass you by! Today can’t be lived again, so take advantage of the time you have!

I will definitely be praying for Kris and the rest of the EXO members as this situation is still an open wound. God knows what will happen in the end, and it will be His will, and not all of ours. He knows what is best, and we just have to trust Him.


…for those of you who aren’t KPOP fans, so sorry for the rant about EXO. You all have been totally patient, since my last post was also about EXO (^^’). Trust me, I’m still blogging about other things!

Thankfully, my good friends who live in my grandparents’ neighborhood will be finishing up school this week. Two of them are graduating from high school next Saturday! Which means we’ll be able to hangout with them a lot soon, and that’s SO EXCITING for me! 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be able to go to the pool, the mall, watch movies, bake, just hangout in each other’s company. This summer is going to be so nice.

I’ve already had a nice first day of my weekend: my good friend Michael (he’s like my bro) made me and my sister a nice brunch of bacon and eggs. Kae’sha commandeered the toast, and I made us some coffee. It was so delicious! We watched Rush Hour 2, and then I made my signature chocolate chip cookies…okay, I got the recipe off the Internet, but still! Those cookies are the bomb, haha!

Those of you out of school: I hope the first couple of weeks of your summer are going well! I’ll be praying that you have a relaxing, full summer! Everyone else still in school: you’re so close! I’m continually praying that you finish your year well! 🙂

I don’t know if I say this enough, but I absolutely love my followers and readers. You all bless me so much, and I’m grateful that you all have stuck with me for about a year and a half now. It means so much to me! 

luv ya!
~Mishy (^^) ❤

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